Best Underwear for Muffin Tops in 2019

Almost every woman has experienced the struggle of shopping for underwear for muffin tops. Whether you've just put on a few pounds after the holidays or you're just naturally a thicker/curvy girl, there are some times when you'd rather not let your muffin top show.

And it's not just about conforming to society's beauty standards that's the issue here.

That visible extra bakery you carry around your tummy can be a sign that you're wearing crappy underwear, which is doing zero justice to your body, and something as simple as swapping your underwear can make said spillage disappear.

So the right underwear can be very transformative to your wardrobe, and thus how you view yourself.

On that note, if you're tired of seeing all those lumps and bumps, we'll show you how to pick the best underwear for muffin tops, as well as a few popular underwear others have found useful in smoothening out their silhouette - all without taking drastic steps like magic pills or going under the knife.

Picking The Best Underwear For Muffin Tops

All underwear isn't created equally. And on your journey to find the best underwear for muffin tops, you'll undoubtedly question what the heck the difference is between all the brands?

Here's what to look for when buying underwear to cover up your muffin top.

Underwear Sizing

First off, clothes sizes are a load of arbitrary flapdoodles. Since there are no universal sizing chats, different brands invent their definitions of what a "size 10" underwear should look and fit like, so you can't really rely on what a tag size says.

If you're ever bored, go to a thrift store and you'll be amazed at the number of times your weight would have changed based entirely by different brand's definition of your size.

Basically, you can't eyeball an underwear to know if it will fit, so you have to make sure you either try it on first before keeping it or use the manufacturer's sizing chart to know if will fit before ordering. Because the whole spillage problem boils down to ill-fitted panties (and pants).

  • Brief-style panty in silky microfiber featuring high rise and wide elastic waistband


Even though most people with bulgy bellies are encouraged to ditch low rise underwear for high and mid rise ones, that won't work for everybody's frame. Because it's not just about the style but about where your bulge is.

You'll need to know exactly where your muffin top is before deciding on the most suitable underwear style.

Do you carry a bit more squish in the lower part of your abdomen and less towards your bra line? Then you'll want to opt for mid to high rises, because a low rise underwear will just subdivide your stomach.

If on the other hand you have more softness higher up your torso and less towards your pelvis, a low rise may actually be more suitable since it won't section off your belly. Bottom line? It all depends on your figure and where your belly roll is most prominent.

Elastic Waistband

The type of elastic used at the waistband will also determine whether you get a muffin top or not. An elastic band that's too rigid will dig into your skin regardless of how fitted the underwear is. So no matter what you do, you'll get squeezed in and have subdivided body parts.

You want to get an underwear with a slim waistband that's not too tight. Either that or give up on your underwear hunting quest and go commando. Note that your underwear is meant to hug you gently, not be constricting in certain areas. Keep that in mind when you're looking.

  • SPANX Pants and Leggings Size Chart

Other factors you can also watch out for include; the texture of the fabric and the number of stitches.

Try to go for an underwear with low profile stitches since they tend to have invisible seams, which are always a plus if you want to minimize irritation and bulging.

Above all, remember that this is still an underwear that needs to be hygienic for your lady bits, so pay attention to those made from cotton, or at least those with cotton crotches.

Okay, there you have it. Once you've digested all these factors in picking the best underwear for muffin tops, you're about ready to see what others folks find truly helpful. Read on.

Top 10 Best Underwear For Muffin Tops

Here are our picks for the top rated underwear for muffin tops:

1. Warner's Women's Blissful Benefits No Muffin Top, Hipster Panties


Pro: Very flattering lace detail
Con: Not very breathable

Full rear coverage, with sexy front: who says control undies can't be sexy? These pack of three has been crafted with ninety percent polyester and ten percent elastane to create a flawless blend of firm, yet stretchy fabric to make sure your softness is not too squeezed in to created subdivided body parts.

It has full rear coverage, so cover the maximum amount of cheeks. Since this is a hipster pack, they'll be more suitable for those with an evenly distributed torso fat, ergo those who'll have a muffin top if they opt for high waists with thick bands. These aren't cotton undies (even though they have cotton crotch linings), so they're more suited for days filled with intense physical activities and not everyday comfort.

2. Wirarpa Women's Cotton Underwear, High Waist Briefs, No Muffin Top Ladies Stretch


Pro: Stays put, won't roll down
Con: Small leg holes

Great for pear shaped bodies: To prevent muffin tops, you'll need to pay attention to where your clothes are cutting you off. If you have a pear body shape, your underwear needs to hit you as close to the smallest part of your waist as possible. This makes high waist briefs, like this Wirarpa, the ideal solution.

They're ninety five percent cotton, so you can wear them regularly and still be comfortable. They have a very light hold, which will allow clothes fit more smoothly, but they're not compressing enough to offer a lot of tummy support. If you don't have a lot of spillage to control, then you can get this pack. Otherwise go for something with a bit more compression like the Gotoly body shape.

3. Innersy Women's High Waist Solid Color Tummy Control Cotton Underpants

Innersy Womens High Waist Tummy Control Cotton Underpants Briefs

Pro: Fabric has natural dye it doesn't fade
Con: Shrinks after washing

Slim up bulgy lines: This high waist brief from Innersy, with its wide waistband, focuses primarily on slimming your waistline to give you a smooth look when you're in a clingy outfit. It's designed to reach way past your belly button, so everything below that point will be packaged just right.

This pack of 5 control underwear is available in a number of colors, and at a dirt cheap price too. It's made of mostly cotton, so this is something you can wear daily, underneath both formal and informal wears, so you grab it before it goes out of stock.

4. Gotoly Women Body Shape, High Waist Butt Lift + Tummy Control

Gotoly Women Body Shape, High Waist Butt Lift Tummy Control

Pro: Super comfy, especially for shapewear
Con: No crotch opening

Confidence booster: If you're looking for something that's a little more hardcore than the other underwear on this list, this Gotoly is for you. It has full coverage and maintains an invisible seam underneath your outfit. The shapewear lifts and shapes your behind, while smoothening out all the lumps from your belly hips and waist, so that your torso has a very sleek finish.

It extends way past your belly button to just beneath your bra line, so even if you have an apple shaped body, this will work for you just fine. The one downside is that it doesn't have a crotch opening, perhaps in the form of hook and eye closures, so it might require some intense wiggling to get in and out of it for peepee breaks. However, note that this is ridiculously cheap for a shapewear, so the low price tag sort of compensates for the lack of crotch opening.

5. Warner's No Pinching, No Problem Modern Brief Panty

Warners No Pinching No Problem Modern Brief Panty

Pro: Stays true to size even after washing
Con: Has an annoying sticky label that's hard to remove

Superb fit and feel: Warner's been making underwear for more than a century now, so it's no surprise that they have an underwear line dedicated to solving muffin top problems. This particular modern brief has a wide waistband, with just one layer of enclosure around the elastic. So it fits snugly but won't dig into your skin when you wear it and aggravate your muffin situation.

The total coverage it offers means you won't be struggling with wedgies and muffin tops. Most users love this, except for the sticker that's glued to the front. It's sort of difficult to take it off, so you might need to scour the internet to find out how others got theirs off.

6. Hanes Women's Cotton Brief Panty


Pro: Full frontal and rear coverage
Con: Basically granny panties

Classic mid rise underwear: Nothing about the appearance of this brief reveals that it can be used to control muffin tops. You can think of these as granny panties, except they're less baggy. They're essentially the anti muffin top versions of granny panties, so you can expect it to hold in your stomach rolls and leave you with a smooth finish.

Don't expect something that will make you feel sexy (even though there are a couple of colors and patterns you can choose from), it's strictly meant to just hold in stray lumps, it's also very breathable, so if you're looking for practicality, look no further.

7. Spanx Women's Everyday Shaping Seamless Panty

SPANX Womens Everyday Shaping Seamless Panty

Pro: No visible panty lines
Con: Premium price

Not too constricting for everyday use: For this price tag, this underwear needs to make you look like Kim K. But alas the high price is because it has a hidden shaping waistband that's unique to spanx alone.

It's also made from an ultra fine stretch microfibre fabric - which is supposedly what the high end brands are using these days to make underwear that can stand the test of time. It has a modest rise, so it might hit you just at your belly button, if you order a size above what you'll usually buy.

Microfibre is super absorbent, so you can use this either as an everyday underwear or high intensity activity underwear.

8. Vassarette Women's Undershapers Light Control Brief

Vassarette Womens Undershapers Light Control Brief

Pro: Has pretty trimmings at the waistband and thigh cuts
Con: Said trimmings do cut and bite

Light control, stays in place: You'll get just the right amount of support without feeling like you're in a girdle. It's designed to be invisible under clothes, so you won't have to worry about panty lines when you're out and about.

It's made of eighty seven percent nylon and thirteen percent spandex to give you a stretchy and ultra soft fit. The brief has a hi-cut with trimmings at the edges, so it stands out from your typical high rise brief. However some users have found this trimmings to be quite uncomfortable, so it's best worn for short periods of time, for example, after work hours when you want to go out.

9. Warner's Women's No Pinching, No Problems, Lace Hipster Panty

Warners Womens No Pinching No Problems Lace Hipster Panty

Pro: Great elastic at the waist
Con: Rise is a bit lower than advertised, could pass for bikini panties

Superb fit: This is also from the No Pinching, No Problem line of anti muffin top underwear designed by Warner's. Unlike the high rise brief in this line, this is especially meant for those with evenly distributed torso "softness" or an apple body shape. It fits right at the hips, without squeezing and subdividing any body part.

It's quite sexy too, though you'll want to note that some of the users found the rise a bit lower than advertised. The waistband does stay put and the leg doesn't roll up, so you won't be getting any wedges or cheek peeks.

10. Maidenform Women's Shapewear Hi-Waist Brief, Firm Control

Maidenform Womens Shapewear Hi-Waist Brief Firm Control

Pro: Fits like a dream
Con: Difficult to pull up/down especially for pee breaks

Smooth and silky feel to it: This has a silicone waistband, so stays true to size and hugs you snugly without losing form after every wash.

Just like the Gotoly reviewed earlier, you'll need to think of this as a "panty girdle", so when you need to go to the bathroom, you'll have to huff and puff your way out and back into the shapewear.

That said, it does offer more muffin top control than most of the underwear on this list, so you'll need to pick your battles carefully. may receive a small percentage of the purchase price for items bought through our links from and other sites.