Best Workout Underwear for Women Who Exercise

Sexy "made to be seen" underwear has it's time and place, none of which is while you're working out.

Most folks are guilty of this though. They're so mindful of all other things—whether their sneakers will be okay for one more cardio, their squat form—that underwear understandably takes a back seat.

And that's because it's very easy to grab whatever's at the top of the drawer (or happens to be clean) to go workout in or whatever it is you're already wearing.

But between suffering through a mid-squat or downward dog wedgie and an underwear that peeks through your workout clothes, it pays to have the best women's underwear for exercise.

Let's see how to pick them, and also see some of the best women's underwear for working out, as ranked by users.

Factors To Consider When Choosing Workout Underwear

If you just head out to the Nike Outlet store or Kohl's and pick up the first pair of workout underwear that "looks good" you could be in for a world of discomfort, chafing and constant adjustments.

Before you buy your next pair of exercise underwear, here are some must-haves for the best workout underwear for women.

Performance of fabric

The first thing you need to know about what goes on "down there" is that yeast and bacteria just LOOOVVVEEE moist, warm and dark spaces. You can't really do anything about the darkness and warmth (cause you'll be working out), but you can control the moisture. Here's what you need to know.

Cotton and sweat don't mix well. It's inevitable that you'll sweat while working out, and a cotton underwear will soak up all your sweat and retain it, which probably isn't the outcome you want.

Best case scenario, you'll start chafing, worst case scenario, yeast and bacteria will grow (especially if you don't change out of your sports gear immediately afterwards) and keep growing until it becomes something you can't ignore.

You'll want to get something made from nylon, polyester, spandex or elastane. These fabrics wick moisture away from your skin when you sweat and they dry up pretty fast.

Even better, they stretch and move with you as you change positions e.g while you're shimmying your hips in aerobics or while you're on a treadmill.

  • Ultralight mesh is breathable and quick drying, keeping you cool
  • Active fit and lower rise are ideal for high energy activities
  • Sport mesh will keep you cool, fresh, and comfortable

Underwear style

There isn't some sort of universal style for working out, it's mostly a matter of personal preference. However, some styles don't make sense with certain types of workouts, so it might be best to avoid them.

Take cycling for example, it isn't an exercise that's kind on the lady parts so you don't want to wear a thong or tanga type of underwear while cycling, but something padded.

You also don't want to flash anyone when you're doing squats or such, so you need something with a firm waistband. But in terms of the rises - high, mid or low - it's entirely up to you.

If you want to avoid love handles, you can pick something with a high waistband that's not too constricting, and if want to avoid mid workout wedgies, you'll get underwear with full coverage.

Seamless Underwear

Most people just want underwear without panty lines so they can just throw them beneath their leggings, and as a result, end up with thongs.

Thing is, unless the thong is specially designed for sports, it'll just end up causing grade A nasty problems, like giving you E.coli - an infection caused by a bacteria migrating from your butt to your hooha.

Again, some thongs are specially designed to prevent this migration, so if you're a big fan of thongs, look out for them. If you just want a seamless look, there are underwear with naked seams or just fewer seams than most, so they should do the job just as well.

Plus underwear with fewer seams means you won't have to worry (much) about chafing.

There's always the option to go au naturel, if your sports gear is well equipped to protect the lady bits. But most people end up feeling self conscious working out commando, so the next best thing is to get the best women's underwear for exercise that won't make you aware or conscious.

  • New Reinforced construction for longer lasting Comfort and durability for these super comfort seamless thongs panties underwear
  • Tag-less labeling and no seam design eliminates chafing while minimizing no show panty lines, features full coverage
  • Quick dry, Wash on the Go with these and breathable athletic briefs, ensures fast drying perfect for traveling and active lifestyle
  • Odor resistance and Moisture wicking performance technology, keeps you fresh and feeling dry throughout your day
  • Stay in place 4 way stretch ultra-comfortable nylon elastane fabric allows for freedom of movement and conforms to the body for great support

Alright let's see some of the best sports underwear.

Top 10 Best Womens Underwear For Exercise

Now that you know what to look for, let's take a dive into the best workout underwear for women:

1. Adidas Women's Climacool Cheekster Underwear

adidas Womens Climacool Cheekster Underwear

Pro: Available in fun colors and patterns
Con: Visible panty lines

Super lightweight: This is the perfect pair of underwear, if you usually hate full bottom panties. The micro mesh fabric feels incredibly light and breathable, it literally feels like you're going au naturel. What's more, it has been treated with anti odor technology, so it can withstand rigorous sweat sessions.

It has a 4 way stretch designed to allow movement in all directions while working out. Its seams have very delicate finishes, so they won't be causing you any irritations or chafing. You might also appreciate that adidas brands the waistband instead of including tags.

They also made an effort to make the panty lines invisible, but some users still complain about its visibility so you might not want to wear this under leggings. Perhaps try the Adidas climacool thongs, if panty line visibility is a deal breaker for you.

2. ExOfficio Women's Give-n-Go Sport Mesh Hipkini


Pro: Snug fit
Con: Comes with not one, but two annoying flappy tags

Dries up very fast: Might sound a bit wild, but you can wash this in the sink and it'll be clean, dry and ready for use in as little as 2 or 3 hours (depending on weather conditions). That makes this ideal for hikers or those with multiple workout schedules per day. So if you'll be on a trail, invest in a pair of this bad boys.

It's formulated with a silvadur anti odor tech to keep your lady bits safe from infections that can be caused by bacteria growing in warm, moist spaces. Note that it has some spandex (7%) in it, so it might get stretched out as time goes by, hence you might want to buy something that's at least a size smaller (if you want it to last long that is).

3. Runderwear Women's Running Brief

Runderwear Womens Seamless Low-Rise Hipster For Running

Pro: Ultimate anti chafing sports underwear
Con: Premium price

Great for HIIT: first, this offers full coverage, both front and rear, and it also prevent your (generous) thighs from rubbing together and creating unwanted friction while you're engaged in cardio and other high intensity activities.

It has a 360 degrees flat lock seamless tech that guarantees a chafe free experience during your workouts, and the ultra light fabric it is made with ensures moisture wicking away from your body. Plus, it dries up pretty fast.

It has perforated designs to allow air circulate properly. Although the price tag might make you do a double take, if you've ever experienced chafing first hand, you'll know it's well worth it.

4. Jockey Women's Underwear Skimmies Cooling Slipshort

Jockey Womens Underwear Skimmies Wicking Slipshort

Pro: Great for hikers
Con: Pills easily

Prevents thigh rubbing: This extremely lightweight slipshort doesn't have a constricting waistband, so you won't get a muffin top from wearing it. You also won't get garlic bulb thighs - AKA when the leg holes of your underwear are tighter from down below, so section off your thighs like garlic bulbs.

This is perfect for girls who just want to keep everything compact while on a treadmill (those jiggles can be brutal to the ego).

This is so long, it'll cover up your chub rub region, so you don't even have to worry about thigh chafing. The fabric's also non static, so it won't cling to your outfit, if you decide to use it for more than just workouts.

5. Balanced Tech Women's Wicking Performance Seamless Thongs

Balanced Tech Womens Wicking Performance Seamless Thongs

Pro: Doesn't have shrinking seams
Con: Inconsistent sizing

Designed for yogis: Hardcore yogis can count on the seamlessness of these thongs to stay invisible under leggings and to stay in place during downward dogs. It comes as a pack of three, and even at that, it's not so pricey, so if you're the type who keeps a gym bag ready to go at all times, you should invest in a pack.

Aside from keeping you dry and being seamless, the thong style means you won't have to worry about it bunching up and constantly having to pause mid-exercise to stop it from creeping into unwanted crevices.

If you've ever wanted to experiment with thongs but have been scared in the past, by some intense (or just questionable) designs, this is a safe thong to start with. It comes in tons of fun colors, so if you want something that blends with every legging you have, you'll probably find it.

6. Adidas Women's Superlite Climacool Thong Underwear


Pro: Very cute patterns
Con: Sizes run large

Very Breathable: Adidas also made a thong underwear from their Climacool collection. This is designed for those who don't want to ruin their chances of having sleek looking lines in their workout gear. The micro-mesh fabric ensures you stay dry and cool even during the sweatiest of workouts.

It runs large, so try to downsize a bit when you're getting your underwear, because it will be extremely uncomfortable for you if it starts moving about during exercise. If you're looking for something really pretty to workout in, then get this ASAP.

7. Baleaf Women's Bicycle Cycling Underwear

Baleaf Womens Bicycle Cycling Underwear

Pro: 3D pads to protect your lady bits
Con: Not ideal for women with wide hips

Extra cushion: You'll be able to look forward to spin class with this padded underwear protecting you down there. Even equestrians that can't be bothered with the hefty price tags of riding padded underwear can wear this and it will work just fine.

Note that the cushion area might make you feel like a baby waddling about in diapers, so be mentally prepared for that.

It has flat lock seams to reduce chafing, however, the fabric isn't stretchy enough to accommodate "endowed" ladies, such that even the large underwear sizes can be ill fitting. This is actually a general problem with cycling panties and not unique to Baleaf alone. It's like they haven't caught up with what millennials find sexy yet.

8. New Balance Women's Breathe Hipster Panty


Pro: Has fused seams and edges
Con: Requires delicate hand wash so it doesn't get too stretchy

No wedgies, no visible panty lines: Has low profile seams which means this is virtually undetectable under clothes. The 87% nylon and 13% spandex it's made of ensures the underwear follows your body's movement (no tug-of-war moments). So it won't ride up even if you're on a 10 mile hike, and will keep your tiny hiny safe from wedgies.

It comes as a pack of three, so you can toss the whole pack in your gym bag and it'll last you forever. It's essentially a one time purchase for long term use.

9. ExOfficio Womens Give-n-Go, Sports Mesh

ExOfficio Womens Give-n-Go Sport Mesh 2 Underwear

Pro: Feels super light and breathable
Con: Not colorful or flattering (minimal design)

Ultra light mesh fabric: Keeps you dry and cool during intense workouts. This brief leaves no cheek uncovered, and its smooth non constricting waistband stays in place while you're going through your gym routine.

Basically, if you're looking for something that has total coverage, but will stretch with you, no matter the intensity of your activity, you'll want to check this out.

10. Boody Ecowear Womens Classic Bikini, Sporty Cooling Panty

Boody Ecowear Womens Classic Bikini Sporty Cooling Panty

Pro: Great for off grid hiking
Con: Durability doesn't match the price tag

Biodegradable underwear: Boody's a great reminder that it's the little things we do that makes our planet safe. The rayon fabric used in making this underwear is gotten from eco friendly materials (bamboo that's replaced, as well as recycled water), and it works just as well as any of the underwear on this list.

It's a thermo regulating underwear that stays dry while you sweat and keeps you warm on snow trails.

The classic bikini cut is very form fitting, and won't bunch or roll up while you workout. It truly is one of the best women's underwear for exercise, particularly for those who want to be part of ensuring a safe environment for future generations. may receive a small percentage of the purchase price for items bought through our links from and other sites.