8 Best Underwear for Volleyball in 2019

As every volleyball player can attest, success is dependent on a variety of different parts working in unison. On a team, it’s the various players, working with each other to pass and score as a team.

For each and every player, though, success is also a matter of various different components, from training to technique to the clothes they wear. These clothes can include everything from the shoes to knee guards to underwear the athlete wears.

However, what does this underwear look like for male and female volleyball players? Is it different, depending on the gender? Does it really differ from traditional underwear? For men, does it need to fall in a certain classification (boxers, briefs, boxer briefs, compression shorts, etc.)? For women, is underwear even necessary, given the spandex shorts that serve as industry standard?

The answer, to a lot of these questions, depends on the specific player. The underwear worn can vary between the genders, though it does not have to. It can be optional for women (generally not for men), who choose to go commando. For men, it can take the form of various different styles of athletic underwear, some of which align more or less to a tee with their female counterparts’ choices.

If you are a newer volleyball player trying to find the perfect underwear for your first game, or an experienced athlete hoping to see if there are not ways to improve your (underwear) game, this article is for you.

Before we dive into the actual list of best underwear for volleyball players, there are a few things to keep in mind when shopping for this particular type of underwear.

What To Look Out For When Choosing Underwear For Volleyball

Above all else, it is imperative you choose underwear that you feel comfortable with, both physically and mentally. Many women, for example, feel uncomfortable going commando (underwear-less), which is why they elect to wear undies underneath their shorts. On the other hand, many men feel uncomfortable wearing certain types of underwear underneath their volleyball shorts, and therefore choose to go with a different sort.

Volleyball is a team sport, and requires every player to be wholly focused on boosting their team to victory. As a result, despite industry norms or sport expectations, always make sure you’re picking the underwear that best optimizes your comfort and gameplay. Your team and coach will most appreciate a player on top of their game.

The Big Question (Women)

For women in volleyball, the very question of underwear is an existential one. This derives from the traditional outfit for female volleyball players, which includes tight, minimalist booty shorts. These shorts, while optimal for speedy gameplay and perhaps female confidence, are not ideal in the realm of finding underwear.

Assuming they find going commando an unpleasant idea, women have a variety of options for their underwear needs when it comes to volleyball. Thongs are some of the preferred choices, as they minimize visible panty line (VPL) and will not show through darker-colored shorts.

Seamless boy shorts are an idea as well, though they tend to add bulk and more of a disjointed appearance to the shorts. Finally, some women elect for an ultra-skinny option, along the lines of a g-string, to minimize the amount of cloth. Underwear in that field will cover your lady bits, but not much else, which is the objective for many women.

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The Big Question (Men)

Meanwhile, the gentlemen have decisions of their own to make in the underwear department. While less of a dilemma than for the ladies, due to the traditional uniform generally covering much more, there are still choices to make in the realm of male volleyball underwear. Namely, that ever-present question on build comes into play.

By build, we refer to the Big Three of men’s underwear designs (boxers, briefs, & boxer briefs), as well as a semi-present fourth option, compression shorts. While the first three are the undisputed classics of traditional casual undergarments, the fourth is making a bigger splash due to the rise of athleisure in the twenty-first century. But what’s the best choice for volleyball players?

While there are definitely perks to boxers, briefs, and boxer briefs, we’d argue that compression shorts are the best choice for our male volleyball players. Tight, form-fitting, and flexible, compression shorts are ideal for athletes in all sports, but almost perfect for volleyball in particular. In compression shorts, which provide a unisex version of the shorts your female counterparts wear on the court, you can best optimize your volleyball gameplay.

  • Dri-FIT Technology helps you stay dry and comfortable
  • Mesh gusset adds ventilated support for cool comfort
  • 6-inch inseam for locked-down coverage under your uniform
  • Compressive fit provides support
  • Elastic waistband stretches for comfort


While it will largely be decided by the choices made in the previous two categories, the question of material composition is absolutely essential for both male and female volleyball players. From cotton to spandex and everything in between, it’s understandable that the fabric of the article of clothing rubbing up against your sensitive areas for hours at a time is quite an important consideration.

Ultimately, the choice will be up to you based off how it will interact with your shorts (spandex or nylon, depending on gender), and will likely be determined by whether you choose full coverage or minimal (for the ladies) and whether you choose compressed or decompressed (for the gentlemen).

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The 8 Best Pairs of Underwear for Volleyball

1. Under Armour Women's UA Power in Pink Pure Stretch Thong

Under Armour Women's UA Power in Pink Pure Stretch Thong

Pro: Top of the line quality.
Con: Few color choices.

Ethical Athleticism: If thongs are a girl’s best friend (sorry diamonds), then it is only logical that sports thongs are a female athlete’s best friend. Taking this idea and running with it, Under Armour has designed a stretch thong that is perfect for the woman wanting to slay her match. A 75% nylon and 25% elastane blend has led to a perfect amount of stretchiness and flexibility for the high-octane athletic activities for which it was made.

For a woman looking to spice up the color diversity of her underwear drawer, this isn’t it; however, for a woman wanting to have invisible underwear for her volleyball shorts, look no further.

2. NIKE Men's Pro Shorts

NIKE Men's Pro Shorts

Pro: Peak compression shorts.
Con: Itchy after ~12 hours or so.

Running the Game: It should come as zero surprise that Nike has the top spot for men’s underwear on this list. Their trademarked Nike Pro compression shorts have been dominating the market for the past decade, and for good reason. A 90% polyester and 10% spandex mélange is just one part of a winning formula that also includes patented Dri-FIT technology to eliminate sweat concerns altogether. Ventilation and locked-down compression are the icing on this sweet, sweet cake.

3. Nike Performance Women's 3.75'' Game Shorts

Nike Performance Women's 3.75'' Game Shorts (2)

Pro: Full coverage.
Con: Not suitable for all volleyball shorts.

Designed to a Tee: Proving once and for all that quality is not gendered, these Nike performance shorts are ideal for any female volleyball player wanting, very simply, a second layer to her existing volleyball shorts. Measuring in at less than a quarter-inch difference from most volleyball shorts, these Nikes will serve as a double layer, to remove any doubt about whether you are overly visible. They’ll lock in well with the shorts over them, though are not ideal for women with shorter-than-standard game shorts (we recommend checking the length!).

4. SILKWORLD Men's Sports Tight Compression Shorts

SILKWORLD Men's Sports Tight Compression Shorts

Pro: Affordability (3-pack).
Con: Long leg length.

Unbeatable Prices: SILKWORLD has somehow managed to create a quality pair of compression shorts, designed to optimize the male athlete’s performance, complete with a flexible waistband and indented seamline…and then sell them for a fraction of the price of their competitors. This three-pack, which at its highest price goes for the price of one pair of compression shorts from Nike or Adidas, includes highly breathable shorts of a consistent quality. An overly long leg length means that a tumble will definitely reveal some of them, if that’s an issue for you, but otherwise, these are an athlete’s best dream.

5. Crazy Lady Woman Cotton Thong Bikini Underwear Seamless Sexy Lingerie G-String Hipster Panties Sport T-Back (3 or 5 Pack)

Crazy Lady Woman Cotton Thong Bikini Underwear Seamless Sexy Lingerie G-String Hipster Panties Sport T-Back

Pro: Comfort, no VPL.
Con: Nothing left to the imagination.

Booty Game 100: Contrary to what the name may suggest, the only crazy lady here is the woman who chooses to pass this thong 3-pack or 5-pack up. Ideal for volleyball games in that it eliminates any chance of VPL while being the perfect amount of soft for your lady parts, the folks over at Crazy Lady have really crafted something special here. Admittedly, for volleyball players hoping to not accentuate their backyard assets, these aren’t helping; however, for players hoping to get minimal coverage while still getting some, these are ideal.

6. Neleus Men's 3 Pack Sport Compression Shorts

Neleus Men's Sport Compression Shorts

Pro: Dual air circulation.
Con: Leg length.

Compressed and Moisture Wicked: Just as fine for volleyball as it would be for weight training or any other sport, Neleus has crafted a fine pair of compression shorts for male volleyball players. Practically a second skin, players will forget they are even wearing them, letting them hone in and focus on the important game at play. Compressed along strong seam lines, and secured with an elastic closure, these shorts features a great 85:15 ratio on polyester to spandex, boasting better flexibility than much of the competition.

7. Shecret 6 Pack Cotton Thongs Women's G-String T-Back Breathable Panties Bikini Underwear

Shecret Cotton Thongs Women's G-String T-Back Breathable Panties Bikini Underwear

Pro: No chance of VPL.
Con: Cotton can rub against spandex shorts oddly sometimes.

Sexy Gameplay: We know, it seems more than a little odd to be recommending a G-string for athletic gameplay. But so long as tight volleyball shorts are the industry norm for women, T-back bikini panties like this 6-pack from Shecret are an ingenious choice. Breathability is a middle name with these panties, which can brag about a phenomenal ventilation system and comfort fit to be envied.

8. Adidas Men's Sport Performance Climalite Boxer Brief Underwear (2 Pack)

adidas Mens Sport Performance Climalite Boxer Brief Underwear

Pro: Perfect blend of leg length and compression.
Con: Breathability issues.

Trust the Competition: Making a strong case for their top-of-the-industry position with these shorts, Adidas is demonstrating how well compression shorts can be optimized, without sacrificing quality or cost-effectiveness. While their tight, form-fitting stature can lead to some issues with the breathability, especially in the middle of exercise or gameplay, they nonetheless showcase great balance between leg length, compression, and softness. Not to mention, the double-lined mesh support pouch ensures your boy bits are enjoying the game as much as you are.

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