7 Best Underwear to Wear After a Vasectomy in 2019

In the world of men’s medicine, few operations can be as convenient and rewarding as a vasectomy. The ol’ clip-and-snip, as it’s referred to, is a form of permanent contraception for men, who, for whatever personal reasons, wish to prevent having any children in the future.

Child-free bachelors can be drawn to vasectomies just as much as married fathers of four can be. The perks of a procedure that is relatively quick and painless, especially compared to its female counterpart, when coupled with the decently small recovery time and lifelong benefits, make it a popular medical procedure among men of all ages.

However, while the operation is simple and covered in detail by your physician and the recovery process is generally pretty common knowledge among recently vasectomized men, one subject area that is not nearly broached enough is that of undergarments.

For most men, a vasectomy can be a big step in their lives, as well as one not many men in their lives have gotten before them. So finding answers to certain common questions can be difficult.

Does the underwear’s form matter? Are certain materials better than others? Is sports underwear acceptable or should it be more casual, everyday underwear?

All of these questions are worth asking, and being able to turn to a guide or reliable sellers for the right underwear is important.

So if you have just started shooting blanks and would like to make sure you are only buying the best underwear for your recovering goods, this article is for you.

Before we dive into the list of best underwear to wear after a vasectomy, though, here are some of the most important underwear considerations for any man who has just declared the sexual ceasefire.

What to Look for When Choosing Underwear After a Vasectomy

At the end of the day, the number one priority is safety. While you may be really yearning to get back to the average routine after your procedure, everything you do, from your activities to gym life, must be modified, in order to prevent swelling, straining, or other medical problems.

This includes your underwear, naturally, as the article of clothing that is going to be hugging the unloaded gun for the next few weeks at least. However, while you may be stuck at home for a good eight to fifteen weeks following the procedure, your underwear can be a permanent change, if you come to realize you find the underwear you specifically bought for recovery is a comfortable change.


In the world of men’s underwear, the primary division largely occurs along stylistic lines. Three different underwear forms generally dominate the discussion for guys: boxers, briefs, and boxer-briefs.

Boxers are the open-ended, airy option, briefs are preferred among men who prefer a minimalist, tight design, and boxer-briefs combine the best of both worlds to create a form-fitting, stylish design. But which of these three is the best for men and their newly deactivated bombs?

Well, while all three have their own merits, boxer briefs emerge as the superior choice. Their tighter, more stable style is designed to hug your natural bumps and curves without constraining them. This not only makes them the most comfortable underwear for everything from date night to Sofa Saturday, it also makes them perfectly suited as underwear to wear after a vasectomy.

Mind you, if you have sworn off boxer briefs for whatever reason (or you’re afraid that if you buy a pair, you’ll convert fully to them and never go back to your usual style), briefs are a definite second place. Their tight, snug fit will be a far better choice than boxers.

  • No pill fabrication
  • Ultra soft modal stretch fabrication for exceptional comfort and luxurious hand feel
  • Boxer brief silhouette has an extended leg length providing a close fit for a body-defining silhouette.
  • Tapered and contour pouch for supportive lift
  • Updated fit for a better support and ride-up control on legs


Now that you’ve narrowed the build of your underwear to one (or two) of three options, a natural second consideration is one of the material composition of said underwear. Cotton is the most common choice, designed to be the softest and most durable, especially when it is organic as opposed to synthetic.

Spandex and nylon can also be good choices, and will most commonly be found in compression shorts, which are nice and tight (so, good for the downstairs). Bamboo, while a bit of a rarer choice, is absolutely an acceptable solution as well, as its ultra-soft composition will feel like paradise for someone recovering from a vasectomy.

Finally, Modal and Micro-Modal are strong choices, though underwear made of these two fabrics can tend to get a bit stiff when not washed well. Given that the entire goal is to keep everything feeling like a pillow, we recommend you take care when washing these underwear of these two fabrics.

  • Material: 95% Cotton, 5% Spandex boxer briefs. Natural cotton allows your skin to breathe.
  • Size: S=28"-30", M=31"-33", L=34"-36", XL=37"-39", XXL=40"-42"(Not Amazon Chart).
  • Styles: You can choose underwears with fly or without fly as you like.
  • Quality: Natural cotton makes this men's underwear comfortable to wear all day long.
  • Features: These men's briefs feature a 3D fly with a U-shape convex pouch design, creating a body defining, comfortable and breathable fit. The briefs are double stitched for durability and to create a lightweight feeling. The waistband is 1.35 inch long so it comfortably sits at the hips. The briefs never ride up your legs.

The Jockstrap Question

For many men, and their practicing physicians, there is a final consideration, and it comes in the form of a jockstrap. Jockstraps, designed as crotch support for male athletes in high-mobility sports, are an increasingly popular recommendation for men who have snipped away the little guy.

This is because jockstraps, at their core, are made to hold all of the goodies in one place. Similar to briefs, but much more constraining, jockstraps can be a smart choice for men who want to ensure they are not straining the recovering king or damaging any nerves. It does not replace swearing off physical activity for a week, as is recommended, but it is definitely a strong idea.

In the case you get a jock strap, wearing it over your boxer briefs (especially compression shorts) is the best option. You likely do not want to be wearing the same jock strap directly on your boy bits for days at a time, especially as you lounge around the house, so pairing it with some good pairs of boxer briefs is ideal.

Jock straps are not required, but are a personal choice that can do nothing but help in the recovery process.

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The 7 Best Pairs of Underwear to Wear After a Vasectomy

1. Natural Feelings Boxer Briefs Mens Underwear Men Pack Soft Cotton Open Fly Underwear

Natural Feelings Boxer Briefs Mens Underwear

Pro: Multi-pack goodness.
Con: Body odor retention.

Lovely Leg Length: Topping our list for the best underwear to wear after a vasectomy is this multicolored pack of 5 coming from Natural Feelings. Ensuring you have an entire workweek set aside with no worries and no unnecessary pain, these pairs of underwear are a perfect fit for the new man.

Lounging around in these will have you wishing your recovery time was longer, while a longer leg length is ideal for any man who wants to wear a jock strap without having it rub against their upper thighs. The only drawback comes after about twelve to fourteen hours, where sweat and body odor retention can make these in need of a good wash.

2. Aserlin Men's Underwear 5 Pack Short Legs Underwear Boxer Briefs Cotton Mens Boxer Briefs No Ride-up Underwear Men Pack

Aserlin Men's Underwear 5 Pack Short Legs Underwear Boxer Briefs Cotton Mens Boxer Briefs No Ride-up Underwear Men Pack

Pro: Leg length options.
Con: Softness fades over time.

Color Variety: For men who love the idea of a 5-pack that beats all of the competition in terms of pricing, but also want the option to go for a shorter leg length if they so choose, Aserlin has got you covered. These boxer briefs are composed of 95% cotton and 5% spandex, leaving you with a breathable and elastic pair of underwear.

Softness will tend to fade after about fifty to a hundred washes, but regardless Aserlin has crafted the ideal variety of underwear, in terms of both color and leg length. And isn’t variety all we can ever ask for?

3. Calvin Klein Men's Underwear Ultra Soft Modal Boxer Briefs

Calvin Klein Men's Underwear Ultra Soft Modal Boxer Briefs

Pro: Softest on market.
Con: No fly option.

Top of the Line: Just in case there was any doubt that Calvin Klein would pop up on this list, let us erase that doubt immediately. Without a doubt the leading men’s underwear company for a good few decades now, Calvin Klein all but pioneered the perfection of boxer briefs.

Men who are committed to the inclusion of a separate fly pouch for their best man will be disappointed, but for the rest of us, life is good. At 90% Modal, Calvin Klein is unstoppably soft, and the gorgeous stretch design ensures that once your recovery is over, you’ll have some underwear ready to go try out that new natural contraception.

4. Papi Men’s 3-Pack Cotton Jock Strap

Papi Men’s 3-Pack Cotton Jock Strap

Pro: Switch ‘em out.
Con: Straps won’t last forever.

Color Coded: For men who look down at the idea of wearing a jockstrap for a week straight without switching it out, look no further. This 3-pack of cotton jockstraps from Papi Men’s won’t break the bank, just as it will serve to get you through your tougher week. The straps are not ideal for heavy athleticism, but insofar as holding your junk together, these jockstraps will do the trick just fine.

5. ADOLPH Men's Boxer Briefs 5 Pack No Ride-up Breathable Comfortable Cotton Sport Underwear

ADOLPH Men's Boxer Briefs 5 Pack No Ride-up Breathable Comfortable Cotton Sport Underwear

Pro: NO ride-up at all?
Con: Short, short leg length.

Hold the Fort: Any shorter they would be considered briefs; however, these boxer briefs from ADOLPH make up in comfort what they lack in leg length. Breathable cotton composition, coupled with an athleisure form that will leave you wanting to never take them off, make these boxer briefs nearly untouchable by the competition.

Furthermore, while their cotton-spandex 95:5 ratio is hardly unique, the 3D u-shaped pouch design is, and its double-stitched durability will set the ADOLPH underwear above the rest.

6. Nacome Promotion Men's Cotton Jockstrap Briefs Sexy Athletic Supporter Underwear for Men

Nacome Promotion Men's Cotton Jockstrap Briefs Sexy Athletic Supporter Underwear for Men

Pro: Ideal support system for recovering ding-dongs.
Con: Can grow uncomfortable after a few days.

Flashy: While it will have your wife or partner either laughing or winking at you for days on end, this impressive jockstrap from Nacome_Promotion is more than just eyecandy. Its under-the-butt support system guarantees your defused missile will be held tightly in place for as long as it needs to be. The waistband can become a bit stiff, especially if you are wearing it for days on end, but this jockstrap is a literal game changer.

7. Fruit of the Loom Men's Underwear Basic Cotton Brief, Multi-Pack

Fruit of The Loom Men's Basic Cotton Brief

Pro: Proven quality.
Con: Odd side-pouch in front.

Aiming to Please: Yes, yes, we do recall that we recommended boxer briefs above anything else above. However, as we know that some men take their passion for briefs quite seriously, we decided to end on the best possible option for those men who refuse to let their vasectomy recovery draw them away from the briefs crowd.

With this cotton multi-pack from Fruit of the Loom, you are guaranteed a soft, comfortable fit, that will hold your vasectomized goodies in just the right ways. How much better can it get than 100% cotton?

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