8 Best Underwear to Prevent Wedgies in 2019

Let’s face it – it doesn’t matter how cute or stylish your outfit is. If you’re dealing with a constant wedgie, everything just gets that much more aggravating.

Waiting in line? Not fun, especially if you’re in public and cannot adjust.

In class or at work? A pain, especially because things are much harder to focus on when everything below the belt is uncomfortable.

Perhaps worst of all, sitting at a restaurant on a date? An absolute nightmare, as you cannot exactly excuse yourself to the restroom to fix the problem every fifteen minutes.

Wedgies are one of those great problems that do not discriminate based on gender. Men and women of all sizes and ages get them, and they’re equally grating no matter if you’re in your business slacks or a wedding dress.

But there’s a core element to wedgies that makes all the difference, making it quite important. Wedgies, by design, are a problem intrinsic to underwear, not pants. While this may seem obvious enough to some, often people will blame a new pair of pants or a certain zipper function to their shorts before taking a second to consider that their undergarments are to blame.

The fact of the matter is, as our busiest section of fashion (the only area to basically always have at least two layers working in unison), our downstairs requires the most care. Yes that new dress or new pair of sweatpants are great, but if they’re making your boxer-briefs or panties a nightmare, then are they worth it? The answer, as you may see, is rather to reconsider the underwear you’re sporting. And no, you don’t need to go commando just to avoid wedgies.

If you seemingly spend half your life looking around to make sure no one’s watching as you fix your wedgie, this article is for you.

However, before expanding on the list of best underwear to prevent wedgies, there are some key considerations to have when looking for underwear.

What To Look Out For When Choosing Underwear to Prevent Wedgies

Due to obvious differences in anatomy and structure of underwear, some of the advice and options in this article and list will apply to one gender or the other.

For men, it’s largely a question of style, while with women factors like fabric and base material come into play. However, wedgies are an issue that plague us all from time to time, and while underwear adjustment will take care of ninety-five percent of the problem, there is an outerwear element to it as well. So, men, maybe reconsider those tight skinny jeans that leave your nether regions gasping for air; while women, evaluate whether the skimpiest leggings that must be peeled off with pliers are the way to go.

Settling the Debate

In the world of men’s underwear shopping, there are three camps. The big divide occurs between men who wear boxers (loose-fitting, rigid, most ventilation), briefs (tight, packed, essentially non-swimming speedos), and boxer briefs (a healthy mix, with good structure and support while still providing a clean cut).

It’s with great sorrow that we must report that, in the battle against wedgies, two of these three camps must change their ways. While boxers can be great as a free-flowing bottom on lazy Saturdays, they are without a doubt the worst when it comes to countering wedgies. They ride up, crumple near the top, and overall serve as a number-one regret for anyone wearing them under certain kinds of bottoms.

Meanwhile, briefs, which can lead to chafing when worn under jeans or rougher pants, act as many women’s underwear does, constraining all the goods in a tight mess that will leave you desperate to remove your pants.

Boxer briefs are the answer to men’s wedgie woes, due to their tight but spacious build, and their strong structure that not only does not ride up to nearly the extent of their brother styles, but even looks sexier in the process.

  • Cotton underwear boxer briefs multipack featuring elastic Calvin Klein logo waistband and functional fly
  • Soft and breathable cotton
  • Better elastic for comfortable leg openings
  • Packs are available in assorted colors
  • Durable, everyday boxer briefs pack

Women’s Build

Meanwhile, women also need to consider the shape and build of their underwear, though it’s not as clear-cut as with men (but hey, more options mean more chances to make a style your own!).

In the women’s world of underwear, the diversity is larger, with thongs battling it out with panties, boy shorts, control briefs, classic briefs, hipsters, French-cut panties, seamless, g-strings, etc. This diversity of choice means that women can combine certain underwear with certain outfits, pairing and coupling to make the strongest, sexiest look.

However, some of these are nightmares for wedgies – g-strings and the Brazilian thong come to mind. While boy shorts, when worn under the right dress or skirt combination, can be a luxurious comfort, the divide occurs in the world of briefs. Classic briefs, much like boy shorts, are a more comfortable respite from wedgies, but the more you tend risqué (heading down the spectrum to thongs), the more wedgie regret you’ll experience.

  • Soft, seamless microfiber feels amazing against skin
  • Stretch lace waistband lies flat for a smooth look and feel
  • Covered elastic along leg openings for a custom fit
  • No VPL
  • Mid rise; full rear coverage


Less a concern in the men’s world, where organic or synthetic cotton is the industry standard and only certain providers deviate in their base materials (bamboo, Modal, Micro-Modal, soy, hemp), the story on fabric is a different one altogether for women. Here, ladies can expect to see quite a difference between materials when it comes to the wedgie potential of their underwear.

Cotton is still a major player, of course, and is the healthiest and least-cumbersome option, but spandex, polyester, wool, nylon, and other synthetic materials all have a place in the underwear world. Here, women should strongly consider sticking to the material that best hugs their natural curves, without bunching up or slipping in areas in which they don’t want their underwear.

  • Fabric covered waistband provides maximum stay-up power minus the pinch.
  • Wingslove Brief's High Rise Design falls right at waist level and offers full front and back coverage.
  • A slim fit shows off your natural curves and offer you a seamfree feelings.
  • Machine Wash Warm, Dark Colors Separately, No Bleach, Tumble Dry Low Heat, No Iron.
  • Package:3 pieces a pack in assorted color/same color.

The 8 Best Pairs of Underwear to Prevent Wedgies

1. Bali Women’s Microfiber Hipster

Bali Women’s Microfiber Hipster

Pro: Diversity of color.
Con: Issues with receiving right package.

Cute and Comfortable: Leading the pack for the best women’s underwear to prevent wedgies, the Bali Women’s Microfiber Hipster is the ideal selection for a woman refusing to give up her cute hipster fit, but also wants the comfort provided by a fit such as boy shorts.

With plenty of options for colors, ranging from a sensual Morning Orchid lavender to a Light Beige with lace to spice up everything that matters, this underwear is a treat in of itself. The only reported issue is with some packages arriving including a more poorly-made product, the Comfortable Revolution undies (made up of significantly less nylon, and lasting less time), so double-check your cart when ordering!

2. 5Mayi Mens Underwear Boxer Briefs Cotton Men's Boxer Briefs Underwear Men Pack Open Fly Pouch

5Mayi Mens Underwear Boxer Briefs Cotton Men's Boxer Briefs Underwear Men Pack Open Fly Pouch

Pro: Sleek, consistent build.
Con: Mandatory fly pouch.

Boxer-Brief Bosses: With a five-pack offer that provides an absolute steal for any man looking to build up the underwear drawer, 5Mayi has made the men’s choice part of their slogan quite apparent.

This option is a fantastic draw, blending together a great color palette with sleek, long-leg designs. The only drawback comes from an integrated open fly pouch, which removes the option from men who prefer their boxer briefs fly-less.

3. Boody Body EcoWear Women's Full Brief - Comfy Full Coverage Underwear

Boody Body EcoWear Womens Full Brief

Pro: Bamboo fabric, to ensure breathability.
Con: Muted color palette only.

Bootylicious: With the exception of maybe women who like a spark of bright color or flashy design in their underwear, nobody can really complain about these Boody Body Women’s Briefs.

With a compact design that keeps all of your goodies in place, as well as a tight form that hugs your curves and ensures no riding or creeping up, regardless of the pants worn over them – this is some great (and eco-friendly!) underwear.

4. Calvin Klein Men's Cotton Classics Multipack Boxer Briefs

Calvin Klein Modern Cotton Stretch Boxer Briefs

Pro: Luxury comfort.
Con: Tight in the lower leg area.

Top of the Line: Is there any surprise these made it onto the list? Calvin Klein has been on top of the men’s underwear game for decades now, and these boxer briefs showcase exactly why.

With a sexy, sleek design in black or white, these classics ensure you’re not just riding comfortable; you’re riding perfect. Sure, you’re not leaving anything to the imagination, but then again, why would you ever want to?

5. Wingslove 3 Pack Women's Comfort Soft Cotton Plus Size Underwear High-Cut Brief Panty


Pro: Pure comfort, wedgie-resistant.
Con: Limiting in terms of tight bottoms.

Pillowy Goodness: Here’s a fact for you. Short of going completely commando the rest of your life, which can come with its own slew of issues, no underwear you wear will be as comfortable as this pear.

Wingslove has created this multi-shaded 3-pack to keep you happy for days at a time, as you lounge around in your ultimate pillow fantasy. Admittedly, the lines limit you for most yoga pants or leggings, but good luck finding a pair of jeans that still gives you trouble with these darlings on.

6. New Balance Men's 6" Boxer Brief Fly Front with Pouch, 3-Pack

New Balance Mens 6" Boxer Brief Fly Front with Pouch

Pro: Athleisure.
Con: Cheaper waistband.

Change the Game: For the man who tires of getting wedgies in the middle of a footrace or on the field, the folks over at New Balance have got you covered. This multi-colored 3-pack is the ultimate in athletic underwear for men, and it blends together the wedgie-resistant nature of boxer briefs with the tight microfibers of athletic wear.

A cheaper waistband with occasional irritation of the waist may be the only thing holding this pair of underwear back from the top.

7. Warner's Women's No Wedgies Cheetah Cheeky Panty

Warner's Women's No Wedgies Cheetah Cheeky Panty

Pro: Chic lacing.
Con: Only one option for color/design.

Lacy Goodness: These Warner’s women’s panties know exactly their purpose. They’re the first line of defense against wedgies in the modern era, creating a comfortable, cheeky pair of underwear that both outlines your curves and keeps you from getting that dreaded wedgie.

A 93% nylon, 7% spandex material breakdown means you’ll likely have trouble finding a softer fabric underwear on the market, and while more color options would be nice, clearly this underwear, with its cute lace, is for the girls aching for some cuteness in their selections.

8. Pinkpum Men's Underwear Boxer Briefs 5-Pack Breathable Comfortable MT0604

Pinkpum Men's Underwear Boxer Briefs 5-Pack Breathable Comfortable MT0604

Pro: 5-pack, affordable price.
Con: Short leg length.

Thin Waistband: Proving once and for all that sometimes comfort really is the sexiest option out there, the Pinkpum men’s boxer briefs are a pristine choice for anyone wanting to relieve themselves of the wedgie nightmare, but also keep their downstairs looking tight, packed, and slick.

A longer leg length would be a slightly nice addition, for the men not wanting to tread the line with briefs, but Pinkpum has scored a home run on this underwear for sure.

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