10 Best Everyday Underwear For Women in 2019

There's absolutely nothing dignifying about removing a wedgie ... or keeping a straight face when you have swamp crotch.

Consequently, unlike other impractical facets of feminine aesthetics (high heels, makeup-always-on-fleek), the best everyday underwear for women are the ones you won't notice. As such, words like "everyday" and "sexy" (in a lace/frills/g-string kinda sexy) shouldn't even be used in the same sentence when you're thinking about your daily underthings. So unless you spend all your time waiting to be ravaged by a harlequin-inspired hero, your underwear will have to reflect this reality.

With this in mind, you'll be seeing what makes an underwear suitable for daily wear. That is, how to select fabrics that are light and have moisture wicking abilities, but durable enough not to fall apart the moment you toss them in a washing machine. The best everyday underwear for women also come in various cuts that are comfortable enough for your hooha without being a literal pain in the butt, hence your fashion preference might not be over ruled.

What To Look For When Choosing The Best Everyday Underwear For Women

Let's see which features make an underwear suitable for daily wear.

Fabric - Breathable

Cotton is the holy grail of comfort underwear material. So if you've paid even the slightest attention to magazines, gynos, parents and society in general, it shouldn't come as a surprise that the best everyday underwear for women should be made from it.

Other natural fabrics, like wool and bamboo, are good as well but slightly less popular because more people tend to feel mildly irritated wearing them. Considering the goal of an everyday underwear is to remain fabulously forgettable, you should only get other materials if you have previous experience wearing them, and your lady bits haven't complained.

As breathable a fabric as cotton is, it's not known for its elasticity. So instead of getting something made from 100% cotton, opt for anything between 85% to 95% cotton, and 5% to 15% elastane or spandex - to give your underwear some stretch.

Try and avoid synthetic underwear (except those super athletic moisture wicking ones) that have just the cotton crotch lining - because even though polyester might be a good moisture wicking fabric, it isn't breathable. And a cotton lining alone won't keep things fresh down there. A cleverly designed underwear with lace and cotton can be both comfortable and sexy. The keyword being "cleverly".

Stitches/Seams/Tags - No Hitching, Pinching or Itching

One too many stitches near your hooha can cause sore bumps and chafing, so the fewer stitches, the better. Either that or get underwear with flatlock seams. Along the same line, underwear without tags are better - though God knows why manufacturers still include them in this day and age - as there'll be less disturbance and pinching around your waistline.

Styles & Cuts - Don't Thong, Think!

A dainty piece of g-string will give you a phantom wedgie just by looking at it. Not to talk of it's active role in relocating bacteria from where-the-sun-don't-shine to your lady bits. In the interest of keeping things sanitary, try limiting your daily use of g-strings and thongs - and even if you must, opt for cotton thongs. Note that this isn't a condemnation of all things frilly, lingerie-y and sexy. They have their time and place (date night, confidence boost), just not in an all day everyday situation.

Aside from thongs, virtually all underwear cuts (high, mid or low rise) and styles (boy shorts, bikinis, hipsters) can be worn in every possible shade of color you fancy.

To sum it all up, the best everyday underwear for women should be practical, yet pretty enough to give your self esteem a boost, breathable without being too constricting or itchy and comfortable but with the ability to contain the not-so-glamorous biological fluids that leave the female body through out the month.

All these features, plus something with nary a visible panty line in sight. Tall order? Not so much. Check out some of the most popular everyday underwear, and how their features hold up.

Top 10 Best Everyday Underwear For Women

1. Wirarpa Cotton High Waist MultiPack Brief

Wirarpa Cotton High Waist MultiPack Brief

Pro: Full coverage with mild belly support.
Con: Not the prettiest underwear you'll own.

Incredibly Seamless: These bad boys are the ultimate everyday underwear. They have flatlock seams, go way beyond your belly button (to constrict some unsightly jiggly bits), have a double layer crotch (for extra moisture control and support during your time of the month) and literally feel like you're wearing a cloud.

They're so seamless you won't have to worry about panty lines showing beneath clothes, even yoga pants. The colors are quite bland and the design isn't out-of-this-world-pretty, so this isn't the underwear to put on when your self esteem needs a boost. Each brief in this pack is 95% cotton, 5% spandex, and 100% machine washable, so you don't even have to take any extra measure to keep it clean and true to form.

2. Emprella Women's Lace Hipster Panties


Pro: Comes in tons of assorted colors, prints and patterns.
Con: Sizes are inconsistent.

Sexy Lace Detail: These Emprella hipsters are proof that you can feel good about your underwear without compromising your comfort. The lace detail is confined to just the waistband (none at the inner thighs, so there's less risk of lace chafing), while the rest of the underwear's made of 95% cotton and 5% spandex.

The fabric's quite durable, so you don't need to take extra washing care. Just toss them in your washing machine, preferably on cold wash, and they'll be fine. Sizes run small, so maybe order one size up - especially if you're packing extra around your hips. These hipsters are like the cool, fun version of the wirarpa high waist, only you get a better deal, in terms of cost and variety.

3. Jockey's Women's Underwear, Elance French Cut

Jockey's Women's Underwear, Elance French Cut

Pro: Granny panties 2.0.
Con: Not seamless.

Super Soft Fabric: Don't knock 'em till you've tried 'em. There's a reason companies still make granny panties and only try to improve previous designs - there's a huge market for them. Maybe "grannies" have an idea or two about everyday comfort underwear.

This particular Jockey's took everything great about granny panties (soft and comfortable) and improved the style. So you have an underwear with a smaller, ravel-free waistband, an Elance French cut designed to support a bigger than average derriere without looking saggy (their classic French cut supports a smaller behind), and comes in 15 remarkable prints and colors - which is nothing shy of marvelous. Fabric's 100% Cotton and can be washed and dried with a washing machine. Sizes seem large at first, but it shrinks after each wash, so take that into considering before placing your order.

4. Calvin Klein Women's Carousel Logo Cotton Thong Panty

Calvin Klein Women's Carousel Logo Cotton Thong Panty

Pro: CK logoed waistband won't lose its elasticity.
Con: Comes with a tag (why?!)

Stays True to Form: Calvin Klein's been in the underwear business for a while now, so if you must wear a thong all day, there's probably no other brand you can trust more to keep you comfortable. The fabric's a blend of 90% cotton and 10% elastane - though the gusset is 100% cotton. This carousel pant strikes a perfect balance between bikini and thong by offering a relatively fully covered front and a cheeky behind.

Curiously, this underwear comes with the signature Calvin Klein logo at the waistband AND a tag bearing the name of the brand - about the only con. You can get this either in a single pack or multipack of three. And if you can't afford either, watch out for discounts online or check out this cheaper, but no less comfortable, Anzermix alternative at number five.

5. Anzermix Women's Breathable Cotton Thong

Anzermix Women's Breathable Cotton Thong

Pro: Best deal.
Con: Sizes aren't designed for the US market.

Minimalist Design: These breathable undies are more tangas than thongs, since they offer a bit more coverage than the average thong. They're made from 100% cotton knit, so they're not as stretchy as others in this article (also explains why sizes are sometimes inconsistent). Just to be on the save side, order one size up, because undies at such a steal price don't come by often.

While this pack of 6 comes in multiple colors, its remarkably sturdy, but breathable fabric is designed to appeal to minimalists who can't be bothered to pause their activities mid-stride to fix a swampy crotch situation. It's tagless, designed not to "creep", more affordable, but no less comfortable than the CK above. So unless you're really into brand names, this is a pretty great bang for your buck.

6. Fruit of the Loom Women's Cotton Bikini Panty

Fruit of the Loom Women's Cotton Bikini Panty

Pro: Firm, plush back waistband that won't ride up or down when you move.
Con: You might not get the color you order.

No Fuss Panty: With over a century spent designing undies that cater to different generations and sexes, Fruit of the Loom is undoubtedly one of the top dogs in the business. Made with 50% cotton and 50% polyester, an extra soft ravel free waistband and minimalist seams, this fruit of the loom is smooth as silk, but snug fitted enough to prevent riding up. It's a lot more suitable for jeans, as there won't be any bunching up at the top, or bottom.

Wearing one might not inspire you to take off your clothes and strut your stuff, but the bikini cut definitely keeps this from being an out rightly granny-friendly panty.

7. Cosomall Invisible Seamless Bikini Underwear

Cosomall Invisible Seamless Bikini Underwear

Pro: Firm, laser cut seamless edges.
Con: Only the gusset is made of breathable fabric.

"Barely there" Feeling: These are ridiculously thin and meant to fit like a second skin. Because most people have problems with the loose fitting of laser cut undies, Cosomall folded the edges, so the panty sticks like its been taped to your skin - hugging every contour of your body without rolling or bunching up.

Perhaps the only downside is that it's mostly made of polyester, which wicks moisture from the skin, but doesn't do much in terms of keeping you fresh. It does include Bamboo in the gusset - which is Eco-friendly - so if you work in an air conditioned environment, this would make a pretty decent everyday underwear.

8. Buankoxy Stretch Cotton Panties

Buankoxy Stretch Cotton Panties

Pro: Double lined crotch gusset.
Con: Overlock seams are somewhat bulky and large.

Snug Fit: This Buankoxy offers moderate coverage with soft, stretchy and breathable fabric made of 95% cotton and 5% spandex. Each pack comes with a wide array of assorted colors, so you don't have to repeat undies just to feel comfortable. The double lined gusset means more moisture can be absorbed, hence this is suitable for warmer climates.

The manufacturers place a full disclosure recommending that potential buyers order a size up, since the panties fit small. While a bit bulky, the seams are overturned inwards, so the panty lines are a no show when worn beneath clothes.

9. Calvin Klein Modern Cotton Bikini Panty


Pro: Innovative modern design that stays true to size.
Con: Ridiculously expensive.

Non-binding, Non-constricting Waistband: Full disclosure, this modern bikini panty by CK is tad bit cheekier than displayed on the model, sort of a mid way between a thong and a hipster with moderate coverage. If you're looking for something that's stylish and comfortable but won't give you a wedgie, then definitely get this.

Calvin Klein is a little bit on the expensive side, so only order this when you're due for a splurge on quality underwear.

10. Fruit of the Loom Cotton-Mesh Breathable Underwear

Fruit of the Loom Cotton-Mesh Breathable Underwear

Pro: Extremely breathable and soft.
Con: Not very durable.

Super Breathable: The combination of 91% cotton-mesh, 5% polyester and 4% spandex means this is probably the most breathable comfort underwear on this list. While mesh isn't known for its durability, it is known for being incredibly airy - this, combined with the moisture wicking ability of polyester, means your lady bits will remain blissfully forgettable throughout the day.

The mid-rise, full rear coverage means you won't have to pause mid-errand to gracelessly pull out wedgies. Elastic at the leg holes and waistband have all been covered up with the underwear fabric, so it fits snugly without chafing or itching. Fruit of the loom really out did themselves with these model, so if comfort's your watch word, snag these.

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