10 Best Bulge Enhancing Underwear for Men in 2019

Guys walking around in skinny jeans that show off their lumpy man bits know exactly what they're doing. It's the guy equivalent of pairing a pushup bra with a low cut top.

While the issue of objectifying women is generally frowned upon by society - more so at the turn of the century - men have been actively seeking this sort of objectification from way back when, around the 16th century when codpieces were a thing. And NO. Codpieces weren't worn for "medical" purposes as scholarly historians would have you believe. Otherwise they wouldn't have kept getting bigger, more decorative and being more prominent pieces of their wardrobe.

Bottom line? Even though men rarely care about a ton of stuff, size is one of the few things that's obsessively thought of. And we've been looking for ways to enhance it, without doing serious damage to our health, since time immemorial.

So as commendable as it is to be "contented" with what you have, we're not going to go the hypocritical route and pretend the best jeans at the store aren't the ones with the "enhancing effect". The old school strategy of stuffing socks down there's given way for a more sophisticated means of "bulging" things up. This is where the best enhancing underwear come in.

The idea is that since its socially acceptable for women to "pump up" their credentials, men should be able to do same. Equality of the sexes and all. Underwear to make guys package look bigger come in various cuts and styles, so it helps to learn which will suit you best. Keep reading.

What To Consider Before Buying The Best Enhancing Underwear

First and foremost, despite their promise to "pump up your goods", enhancing underwear don't offer any "real" increase in size. So you'll have to deal with the fallout if you deliver a pack of doritos to your date when you're getting your sexy schemxy time on. Secondly, cars won't whizz and slam their brakes just to gawk at the awesomeness that is your bulge. Because even though the best enhancing underwear come in a wide range, from casual to extreme, its central goal is to work on how confident you feel when projecting yourself to the world. Disclaimer aside, here are some features to bear in mind.


Honestly? Enhancing underwear come in different grades, and as such, bring entirely different aesthetics to your junk. The style you choose will depend on the amplitude of the raw material - exactly how hung are you (the real size, not your ideal imaginary size)? The different styles include:

  • Padded Undies: they're like gloves, but for your nether regions. A padded underwear will hold you in place all day and keep things smooth and symmetrical down there. The thickness of the padding may vary, but they're suitable for all sizes. Think padded bicycle underwear.
  • Push-up Undies: like female bras, push up undies help your junk defy gravity by thrusting it up and away from your body. It restricts movement and is more suitable when you expect intense physical activity.
  • Pouches: don't necessarily add anything but are the next best thing to going commando. They just position what you already have in the best possible light using cleverly sewn seams (Y fronts) and sewing technology (horse shoe). Your crown jewels will be moved away from your body to sit in the pouch. The extra visibility is what enhances your goods.
  • Jock Straps: work for both your front and back by keeping things contained and free from movement in the front and a lifted, perkier derriere behind.

Moisture Control & Comfort

All your efforts will be in vain if you end up being too self conscious and uncomfortable with your enhancement underwear. So for starters, you need something that won't cause you to sweat, become sticky and chafe. Padded undies are good insulators, but they'll feel like hell during the summer, so if you must use them, do so only during winter. Likewise, cock rings worn for extended periods of time can become insanely I-need-to-get-out-of-this-yesterday uncomfortable. Generally, the more breathable and thinner the enhancement material is (always opt for cotton), the more comfortable you'll feel, and the fewer public readjustments you'll need to make.


Enhancement underwear are usually sewn with more stitches and seams sticking out from different ends. You owe it to yourself to ensure these seams won't chafe before you order. If you can, look for those with flatlock seams.

While choosing your enhancement underwear, remember moderation is key. The last thing you want is to drag attention down there for hilarious reason - your ego might not recover. Check out some of the undies with glowing reviews.

Top 10 Best Enhancing Underwear

1. ROunderbum Men's Package Enhancing Padded Trunk

ROunderbum Men's Package Enhancing Padded Trunk

Pro: Push up and padded, natural shape cup enhancer.
Con: Padded enhancer shrinks after wash.

Light, Natural Shape Enhancer: If you're going for a fuller look, without coming off as a joke, give these Rounderbum padded trunk a try. The trunk itself is made of 93% cotton and 7% elastane, so it's very breathable and will mold to the contours of your body. This padded trunk works by first "lifting" up your junk, then bulking it up with a light perforated pad. The pad's removable, so you have the option of relying on just the "push up" compartment of the trunk when it gets too hot for a pad.

Maintenance is a little bit more complicated. The manufacturers made the pad removable, so you need to take it out of the trunk and wash each part separately, otherwise the pad will shrink and become more of a push-up than an enhancer.

2. YukaiChen Low Rise Bulge Enhancing Bikini

YukaiChen Low Rise Bulge Enhancing Bikini

Pro: Tagless.
Con: You'll need a lot of grooming.

Sporty Design: These mankinis keep things compact more than they enhance, so they'll mostly work with what you have. Fabric's 85% nylon and 15% spandex, which would ordinarily make it less than ideal in terms of breathability, but the insane bikini cut means your crown jewels won't be trapped in an airless underwear.

For this low rise bikini to look great, you'll need to go out of your way to ensure you're well groomed, which can be a hassle. However, if you're hoping for a bigger bulge, grooming will definitely accentuate things in your nether region - even after your underwear comes off.

3. Arjen Kroos Open Pouch Jock Straps Enhancing Underwear

Arjen Kroos Open Pouch Jock Straps Enhancing Underwear

Pro: Very flirty.
Con: May twist from time to time.

Gives an Obvious Lift: While this is more like a piece of strings tied together, than an actual underwear, Arjen Kroos' been able to string it all together so that you'll get the support and push up of an enhancement underwear, but without the constriction and wedgie inducing strings. It's like going commando, but with a more prominent bulge.

The open pouch design makes this underwear very accessible for pee breaks and sexy plays. A word of caution, if you don't groom often, you risk getting some of your pubic hair tangled in with the ball support "string" (ouch!).

4. iKingsky Big Pouch Thong, Enhanced Low Rise Underpants

iKingsky Big Pouch Thong, Enhanced Low Rise Underpants

Pro: 3D ergonomic pouch lift.
Con: Needs to be hand washed.

Push Up Enhancer: This thong is cut just low enough to prevent wail tail (since society hasn't evolved enough to accept man thongs as a thing). The big pouch is designed to contain both your crown jewels in a non-sticky, 3D ergonomically shaped pouch, which then gently lifts and pushes your junk upwards and outwards. The end result should be noticeable bulge even beneath jeans.

The washing instruction is very particular. iKinsky recommends that you don't bleach dry clean or wash in water that's above 34 degrees Celsius. Essentially, hand wash and hang dry. Even though this underwear's made of polyester and spandex, it isn't constricting enough to cut air flow to your nether region, so you'll feel both supported and comfortable.

5. OneFit Men's Polyester Bulge Enhancer

OneFit Men's Polyester Bulge Enhancer

Pro: Tagless.
Con: Junk loops can be very small.

Comes With a C-ring: This underwear comes with two loops, one for your "stalk", and the other to give your balls a nice lift. What puts this underwear amongst the forerunners of enhancement underwear is its C-ring, which gives your junk a mild hug to keep blood flowing (if you catch my drift). A firmer junk is a bigger junk. So even though you won't look completely indecent, your junk will still be more pronounced than if it were relaxed.

If the loops seem too small, then you probably don't need an enhancer. Onefit went out of their way to make this underwear extremely comfortable, so instead of a tag, they printed on the underwear, and instead of the underwear coming with a traditional g-string string, it has an adjustable waistband.

6. Lapasa Micro Modal Bulge Enhancing Trunks

Lapasa Micro Modal Bulge Enhancing Trunks

Pro: Ergonomic U-cutting for a bigger pouch.
Con: Comes with a long irritating tag.

Ultra Soft Micro Modal Fabric: Like cotton, micro modal fabric comes from nature, and is on par with cotton in the softness department. Its U-shaped pouch design is intended to allow your boys sit in an elevated but airy plush seat. It also features a 3D seamless design, so you can wear this beneath formal pants, have a slightly protruding bulge, without worrying about visible seam lines.

Lapasa's micro modal trunk has flatlock seams to prevent skin irritation, and its Lapasa logoed waistband is just as comfortable. However, the company gets points off because it still thought it necessary to include an overly long tag, which they specifically inform you is easily removable (why put it in the first place?).

7. YiZYIF Men's Buckled Pouch Underwear

YiZYIF Men's Buckled Pouch Underwear

Pro: Features a breakaway flap and a C-ring.
Con: Sizes run small.

Has Front Loop With a Push-up Effect: This underwear features a ton openings that seem complicated at first. Once worn, the brief comes with a breakaway flap in front for easy access, and a slit at the back (perhaps in case you want to go number two). It has a slim fit design that, with the C-ring, gives your nether region a rather prominent bulge.

It's made of rayon and spandex, so it's ideal for hot summers. Sizes tend to run small, so ensure you go through their sizing chart before ordering.

8. DIQ Wear Package Enhancing Ring underwear

DIQ Wear Package Enhancing Ring underwear

Pro: Extremely breathable.
Con: Pricey.

Dual Front Pouch Opening: Wearing an underwear with a C-ring tends to make pee breaks problematic. So what DIQ did was to design the front pouch with dual openings for easy access. Aside from the c-ring designed to make your junk more prominent, DIQ used breathable cotton and side vents to keep your crown jewels moisture-free.

The contrasting fabric gives this underwear a stylish flare, but is it worth the extra cost? Cotton's more durable than rayon, so this DIQ would last longer than the YiZIF above, so DIQ would give you a better value for your money. If this is your first time trying undies with C-rings and you're hesitant to splurge on something you won't wear again, get the YiZYIF buckled pouch, and come back for DIQ's if you loved it.

9. iEFiEl Mesh Bulge Pouch Enhancement Underwear

iEFiEl Mesh Bulge Pouch Enhancement Underwear

Pro: Ultimate summer wear.
Con: Not durable.

Semi-sheer Enhancement Underwear: Nothing breathes better than mesh fabric. So combined with the front bulge design, you won't find a more ideal summer enhancement underwear. Even though it's see through, it offers full rear coverage, so you don't feel too exposed.

10. Gudan Men's Bulge Enhancing Low Rise Bikini Underwear

Gudan Men's Bulge Enhancing Low Rise Bikini Underwear

Pro: Seamless.
Con: Comes in the same bland color.

Super Snug Fit: This Gudan model is tagless and seamless to prevent skin irritation. It's cut in a modern sporty style and made with 85% polyester and 15% spandex. So aside from prominently displaying your goods, this bikini's snug enough to be used for some sport activities.

It doesn't exactly add anything to your package, so you have to have something to work with if you're to get this. Otherwise, opt for the ROunderbum padded trunks at number one.

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