8 Best Underwear for Dresses in 2019

Dresses are one of the most versatile clothing options women have. They can be sexy, comfortable, freeing, and just about everything in between. However, they all have one thing in common – if you want to avoid oversharing, you need to wear the right underwear.

The open bottom of a dress means that whenever you sit, go up stairs, or somehow end up upside down, you risk flashing everyone within eyesight. This is especially true if you choose a thong or other piece of intimate underwear that leaves your bits exposed.

However, you also don’t want to just wear granny panties that leave panty lines underneath your skintight dress or underwear that stifles your hooha leading to swamp crotch.

The right underwear will protect your modesty, stay hidden, let your bits breathe, and of course be comfortable. To help you look and feel your best while wearing a dress, we’ve assembled this guide for you.

What To Consider Before Buying The Best Underwear for Dresses

Many women don’t understand the difference that the right pair of underwear can make. That’s why we’ve assembled checklist of what you’ll find in the best underwear for dresses.


When it comes to wearing a dress, you’re always at risk of showing more than you plan to. Whether it’s a swift breeze, an unexpected tumble, or even a Marilyn Monroe moment, your dress may not cooperate which can put you in an awkward situation. Unless you’re planning for it to be seen, your underwear should cover you in case of an emergency.

Choosing an underwear that offers enough coverage lets you maintain most of your decency in the case of a wardrobe malfunction without shocking onlookers. These should at the very least be bikini panties, but can also be boyshorts or high-waisted panties that could be mistaken for workout shorts.

  • Slighty sheer fabric
  • Smooth coverage under clothing
  • PERFECT SOLUTION: Perfect for under dresses, skirts and pants. Emprella Slip Shorts/ Bike Shorts help eliminate chafing and keep you cool
  • Triangle back construction for increased range of motion. Excellent for an Active life including: Yoga, Running, Pliates, Cycling, Gym and Running after the kids
  • 100% MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE - Emprella underwear are backed by a 100% guarantee that you are fully satisfied with your product or receive your money back. We love you too 🙂


Just because you usually HAVE to wear underwear doesn’t mean people need to know you’re wearing it. Panty lines can pop up when your underwear is thicker, isn’t form-fitting, or doesn’t have flat seams which causes them to show through your dress. When going commando isn’t a choice, you need low-visibility underwear.

To avoid lines, look for underwear that has a lower profile – thinner materials, higher elasticity, and no-show seams are your best chance at avoiding panty lines. You want them to be as close to fitting like a second skin as possible!

  • Available in a wide array of colors, these simple briefs in ultra-soft cotton are everyday wardrobe essentials
  • Super comfortable panties, expertly accentuate your feminine curves to subtle perfection
  • Cotton line inside keeps you comfy wearing them all day&night
  • Soft Waist & Legs, high rise for more shaping, full back coverage nicely shows the hips
  • Cotton has fine permeability which keeps you cool&dry and spandex ensures the underwear stretchy&durable


Part of the fun of wearing a dress is the freedom and breathability they offer, but if your underwear is stifling your lady bits you won’t be able to enjoy the breeze. You’ll also create a bit of swamp crotch – the opposite of what you’re looking for!

Synthetic materials like nylon, polyester, mesh, or other soft but breathable materials allow you to be comfortable while still allowing air flow to and from your groin. The combination of breathable underwear and the freedom of a dress will allow you to be cool and dry even on the hottest days.

  • High waist shorts,360 degrees of firm control--trimming waist, tummy and hips, Breathable and comfortable shell design with lace details
  • Seamless under clothes. Provides midsection and back support improving posture. Comfortable to wear allows skin to breathe.
  • High quality fabric breathable and comfortable enough to be worn all day long, sweat-free comfort, moisture wicking.gift ideal for any women who love caring about their body shape. New moms, birthdays, Mother's Day, Christmas, Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Cyber Monday.
  • Works great with everything from form-fitting tops and dresses to slim cut jeans. It is perfect if you want to show off your hourglass figure under a revealing dress. This pants is a must-have to give you curves in all the right places
  • This high waist shapewear brief gives you all the control you need without sacrificing your comfort. It is snug and tight the pushing feel is kinds of relaxing and after wearing it a few times you don't even really notice it. The bands do not leave marks on your body, they support it all over from waist hips butt it's all covered and controlled.

Top 8 Best Underwear for Dresses 2019

Now that you know what’s important to have in your underwear, here are some of our recommendations to consider. Each has its pros and cons, so be sure to check them all out before you decide!

1. Emprella Slip Shorts

Emprella Slip Shorts

Pro: Look Like Shorts.
Con: Cotton Doesn’t Wick Moisture.

Long, Seamless Coverage: In the case that your underwear does show itself unexpectedly, what better way to avoid disaster than to basically wear shorts underneath? These longer cotton & spandex bike shorts can be worn on their own, but also excel underneath a dress for coverage you can be comfortable in. Ultra-lightweight and relatively breathable, these underwear cover everything without popping through even lighter dresses to avoid panty lines.

While they’re pretty breathable, this pair isn’t ideal for the hottest of days where you’re either going to be active or sweat a lot as cotton holds moisture that can leave you feeling swampy

2. Gotoly High-Waisted Shorts

Gotoly High-Waisted Shorts

Pro: Body Shaping Compression.
Con: Hand Washing & Hang Drying Only.

Ideal Hourglass Underwear: Wearing a form-fitting dress that hugs all your curves? On top of being comfortable, breathable, and providing full coverage these high-waisted shorts offer compression for your tummy and love handles to give you curves in all the right places. In addition to the elastic shaping waist, the hips and butt are a stretchy lace material for great breathability and a fancier look. The lace also has no seams, so they won’t show under your dress – even if it’s tight.

Due to the lacy features and spandex material, this pair of underwear shouldn’t be washed with your other delicates. They can get stretched out or the lace can unravel if they get caught inside the machine.

3. B2BODY Long-Legged Boyshort Briefs

B2BODY Long-Legged Boyshort Briefs

Pro: Long Legs Prevent Chafing.
Con: Thin Material Tears Easily.

Comfy Boyshort Value Pack: If you’re looking for simple but effective underwear to go along with your dress, these boyshorts may work for you. Made of 96% cotton and 4% spandex, they focus on comfort from the waist down while holding onto you. These have longer legs (6.5” inseam) so they will extend a bit further than normal, making them ideal for colder days and longer dresses. Their affordable price as a 5-pack only adds to the value.

A relatively common complaint on these briefs are that they are quite thin, which helps breathability but also means that they are prone to holes and tears in the fabric. While they can be machine-washed, hand washing may help preserve them.

4. Mae Elastic Modal Boyshorts

Mae Elastic Modal Boyshorts

Pro: No Legs for More Freedom.
Con: Don’t Cover Much Crotch.

Extra Breathable, Low Visibility Panties: Less material means more exposed skin, which leads to better breathability (which is one of the main reasons we wear skirts). These short boyshorts are made of a synthetic modal material mixed with spandex for a compressing but breathable feeling that lets you enjoy your dress. These include a soft gusset to keep your lady bits comfortable while still allowing some airflow and providing antimicrobial protection to keep things clean. You’ll also find the logoed waistband is low profile, and the lack of legs means there are fewer seams to show through your dress.

You sacrifice some coverage and risk the gusset riding up when you go with a shorter underwear, so be sure your pairs fit correctly to make sure everything important is comfy & covered.

5. Joyshaper Slip Shorts

Joyshaper Slip Shorts

Pro: Lace Legs to Avoid Chafing.
Con: Run Small.

Anti-Chafing Compression Slip Shorts: With 86% nylon and 14% spandex, this underwear is going to offer more compression than other options due to more spandex. This allows them to compress problems areas so that they’re better accentuated by your dress. Available in a few different colors & totally opaque, you don’t have to worry about showing the goods accidentally because they could be mistaken for yoga shorts. There is a super soft lace on the legs that is thin enough not to chafe but also elastic enough to hold tight, so they don’t roll up.

This underwear runs small, so it would be a good idea to move up a size to ensure they fit. If they’re a bit too big, you should be able to roll up the extra anyway.

6. Alyce Intimates Bikini Panties

Alyce Intimates Bikini Panties

Pro: Exceptional Value.
Con: Can Cause Wedgies.

Minimalist Bikini Panties: These low-profile bikini-style panties are for those who want to cover the particulars but want to enjoy as much breathability as possible. Made of polyester instead of cotton, these offer exceptional breathability and moisture wicking so that they can keep you cool and dry. They come in a pack of 12 for the same price as some single pairs, making them a great value to add to your wardrobe.

Unfortunately, bikini bottoms can ride up and cause wedgies because the legs are so short & the spandex holds your butt tightly. It may be worth experimenting with sizes to find the best fit for your body.

7. Calvin Klein Bikini Panties

Calvin Klein Bikini Panties

Pro: Super Soft.
Con: Run Small.

Flexible Crotch Coverage: A quality brand at a discount price, this 3-pack of Calvin Klein bikini panties are a solid choice when it comes to utmost comfort. Their cotton material (plus gusset) makes them soft on all the sensitive places and the elastic no-chafe waistband means they won’t rub you the wrong way. They don’t have legs which gives you flexibility for use and in choosing your outfits because they won’t stick out past your dress line or through your dress.

As with many bikini-style panties, these run a bit small and can cause wedgies if you don’t choose the right size. Start with a size up from your normal pick to be safe.

8. ATTRACO Hipster Panties

ATTRACO Hipster Panties

Pro: Lace Edges Means No VPL.
Con: Hand Wash Only.

Accentuate Your Assets: If you want something that’ll look good with or without the dress, these hipsters are a solid option to consider. Made of 95% cotton and 5% spandex, they are a little less elastic than others but still hold tight enough to minimize movement. The soft material also avoids chafing. The special part of these panties is the lace on the legs and waistband, which prevents seams and panty lines from showing through your dress. The extra-soft lace is also non-chafing, making it great for the legs. Plus, the lace adds a bit of sex appeal just in case.

Unfortunately, the lace also means that these shouldn’t be machine washed because they are subject to tearing and fraying. Hand wash and air dry them for the longest lasting usability.

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