10 Best Underwear For Golf in 2019

Golf is notoriously known as an elite game that's more mental than physical. But even with those little cars carting players between courses, the average player still walks about 4.5 miles - or 9,000 steps per game. It's basically hiking, but with a couple of swings thrown in here and there.

Being able to keep your mind at the Tee box, and not the swish swishing of your sweat soaked underpants, is therefore paramount for success on the course. If you've seen many golf tournaments, you'll know, from watching players like Henrik Stenson and Justin Rose strip to their underthings, that the best underwear for golf can be the difference between winning a match and being suspended for naked golfing.

Because golf isn't always dictated by the weather, you'll find players under sunny, windy, rainy and, for the most seasoned experts, snowy conditions playing until their balls get frozen stiff or chafed (pun intended).

You therefore can't risk your golfing apparel, especially your underwear, being less than stellar. You can't have frayed pouches stuck to your balls when you crouch to line a putt - that's all your mind will zero in on.

In terms of style and function, your golf underwear shouldn't be so different from any other premium athletic underwear. These are varied though, so the next part of this article will go into more detail about what makes an athletic underwear suitable for golf. After that, you'll see some of the most popular golf undies - taking inspiration from players like Henrik Stenson who've golfed in just their skivvies.

Let's begin.

Features To Look Out For In The Best Underwear For Golf

The long and short of a good golfing underwear is that it should remain forgettable. Blissfully so. Hence, you can't afford uncomfortable fabrics and awkward designs that rub you the wrong way. Pay close attention to these factors:

Moisture Retention

Once you start playing, things will get swampy real fast regardless of what the weather report says. And while swamp crotch isn't a medical diagnosis, it is a real thing that'll make playing a good game hell. Instead of applying Johnson & Johnson's baby powder for some semblance of moisture control, get underwear with moisture wicking abilities.

There's a severe limitation as to what cotton can do because it stays wet once it gets wet. Merino wool is better than cotton at wicking moisture away from the skin, but synthetic fibers like polyester and nylon are best because they dry faster than they absorb moisture.

Watch out for underwear that come with an extra layer of moisture wicking fabric or a thermal layer for golfing during winter.

  • Alert True to Size : Recommend ordering usual size*
  • 18th December, 2017 Updated size guide
  • Features 2-Pack performance Midway Underwear with Tesla brand logo on the waistband
  • Midway Silhouette 9" Inseam with "NO Fly opening " (Hyper Dr-Fit design)
  • Flawless ergonomic design engineered for comfort, performance, and athletic support


If you want your personal comfort level to be reflected on the golf course, you'll need underwear that's designed to limit heat transfer between your thighs and your man parts. The less friction down there, the less you risk chafing. One way to prevent heat from building up is to wear underwear that comes with a separate pouch for the boys.

Even at that, you'll need underwear that won't hinder your mobility and is light but durable enough not to come apart at the seams when you take a swing.

  • Patented BallPark Pouch for friction-free support - Designed for contact-free support, this 3D hammock-shaped pouch keeps everything in place
  • Three-D Fit with 9-Panel construction - 3D shaping around glutes, thighs, quads, and hamstrings
  • Non-chafing Flat Out Seams - The softer side of the seam is placed inward, for no-chafe comfort
  • Anti-microbial technology delivers anti-odor function
  • 1 3/4" anti-roll moisture-wicking, super-soft jacquard waistband

Stitches, Waistband and Seams

After skin on skin friction, loose threads and imprecise stitches are the next leading causes of chafing. So your underwear needs to be made from reputable manufacturers. If you can't get something with few seams, ensure that the seams are at least flatlocked.

Another major source of irritation is the waistband. Slimmer waistbands tend to roll and bunch up at the waist. And while tagless undies have become standard issue in comfortable underwear by now, some manufacturers haven't gotten the memo yet. Take note of them.

Lastly, if you Google "playing golf in underwear", you'll notice that virtually all the professionals play in boxer briefs (none of which are cotton), so most of the underwear reviewed will be of the boxer brief variety. Fair warning. You won't get most of the enhanced features the best underwear for golf have at those discount packs in walmart, so don't expect to skimp on price for good quality.

Top 10 Best Underwear For Golf

1. Under Armour Tech Boxer Brief, 6"

Under Armour Tech Boxer Brief, 6

Pro: Creatively constructed with few seams.
Con: Comes with a giant tag.

Insanely Thin, but Strong: While not the giant Nike is, Under Armour has successfully crafted its underdog image by creating innovative products capable of competing against the very best in the industry and it comes through with this 2 pack boxer jocks.

Made with polyester and elastane for supreme elasticity and moisture wicking, a well articulated mesh fly panel and gusset to keep things fresh in your nether region and a 4-way stretch for multi-directional movement, Under Armour really outdid themselves here. Whoever came up with the idea of constructing this without seams at the back and sides deserves an extra pat on the back - preferably the pat taken from whoever suggested that a giant white tag be sewn onto an Under Armour logoed waistband.

2. Adidas Sport Performance Climalite, 9"

adidas Mens Sport Performance Climalite Boxer Brief Underwear

Pro: Double lined mesh support pouch.
Con: Has no fly.

Compression Style Midway Active Wear: The 9" inseam of this climalite is designed to stop chafing by preventing friction at all possible chub rub zones. While Adidas should be an autobuy for anyone in search of quality active wear, they earned their reputation by designing an incredibly lightweight underwear with dual layer mesh pouch for extra support. Their trademark Adidas logo elastic waistband is plush soft but firm enough to stay put while you're moving. They didn't make the Under Armour mistake of including a tag, so you don't have to worry about cutting it off (and mistakenly leaving a small piece that becomes the bane of your existence).

As great as this boxer brief is, it comes without a fly, so pee breaks are a little bit inconvenient. You have to pick your battles.

3. Baleaf Cool Dry Performance Boxer Brief, 9"

Baleaf Cool Dry Performance Boxer Brief, 9

Pro: Designed for mobility.
Con: Waist is too high.

Snug Fit: Made with flatlock stitches at the crotch to prevent chafing, this Baleaf active wear could easily pass for the 9" inseam version of Under Armour Tech boxer brief. It's also made of polyester and elastane to keep sweat from building up while you're lining up a putt, and the pouch is mesh with an open fly design.

The similarities don't end there. Baleaf also has a giant tag with instructions no one ever reads, though they took care to sew it in a way that's easy to remove. Baleaf doesn't enjoy the same brand recognition that Under Armour has, so this 9" Baleaf's price is about half that of Under Armour. If price is a deal breaker for you, get the 9" Baleaf instead of the 6" Under Armour.

4. Reebok Performance Briefs with Functional Fly

Reebok Performance Briefs with Functional Fly

Pro: Great deal.
Con: Elastic's sort of tight.

Convenient Value Pack: Reebok's an Adidas subsidiary that distributes athletic gear at a much cheaper price than its parent company. This value pack comes as a pack of 6 for the price of 2 Adidas, so if you're keen on acquiring quality sports gear but can't afford to pay for the brand of an Adidas, this is your closest alternative.

This Reebok's made with the industry's performance standard mix of polyester and spandex for compression, a durable elastic (that might sit too tight if you don't order the right size) waistband which holds up your underwear during the most strenuous activities, a functional fly to make bathroom breaks easier and a long lasting, non-fade color to keep it looking good even after multiple washes.

5. 2Undr Men's Gear Shift Performance Boxer Brief, 9"

2Undr Men's Gear Shift Performance Boxer Brief

Pro: Patented Joey Pouch.
Con: Seam may become loose after a few washes.

Extra Pouch Support: 2Undr is a brand specializing in men's performance underwear. They made headlines, especially amongst golfers, with their shift line - thanks to the extra kangaroo-like support their patented Joey pouch provides. It has a mid-rise fit, with a roll resistant elastic band that's designed to maintain its shape even after rigorous tumble dry sessions in the washing machine.

It comes with a quick access front fly, is tagless and has flatlock seams to prevent chafing. 2UNDR has a limited number of certified distributors, Amazon is one of them. If you want a product that's guaranteed by them, and not risk your stitches coming apart, make sure you order from only these distributors. Note that the 2UNDR shift line comes in several lengths, feel free to check them out.

6. Tesla Men's Stretch No Fly Cool Dry Brief, 9"

Tesla Men's Stretch No Fly Cool Dry Brief

Pro: Many assorted colors and patterns to choose from.
Con: Inconsistent sizing.

4-way Mesh Moisture Management Design: Know what grinds my gears? When cheaper brands have the good sense to ink over tag information on the waistband of their products, but pricey brands like Tesla and Under Armour can't be bothered. Aside from the tags, which is usually ripped off before first wear, the inconsistency of sizes within same pack is the only other issue.

Tesla's succeeded in creating a stellar product that keeps things jiggle-free and, thanks to the mesh front pouch, cool regardless of the temperature outside.

7. Re:Flex Active Performance Briefs

ReFlex Active Performance Briefs

Pro: Reinforced pouch.
Con: No easy access fly.

Tag Free: These performance briefs are your first line of defense against chafing and performance induced icky-sticky situations. Re:Flex used their patented Flex tech to ensure your brief stretches in whatever direction you're working out in. The soft, non-fade fabric, made of 93% polyester and 7% spandex, can be washing machine washed without ruining the texture or elasticity of the fabric. Despite the reinforced pouch and the Flex tech, these aren't compression briefs, so while they might suit moderate outdoor activities like golfing, they won't be as supportive for HIIT.

The lack of an easy access fly is about the only con for this brand, so if you must take a bathroom break, you'll struggle. It's a 6 pack deal, at a steal price, so this compensates.

8. SAXX Kinetic Men's Boxer Brief

SAXX Kinetic Men's Boxer Brief

Pro: Patented anti chafing ballpark pouch.
Con: Freaking expensive.

Naked Comfort: For this price tag, this Saxx underwear better give golf aiming super powers. Kidding! The quality is well worth the price. The kinetic sports brief is designed with a 3D ergonomic fit that supports not just your junk, but your glutes, quads and hamstrings as well. It comes with an in-built odor eliminating technology, an anti-roll waistband, a 4way stretch fabric for unrestricted movement and a breathable mesh patented ballpark pouch to give your crown jewels the hug they deserve.

The fabric's so soft you might be tricked into believing you're naked, which is all anyone needs to golf. The only issue you MAY have with this is the lack of a quick access fly. Besides that, this is an entirely lovable underwear.

9. LAPASA Quick Dry Performance Boxers

LAPASA Quick Dry Performance Boxers

Pro: U shaped pouched.
Con: Has a tag.

Ergonomic Fit: If you've never worn an athletic underwear, it might take some getting used to squishing your man bits into this U shaped tailored pouch. But once mastered, the insane support is worth making this a daily underwear. The form fitted fabric provides you with a greater range of motion, without bunching around your waist and thighs.

It has flatlock seams to reduce chafing but a tag at the waistband which LAPASA assures is easy to remove (why put it in the first place though?).

10. Exofficio Men's Give-N-Go Sport Mesh brief, 9"

Exofficio Men's Give-N-Go Sport Mesh brief

Pro: Diamond-knit breathable mesh at the crotch.
Con: Major pilling at the crotch.

Low Rise, Snug Active Fit: It'll be difficult listing the best underwear for golf without including one of the most innovative companies in active wear. ExOfficio's best selling Give-n-go line has a patented odor eliminating Silvadur tech that keeps you fresh all day. It's made of nylon and lycra so drying time is estimated to one or two cart rides between courses. The diamond-knit mesh pouch allows your junk breathe better, as opposed to if you were covered in nylon.

The low rise of this ExOfficio's intended to provide you with greater comfort during high impact activities, so no amount of swinging will ride it up. To prevent your underwear from pilling, avoid wearing it beneath hard fabrics like jeans, plus only hand wash and hang dry.

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