7 Best Underwear to Wear Under Yoga Pants in 2019

Yoga pants. They are indisputably a woman’s best friend.

Comfortable, stylish, heat-keeping but light, form-fitting but cute – these pants do it all. They’re the best things to sleep in, great for casual days at home but also acceptable to wear out to lunch with friends. They’re great for the gym and athletic activities, naturally, but an evening with a book works just as well.

Basically, they’re the golden bottoms. Paired well with a simple top or blouse, just as they work with either flip flops or boots, they’re a muted, subtle piece of clothing when you want them to be. Alternatively, with all of the various color options available, you can make a bold statement, through patterned or brightly-designed color palettes.

However, with all of these options, it begs the question: what’s the best choice in terms of undergarments? Should today’s classy modern woman be sporting colored or mute underwear? Should they be hanging out in basic panties, or are thongs the way to go?

On that note, is it dependent on the specific pants? Do the more see-through yoga pants require different accompanying underwear, like the differing tops they require in many eyes? Should plain black yoga pants be viewed in the underwear department in the same way as their colored or patterned siblings?

If you just bought the cutest yoga pants in existence and want to make sure you’re pairing them with the right underwear, this article is for you.

Before we jump into the actual list of the best underwear for yoga pants, here are a few things you should keep in mind when shopping for your underwear, to make sure that no matter the design, color, or fit of your yoga pants, your butt is looking as cute as it deserves.

What To Look Out For When Choosing Underwear for Yoga Pants

At the end of the day, it’s essential to remember that your styles and your yoga pants are your own. Trust your gut instinct, and if you don’t feel comfortable in an outfit or underwear pairing, don’t go for it.

Furthermore, depending on the fabric of your yoga pants, certain underwear materials can be less advantageous or beneficial. It comes down to mostly being a matter of judging for yourself what feels the most right.


Think back to the beginning of this article when we outlined some of the perks of yoga pants. The very first thing mentioned was comfort. That’s because of all the reasons women wear yoga pants, comfort is without a doubt the first and foremost.

With so much of modern fashion falling in uncomfortable or high-maintenance articles of clothing (high heels, makeup, etc.), yoga pants are the ultimate testament to the idea that style does not mean masochism. Just like with sweat pants, yoga pants exist to provide a casual alternative, for the days when you feel like keeping your hair up, not laboring over makeup and high heels.

Why do we mention this? Well, it’s a matter of understanding that, if the original purpose for yoga pants are to keep it cool, casual, and comfortable, your underwear should match that. There’s no point in wearing underwear that defeats the initial idea behind yoga pants, by giving you a wedgie or just being too tight overall.

After all, you wouldn’t do the eponymous activity, yoga, in uncomfortable clothing, would you?

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Booty Prowess

Now, one of the other biggest reasons why women wear yoga pants is the booty factor. The form-fitting nature of the pants means that it really does seem like every woman’s natural endowments are at their peaks in these pants.

So, logic withstanding, it makes sense that nobody wants their underwear to be undermining their nicest attributes. After all, we don’t wear tight dresses and slave away in high heels just to cover up in sweaters and go barefoot, do we?

Your underwear should not just be a non-hindrance, however, but rather a form-enhancing bonus that works with the natural shape of your body and the fabric of the yoga pants to give you the best possible results.

Generally, this means thongs, which as you’ll see below make up a majority of the list of best underwear for yoga pants. Many yogis choose to go commando, or panty-less, when wearing yoga pants, but this is unnecessary for those who don’t feel comfortable leaving the underwear at home. With the right thong, you’re looking as good as you feel, while not doubting any visible panty lines.

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As mentioned in the above two points, the fabric of the yoga pants is a massive pull. A stretchy mix of lycra spandex and nylon, as well as elements of cotton, polyester, wool, or other synthetic materials, the flexibility and malleability of yoga pants is paramount to their success as a leading component of athleisure (the modern blend of athletic wear with traditional casual clothes).

As a result, it is quintessential that the material of your underwear is one that will go well with the yoga pants. You don’t want something that will get caught on the microfiber spandex, nor do you want underwear that will trap heat and make your downstairs feel like a furnace.

Here, cotton is king, as for keeping your downstairs healthy and happy there is no better option. But going for any more light material is a great choice for your yoga pants.

  • Breathable Not Boring: Women who are picky about fit and feel are saying how happy they are after wearing these breathable cotton panties with the sporty look and fun colors that stay cool, yet don't bunch up or tug
  • Cute, Comfy & Sexy: No grannie panties here, with a cute front waistband and the right amount of cheek, these sexy panties are lightweight and comfy enough for daily cotton underwear that will flatter your curves (with just a bit of tummy control), without the squeezing, muffin top, or annoying "cut-in" marks on sensitive skin
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  • No Show Panties & No Peek Thong: The seamless thong won't peek above mid-waisted pants, and lays nicely under yoga pants, tight leggings, skirts, and dresses, making them a great pair of no show panties for work, workouts, play, and even nights on the town
  • Fit & Quality: The comfy Cotton & Spandex blend is soft on sensitive skin, with just a touch of stretch to follow your curves and stop the sliding and sagging found on most thong packs; plus, these no show panties stay in shape (even after drying), so no more sneaking into the bathroom to pull bulky women's underwear - these sexy panties will stay comfortable and looking good all day and during nights on the town

The 7 Best Pairs of Underwear for Yoga Pants

1. Kalon 6 Pack Women's Nylon Spandex Thong Underwear


Pro: Sale – stock on up!
Con: Material not super long-lasting.

Never Forego the Basics: It’s commonly said that you need to have five backup thongs at all times, just in case. Well, that can seem like an expensive platitude, but with Kalon making as great of sales as they are, it does not have to be!

A nylon to spandex ratio of 92:8 makes these thongs particularly soft, stretchy, and flexible. They will ride your curves perfectly, leaving you with the ideal butt shape in your yoga pants, and while their smooth material may not last years like other pairs of underwear, they should still absolutely be a staple of any underwear drawer.

2. ANZERMIX Women's Sexy Lace Cheeky Tong Panty

ANZERMIX Women's Sexy Lace Cheeky Tong Panty Pack of 6

Pro: Diversity of color options.
Con: Cheaper lace quality.

Hidden Pleasures: While a cheaper lacing quality may entail that these aren’t panties you should be sleeping in, the ANZERMIX cheeky lace thongs are the perfect little surprise to pack under your yoga pants.

They’re colorful, comfortable, and most of all super cute. They can bring some sexy confidence to any wearer, while only popping up in the case of the thinnest, most stretchy yoga pants or leggings.

3. COLO Women Sexy Bikini Bottom Smart Ruched Semi Thong Brazilian Cheeky T-Back Booty Solid Color Girls

COLO Women Sexy Bikini Bottom Smart Ruched Semi Thong Brazilian Cheeky T-Back Booty Solid Color Girls

Pro: Minimalist, cheeky design.
Con: Lesser amounts of support.

Gems of the South: Well, I’ve got good news and bad news. The good news is that, with these minimalist COLO bikini bottom thongs, there is a zero percent chance anyone will be seeing your underwear through your yoga pants.

The bad news is, with how cute these thongs are, you may find yourself wishing people could. COLO has made the perfect Brazilian bikini model thong, ensuring that your best attributes are on full display in your yoga pants, even as support is understandably limited due to the skimpier, more cut fit.

4. Emprella Cotton Underwear Women 6 Thong Pack - No Show Panties, Seamless Sexy Breathable

Emprella Cotton Underwear Women 6 Thong Pack - No Show Panties, Seamless Sexy Breathable

Pro: Cotton = good, good, good!
Con: Not a ton of tummy control.

Breathable, but Never Boring: Okay, so these panties are made of cotton, they’re seamless, they have zero visible panty line (VPL)…what’s wrong with them again? The answer is very little, as Emprella has made cotton underwear that is absolutely perfect for any fan of yoga pants.

With cute little patterns for the women wanting a bit more fun under the leggings, or plain black and white for the women wanting to keep the focus on the patterned yoga pants (and the booty found within), Emprella has upped the standards for underwear in the modern age. Good luck finding a substitute for these thongs, ladies. Good luck.

5. Wealurre Women's Microfiber Low Rise No Show Thong Pantie

Wealurre Women's Microfiber Low Rise No Show Thong Pantie

Pro: Pure sex, front to back.
Con: Tight means less breathable for long periods of time.

Model Status: The best yoga pants are those that make your butt look as nice and defined as it feels when you’re at your most confident. Likewise, the best thongs are those that make you feel like a model walking down the runway, no matter where you are or what you’re wearing over them.

Weallure appears to understand this, with a low rise, no show thong that promises you will be spending hours in front of a mirror checking yourself out. Soft beyond belief, but sexy beyond reason, with a Weallure thong your inner goddess is going to have an absolute field day the next time you’re in your yoga pants.

6. BUBBLELIME Sports Thongs for Women Low Rise Power Pure Stretch No Show Nylon

BUBBLELIME XS-XL Sports Thongs for Women Low Rise Power Pure Stretch No Show Nylon

Pro: Peak athleisure.
Con: Monochromatic.

Power in Performance: This option, coming straight from BUBBLELIME, was a must, since, y’know, yoga pants were originally designed for exercise. While they are obviously a masterful fit for any woman wanting to look as great as she feels on yoga pants day, where these sport thongs excel is for the woman in the gym, hoping to ensure her outfit’s as bulletproof as her workout.

Low rise and stretchy, while being elastic enough to guarantee the best athleticism imaginable, the BUBBLELIME sports thong is what underwear manufacturers should be showing their technicians to demonstrate what athleisure is all about.

7. Nightaste Women's Lingerie Thongs 4-6 Pack Lace G-String Panties Underwear

Nightaste Women's Lingerie Thongs 4-6 Pack Lace G-String Panties Underwear

Pro: G-string…enough said.
Con: Not the everyday underwear for yoga pants.

Play in the Nighttime: We know what you’re thinking. A g-string? A lingerie, lace g-string at that? How can that possibly be a good fit for yoga pants? Well, the answer is quite simple. While the prior entries on this list are wonderful for the everyday, casual yoga pants wearing, the versatility of the pants means that every environment must be considered.

The designers over at Nightaste understand this, crafting a sexy, lacy, barely-there underwear to make sure you’re showcasing all the right stuff. With a nylon-spandex makeup that is exactly as riveting as it is comfy, this underwear also features a delicious swirly pattern, so you’re always feeling the confidence you exude. It’s an underwear designed to make you look peak, both in the yoga pants and, most definitely, out of them.

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