Best Underwear for Fat Guys (2019)

Whether you're newly fat - because your diet of pizza and stir fried everything finally caught up with you, or you've had enough time to perfect the art of being Peter Griffin, shopping for clothes, especially underwear, suck.

Mostly because after a size 34" waistline, designers just seem to stop caring whether or not you'd look like the Michelin Man in your underwear. And don't forget chafing!

Fat guys OWN chafing! It's so bad they probably didn't even realize chafing affected the entire population, not just them, until the internet. Meaning they were probably also late in finding out that the best underwear for fat guys also addresses chafing.

The point here is, there are many "fat people" features to bear in mind when choosing your underwear. Because while "regular" sized folks can afford to choose between anti chafing, moisture control and comfort, bigger guys need all these features to be present in one underwear.

So if you've consistently bought underwear that was wrong in one way or the other, for example, it fit your thighs perfectly, but the waist was all "nope, not today - or ever", then this article is for you.

Before actually seeing some of the best underwear for fat guys, here are some of the underwear features you'll want to keep in mind.

What To Look Out For When Choosing The Best Underwear For Fat Guys

By now, you'd have noticed that fat tends to minimize things in your nether region. Something absolutely no guy wants. So aside from practical things like ensuring you're comfortable and not sweating your butt off, you'll also want to get underwear that's a bit flattering. Here are some points to consider before you start shopping.

Moisture Control

It's no secret that fat people sweat a lot more than the average population. This is regardless of the activity they're undertaking. You could be sitting in one place and still have sweat trickle between your crack and thighs. This means underwear with moisture control needs to be worn daily, not just to the gym.

Usually the type of fabric the underwear's made from will determine its moisture retention. While synthetic fabrics like nylon and polyester are great at wicking moisture away from the body, they don't ventilate well - which isn't good for your man bits (odor-causing bacteria will build up). Even though wool is both airy and moisture wicking, it can be a bit itchy for the boys, so just stick with cotton.

  • Super soft men's modal underwear feel cool on the skin and silky to the touch.
  • Stretchy elastic waistband for long-lasting comfort.
  • Comfortable double-layer pouch men's trunk underwear keeps the "stuff" in place, cool and dry.
  • Good workmanship, exquisite tailoring details.
  • Perfect for causal wear or gift to boyfriend or husband.


Your Peter "Griffin-ness" will usually depend on the fit of your underwear's waistband. On one hand, the thicker and more constricting the band is, the more distorted your belly jelly will look. If the band's too light however, you risk scarring everyone around you with a rather unsightly butt crack. Fat guys already have a lot to be self conscious about, this shouldn't be one of them.

You'll want to go for something in-between: not too thick, not too light, a non binding waistband that'll gently hug your natural waistline AND stay there.

  • Apparel

Flatlock Seams

Fewer seams are generally considered better for underwear. However, you can usually ignore the number of seams if they're flatlock, as the closure of this type of seam means less irritation down there.

  • Iconic Calvin Klein logo elastic waistband
  • Functional fly
  • Made with soft and breathable cotton
  • Classic fit
  • 2 pack


Given the chance, most fat guys would just stock up on boxers and call it a day. Because what's not to love about 'em? They're incredibly breezy, comfy for the boys, plus their waistbands won't make you feel like dying a little bit inside every time you thug them on.

Unfortunately, it's impractical to wear them beneath formal clothes since they'd likely bunch up at your thighs and give your outfit a wrinkled look.

Briefs, or tighty whiteys, are a nightmare for big guys. They're like wearing either jockstraps or speedos, for all the comfort they provide. They also won't cover up your thighs, especially your chub rub line, so it's better to just ditch them.

Boxer briefs are a hybrid of both boxers and briefs. Meaning you'll get the super snug, but not too constricting, fit of a brief as well as the mid thigh length of the boxer.

Depending on how you plan to spend your day, your choices will usually be narrowed between boxers and boxer briefs.

Top 10 Best Underwear for Fat Guys

1. Fruit Of The Loom Men's No Ride Boxer Brief

Fruit of the Loom Mens No Ride Boxer Brief

Pro: Non-binding waistband
Con: Poor fly design might give nut wedgie

Tagless: Fruit of the loom has been in existence for over a century, so you're probably already familiar with their underwear. This particular pack comes with a few solid colors, which are 100% cotton, while the prints have some polyester in them. The non binding waistband is a huge bonus, if you don't want your gut sectioned. And it comes without a tag at the waist. So in terms of the waist fitting, this is a superb underwear.

The only issue with this is that some users complain about the crotch area being poorly designed - it can leave the boys hanging free whenever you move too fast, so not the best underwear for strenuous activities. You can bypass this issue by ordering your underwear a size up, so you'll have more room for your junk

2. Separatec 3 Pack, Micro Modal Separate Pouches, Boxer Brief

Separatec Micro Modal Separate Pouches Boxer Brief

Pro: 2 separate crotch pouches
Con: Double pouch might create a bulge when worn beneath slacks

Comfortable and protective pouch design: this underwear has two front pouches, made from incredibly soft, stretchy and high-end micro modal fabric. This provides support and increases air circulation - since your crown jewels aren't bunched up. The pack comes in two leg length options, 5" and 6.5", so length is a matter of personal preference. It also has an innovative fly in the front pouch for bathroom breaks.

While the double pouch means better support and air flow in your nether region, it can make things a bit more pronounced than is suitable for formal slacks, but they're great when worn beneath jeans, and during highly intensive activities. If you absolutely need something that pairs well with slacks, try the Fruit of the Loom Men's no ride boxer brief.

3. Andrew Scott, Big & Tall, 6 Pack Cotton Boxer Brief


Pro: Incredibly affordable
Con: Rear seams may unravel

Soft, non binding waistband: You know how clothing designers just charge bigger guys extra for using up more fabric? This 6 pack of underwear's the complete opposite. It's 100% cotton and super soft, so you're sure the boys will breathe well. It has a regular "Y front" pee pouch for easy access during the day. Andrew Scott's big & tall sizes go up to waist size of 68", so you'll definitely find your size.

Unfortunately, these aren't the most durable underwear. But considering the low price tag, they can last you until your next underwear change (6 months to 1 year) if you use the easy care setting on your washing machine.

4. Calvin Klein Men's Big Tall Cotton Classic Boxer Briefs

Calvin Klein Mens Big Tall Cotton Classic Boxer Briefs

Pro: Great fit, especially for REALLY tall guys
Con: Expensive for just 2 per pack

Super comfortable and stretchy: Calvin Klein is one of the most easily recognized underwear brands, meaning they can get away with having a logo on the waistband and that's it. So it's a bit surprising to see that aside from the logo, they also have tags - in this day and age when all men complain about them. The tags are easy to remove, but it still sucks to have to do so. This boxer brier is 100% cotton, has a functional fly, a hook and eye closure and can be washing machine washed.

That said, even though it's a bit pricey, it'll be money well spent - especially if you're a really tall person who has had sizing problems before. Plus, the sturdiness of the seams means you'll be using this for a long time.

5. Ocoatton Men's Big & Tall Combed Cotton Boxer Brief

Ocoatton Mens Big and Tall Combed Cotton Boxer Brief

Pro: Retains shape after washing
Con: Wacky stitching

Form fitting: Ocoatton is a relatively new underwear designer, which means not much is known about the durability of their products. So far, users applaud how true to form they are, even after several machine washes. They're made of 95% cotton and 5% spandex, just enough stretchy fabric to fit your body's form. Length is up to mid thigh.

Even though the sizes are true to form, the stitching's a bit too loose, so that any major thug can pull out a few of them. The firm's logo is imprinted on the waistband, so it doesn't have any tags. It's a 6 in 1 pack, and for this price, they're a steal.

6. Hanes Men's Big Boxer Brief

Hanes Mens Big Boxer Brief

Pro: Contoured pouch
Con: Leg openings are a tight fit

Really soft elastic waistband: The contoured pouch on this is meant to hug your crown jewels like a second skin. So you can expect great support and, thanks to it being made of 100% cotton, some breathability. If your body's a bit disproportionate - say big belly, small thighs, you'll feel happier than pig in shit wearing this.

It has a Hanes logo on the soft elastic waistband, with no tags, and it can be washed in a washing machine. Hanes use a US sizing chart, but just go through it again to confirm you're ordering correctly.

7. SLJ Men's Breathable Big & Tall Micro Modal Trunks

SLJ Mens Breathable Big and Tall Micro Modal Trunks

Pro: Really great moisture control
Con: Tight fit, not an everyday underwear

Double-layer pouch: This comes as a pack of 4 to 7, with many fun colors to choose from. It's made of micro modal fabric, which is even better than cotton in terms of keeping things fresh and dry down there. While wearing this can boost your self esteem up a notch, it's not a very practical underwear to wear everyday, as it's a tight fit.

Sizes are sort of limited, so while this is designed for big guys, try something else, like the Separatec or Calvin Klein, if your waist is not within the forties. Note that trunks don't really do much to prevent thigh chafing, so again, buy this for "special" occasions or when you need to feel good about yourself.

8. Harbor Bay Big & Tall Briefs

Harbor Bay Big and Tall Briefs

Pro: Great value for the money
Con: Doesn't help with chafing

Retains shape after wash: if you're accustomed to wearing tighty whiteys and don't want to make the change to boxer briefs, then look no further. Unlike the briefs you're used to, this Harbor Bay brief has a non constricting waistband, and loose leg openings that won't feel like a tourniquet around your thighs.

It has a full rise, both in the front and back, so won't give you a wedgie. There's a Y shaped support panel in the front, and you can just toss this in the washing machine when it gets dirty. The only major issue with this is that it won't protect your thighs from chafing. So maybe wear this when you don't expect to spend the whole day working.

9. UFM Athletic Adjustable Pouch Boxer Brief

UFM Athletic Adjustable Pouch Boxer Brief

Pro: Incredibly innovative support pouch with drawstrings
Con: Overpriced

Everyday Underwear: This underwear doesn't follow a fixed sizing chart. It sort of is a "one size fits many" underwear since the adjustable drawstring means you can keep wearing it as your weight changes. The front pouch, like Separatec underwear, keeps your crown jewels away from your thighs, pre-emptively solving chafing from sticky situations.

It can take a while to get used to though, since the drawstring will feel like having shoe strings around your junk. The front and center support allows you to carry out slightly vigorous activities. Despite all the strong points of this UFM boxer brief, some users find it a bit too pricey for an everyday wear.

10. Separatec Men's Basic Bamboo Rayon Boxer Brief


Pro: Snug supportive fit
Con: Legs ride up

True to size: Like the previous Separatec underwear, this keeps all the boys in different compartments, so they don't get sticky and irritate you. Again, it can take some getting use to, especially when trying to understand what goes into which hole/flap or pouch, but it's worth the effort. There's an easy access area between the underlying pouch and the front pocket for pee breaks, so you don't need to go from the top.

It's mostly made from bamboo, which contains natural anti microbial properties, it wicks moisture away from the skin, and best of all, it's biodegradable - making this one of the best underwear for fat guys. This is meant for average sized men, so if you're above 6' tall, the legs will be shorter on you, so maybe check out Calvin Klein's big & tall boxer brief. may receive a small percentage of the purchase price for items bought through our links from and other sites.