9 Best Underwear to Keep Testicles Cool in 2019

Do you like to feel the breeze between your knees? Are you tired of swamp crotch plaguing your pants with discomfort and smells? Choosing the right underwear to keep your bits cool & dry is the answer.

Underwear shares an intimate connection with your groin, coming in direct contact with it on a regular basis. As one of man’s most prized possessions, it’s important to protect your crotch from bacterial infections, chafing, and other discomforts that spur from the wrong choice of underwear. This way you can feel fully supported no matter what you do – and be cool while doing it.

Certain underwear is better for letting your bits breathe than others, making it important that you choose the best underwear to keep your testicles cool, comfortable, and clean.

Below we’ve provided some things to look for in your next pair of breathable underwear, as well as some recommendations for your next purchase. Keep reading – your boys will thank you!

What to Look for When Choosing the Best Underwear to Keep Testicles Cool

Before you just buy any old pair of underwear, check that they’re made to keep you dry so that you can wear them no matter the conditions.


If you’ve ever had to wear wool or leather on your bare skin, you quickly learned how big of a difference clothing’s material makes. The same goes for your underwear – you need something cool & comfortable to keep your bits happy.

Breathability & moisture-wicking properties are 2 of the most important things to look for in underwear that keeps your testicles cool. Your groin sweats a LOT, and if that warm, moist air has nowhere to go it create a gross environment for smells & bacteria to live. Even if it is absorbed into your underwear, who wants to feel wetness every time they take a step?

When looking for underwear, aim for synthetic materials like modal or nylon that are made to breathe & wick moisture away from your crotch. Cotton is also okay, but you may run into some moisture problems because pure cotton can hold onto moisture so consider a blend if necessary. Mesh options should also be highly considered, as the holes they contain allow air flow to keep things dry.

  • HIGH QUALITY MATERIAL :95% Modal 5% spandex fabric has softness of silk and the breathability of Modal. Has the same softness as cotton, as well as the general luster of silk, and its water absorption and breathability are better than cotton.
  • PERFORMANCE:Modal fiber fabrics feels great against your skin.Breathable and quick-drying ultra light mesh keeps you cool and comfortable.It is beneficial to human physiological circulation and health.
  • TAILORED FIT:The widened elastic band conforms to the human body design, makes this men's boxer briefs comfortable to wear all day long without experiencing tight or pulling.
  • DURABLE & No SHRANK :This cooling mens underwear stands the test of time with tried & true durability.No shrank and quick drying. Maintain original shape & colour well even after were many times washed.
  • ACCURATE SIZE SELECT:Please refer to the size chart in second picture left.Customized for you and just follow the size map and get yourself a fitted underwear.Do not worry about the fitness of these perfect man boy underwear.

Fit & Coverage

Underwear comes in a variety of fits and styles that provide differing levels of coverage. When you’re aiming to keep your bits cool & dry, usually the less skin that is covered the better the breathability. However, you can’t go commando so you’ll have to choose a fit that balances comfort & breathability.

While long underwear may hold you snugly, there’s a chance of bunching up in the groin area which ruins the breathability factor. While bikini briefs cover less of the body, it also means that the bare skin will dry quickly keeping your pants dry and your junk cool. If you choose something that is looser, it’s easier for the breeze to reach you but you’ll miss out on the additional ball support.

Overall, we recommend finding underwear that holds your bits snugly without covering too much of your waist & legs so that your skin can breathe & groin stays dry. You also want breathable materials, of course.

  • Actual Colors May Vary From Photo
  • PERFORMANCE MATERIALS| Super Soft Polyester/Spandex Blend for Maximum Wearability and Cool Comfort.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT| Feather Weight 4-way stretch supports your every move
  • SPORT PERFORMANCE| Quick wicking, moisture moving performance to keep you dry and comfortable
  • STRETCH | Stretch Elastic Waistband, Body-Hugging Fit, Shape Retention & Soft Comfort DURABLE + FUNCTIONAL | Durable Material provide comfort and support

Ball Support

Just because you want your bits to breathe doesn’t mean they need to hang free! Many men’s underwear options include some form of pouch that provides additional support for your dangly bits. While you may think this insulates things and makes them warmer, the right materials can wick moisture, allow them to still breathe, and possess antimicrobial treatments that help keep things clean during long workouts or long days.

Don’t just settle for dry and cool testicles – give them the support they need with the right underwear choice.

  • American Standard Size: This mens underwear is made in Standard American Size, (S 30" - 32") (M 33" - 35") (L 36" - 38") (XL 39" - 41") (2XL 42" - 44");
  • Color and Package: There are underwear men pack as picture shows in a frosting zip bag,which is convenient to reserve underwear for men
  • Comfortable Men's Underwear: Made from natural cotton male underwear,breathable to wear all day long clothing and feel fresh all day
  • 3D Pouch Designer underwear: 3D pouch with open fly men underwear; with body defining fit; Double stitched for durability; Lightweight; Also can be big boys underwear
  • Durable Waistband: 1.35 inch wide waistband, midway men's boxer briefs conform to human body and support well.

Top 9 Best Men’s Underwear for Ball Support 2019

1. THSISSUE Men’s Mesh Boxer Briefs

THSISSUE Men’s Mesh Boxer Brief Underwear

Pro: Mesh Modal Design.
Con: Low Leg Elasticity.

Short-Legged Boxer Briefs: Air flow is your best friend when it comes to keeping your bits dry, and this extra breathable boxer brief ensures moisture doesn’t have time to accumulate. Made of a 95/5 modal/spandex mix, this pair is silky smooth, comfy as cotton, and the honeycomb mesh design makes them super breathable. The pouch is reinforced with an extra fabric layer to fully support everything, and the hips are made to contour to your body for a tight fit so they don’t move too much.

Unfortunately, the lower elasticity means that the leg holes don’t hold too tight, so they may ride up if they’re too loose.

2. Xique Men’s Modal Briefs

Xique Men’s Modal Briefs

Pro: Anti-Microbial Modal Material.
Con: Seams Aren’t Entirely Flat.

No Legs, No Problem: If you like speedos, you’ll love this choice! Made in the style of a speedo, these bikini briefs have no legs for maximum flexibility and more breathability in your pants. The underwear is made of breathable modal with spandex added for elasticity with a no-show low-rise waistband which makes them easy to wear with just about any outfit. They also contain a slightly contoured junk pouch for extra support for your package.

For some reason, this underwear has a tag on the back & the seams are slightly pronounced, making them potentially uncomfortable if they move around a lot so make sure they fit correctly to avoid unnecessary movement (and remove the tag!)

3. Tony Hawk Performance Boxer Briefs

Tony Hawk Performance Boxer Briefs

Pro: Lightweight and Super Soft.
Con: Slightly Thin Material.

Super Cool Value Trunks: From sportswear professional Tony Hawk these polyester/spandex boxer briefs offer comfort, breathability, and exceptional value to keep you dry and comfortable. The body-hugging fit retains its shape while providing support for those important parts and allowing for comfortable movement. Lightweight material means you may never even know you’re wearing them while still providing the support needed. They come in a large pack, but the price is hard to beat.

Due to their lightweight build, they may not provide the additional support some users require. The longer legs also cover more skin, which can lead to worse breathability.

4. COODYAKE Men’s Bikini Briefs

COODYAKE Men’s Bikini Briefs

Pro: Flat Seams & Tagless.
Con: Backside May Ride Up.

Form-Fitting Jockstrap Underwear: If you’re looking to maximize breathability, jockstraps are a solid way to provide ample support while still keeping everything cool. They lack legs, instead offering a speedo-style design that emphasizes the pouch in the front for superior ball control. The materials is made of an 85/15 nylon/spandex blend that ensures they hold you tight to avoid chafing while still wicking moisture away thanks to the synthetic nylon. The waistband is low-rise and highly elastic, staying in place when you move which makes these a solid sporty option.

A negative of this specific jockstrap is the backside. There is no material near the hips, so the backside can easily ride up if they move too much or you go too tight.

5. Calvin Klein Men’s Mesh Briefs

Calvin Klein Men’s Mesh Briefs

Pro: Honeycomb Mesh Design.
Con: See Through.

Tri-Blend Mesh Briefs: From underwear giant Calvin Klein, this mesh brief underwear offers a special combination of comfortable, breathable, and form-fitting materials. They are made of 63% polyester, 34% cotton, and 3% elastane which gives them a non-chafing softness. Combined with the mesh design, this option provides solid breathability for everyday use, outdoor use, and anything in between. The reinforced pouch ensures that your bits remain supported while the rest of the underwear lets them breathe, keeping you cool & comfy.

Unfortunately, being mesh on a majority of the underwear means this pair is almost entirely see-through except for the crotch area. They’re also expensive for underwear thanks to the Calvin Klein name brand.

6. Jockmail Nylon Mesh Jockstrap

Jockmail Nylon Mesh Jockstrap

Pro: Minimal Coverage for Maximum Breathability.
Con: Back Straps Can Chafe.

Extra Elasticity for Tighter Pouch Hold: Outside of going commando, this nylon and spandex underwear is about as breathable as it gets. The pouch is made of a 65/35 nylon/spandex blend (one of the highest we’ve found!) which means that it is extra stretchy and holds tight. The pouch features mesh that allows airflow throughout, and the open back means the breeze can extend up your backside. Backside straps and a logoed elastic waistband keep it in place to minimize movement during exercise, relaxation, and everything in between.

This underwear’s backside straps are a similar material to the waistband, which means that if they are too loose they can chafe as you move your legs.

7. Hanes X-Temp Performance Boxer Briefs

Hanes X-Temp Performance Boxer Briefs

Pro: Functional Fly.
Con: Low Elasticity.

Long & Loose Breathable Boxer Briefs: Not everyone likes their bits snugly held, and in some cases it can allow for more breathability than tighter options. This underwear is 100% polyester meaning it doesn’t have much elasticity but is super soft & very breathable. The X-temp technology Hanes implements is designed to wick moisture progressively as the day goes on, allowing you to stay cool all day long. This pair comes with a fly for easy access & is machine washable, so it’s great everyday wear.

Due to the lack of spandex, this underwear doesn’t hold you too tightly. The elastic waistband keeps things relatively in place, but you won’t find much ball support here.

8. Forest Men’s Mesh Briefs

Forest Men’s Mesh Briefs

Pro: Ultra-Thin Mesh.
Con: Entirely See-Through.

Mesh Briefs As Thin As a Second Skin: The underwear so thin that the model needs to cover his bits, this see-through mesh brief maximizes the breathability of underwear. The mesh lets air flow through while the thin material means that moisture won’t have anywhere to absorb thanks to the cotton & nylon blend. The pouch of this underwear has reinforced seams that help keep your package centralized while the reinforced waistband & legs keep the underwear itself in place.

A consequence of extra-thin mesh is that it is entirely see-through, so you’ll want to pick and choose when you wear them!

9. 5Mayi Cotton Boxer Briefs


Pro: 3D Fly Pouch.
Con: Thin Material Splits Easily.

High-Waisted Long Briefs: Featuring a contoured pouch for your bits to sit in and a super comfortable 95/5 cotton/spandex blend, these longer boxer briefs offer solid support & comfort. The elastic waistband reaches a few inches higher than normal to hold onto your hips while the legs extend 3.5” past the groin so that they stay in place. The pouch has reinforced stitching on the groin to keep things where they belong, and the right side features a fly for quick access. Overall, they feel extra supportive without sacrificing much breathability for your junk.

Sadly, those who wear this underwear often find that it doesn’t last as long as it should. Whether it comes from washing machine damage or overstretching the briefs, consider handwashing and ensure you get the right size.

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