7 Best Antimicrobial Underwear for Men in 2019

No one wants to talk about it, but we all know it's true. The male anatomy has some interesting quirks, and most of them are down between our legs. With all those dangling bits, it's a breeding ground for bacteria. Just add sweat, and you have a perfect recipe for some funky smelling underwear.

No one likes to think that they stink. So antimicrobial underwear can be a lifeline for men who exercise, or just guys who sweat a lot. By hindering the breeding of bacteria in your dude places, antimicrobial underwear can make a huge difference to your comfort and hygiene.

But before you bust out your wallet, consider the following factors:

What to Look for When Choosing the Best Antimicrobial Underwear for Men


The standard by which all underwear must be judged. How do they fit? How do they feel? Do they pinch? Do they sag? It doesn’t matter what kind of space age antibacterial properties your underwear has if it’s too uncomfortable to wear.

  • LUXURY BOXER BRIEFS: Marc's butter-soft, all-natural modal is of the highest quality available in the world.
  • PERFORMANCE: Our performance boxer briefs sports natural moisture wicking, cooling, breathability, and natural antimicrobial underwear properties to help you through tough competition.
  • LONGEVITY: Wash after wash, party after party, & game after game, our mens boxer briefs will stay true to their size, form, and comfort. They tend to get even more comfortable the longer you have them.
  • EXPERIENCE: With over 40 years in the underapparel industry, Marc Bishop is committed to delivering the highest quality garment possible to you, the consumer. No corners cut. No stone unturned.
  • A PROMISE: If your first pair isn't perfect, contact us and we'll make it right.


With you smelling so fresh and all, chances are higher that somebody's going to want to take your clothes off. While comfort comes first, it doesn't hurt to have some underwear that looks decent. And different styles of underwear are better suited to different activities. You don't want to go for a run in a baggy pair of boxers, and you may not feel comfortable sitting in the office all day in a pair of tightfitting briefs.

  • Well-constructed Underwear: The widened elastic band on this men's boxer briefs leds to a snug fit, makes this men's underwear comfortable to wear all day long without experiencing tight or binding.
  • Guranteed Quality: Made from super soft natural cotton fabric, this men's underwear would provide you with much elasticity and effectively reduce irritating sweating smell and humidity.
  • Compression Free Pouch: The soft interior panel and key hole fly on this boxer brief is manually stitched, provides comfortable room and a dry environment in the personal area.
  • Unique Design: This midway underwear men pack adopts solid color design, comes with various colors available. Each of boxer briefs adopts tagless and active fit design.
  • No Ride-up Construction: The extended leg length on men's underwear provides with a dry environment, avoids rubbing on thighs and keeps the legs from creeping up.

Antimicrobial Material

Different manufacturers approach the problem of underwear microbes in different ways. Some treat the fabric of the underwear with special chemicals to retard bacterial growth. Others use materials that have natural antimicrobial properties, such as merino wool or bamboo. If you're trying to reduce the amount of chemicals your boys are exposed to, it might be a good idea to think about the more natural solutions.

  • [ EVERYDAY WEIGHT BOXER BRIEF ] Flatlock seams, tagless interior, double tough high-wear zones, soft elastic jacquard. Full merino construction for natural stretch, odor resistance, moisture wicking, itch free, 4-season comfort.
  • [ MODERN FIT FOR COMFY DAILY WEAR ] Great For just about anything. These boxers will keep you comfy during work, play, leisure, travel, and workouts. If you run hot, or are looking for high intensity, high temperature gear check out our Ultralight Boxers.
  • [ PICTURED MODEL STATS ] 5'10'' // 155 lbs // 30'' waist. Wearing size small.
  • [ MERINO PERFORMANCE FOUNDATION LIFESTYLE WEAR ] Woolly pairs the nature proven benefits of merino with classic everyday styles that work anywhere. Enjoy the no-odor, anti-microbial, fire resistant, moisture wicking, and long wearing comfort of merino in every aspect of your life.
  • [ BACKED BY THE WOOLLY PROMISE ] We like to keep things simple. If you are ever dissatisfied with our gear, at any time, just give us a shout and we'll work to make it right.


Don’t cheap out. Good underwear is worth its weight in gold. But spending more doesn’t guarantee a better product. Make sure that you’re getting value for money.

  • LENZING MICRO MODAL: It can be naturally degraded fabric which is extracted from European beechwood and comes from nature itself as cotton, light as a feather and naturally cozy, True to its name, second skin is so silky and luxurious
  • MACHINE WASHABLE: No deformation and non-pilling after dozens of washes, these mens underwear is Skin-Friendly and antimicrobial, keep you cool and fresh all day
  • CLASSIC ICONIC LOGO WAISTBAND: Soft waistband smooth non-chafing stitching, won't leave marks
  • TAILORED FIT: This kind of underwear inspired from men's physiological structure, through the ergonomic design and 3D cutting simple and comfortable
  • PERFORMANCE: This cooling mens underwear stands the test of time with tried & true durability, the comfort and fitness while reducing friction when walking and running keeping it dry and unrestrained helping to reduce the occurrence of medical ailments like varicose, eczema, fungal growth and other skin conditions

7 Top Antimicrobial Underwear for Men

1. Marc Bishop Men's Boxer Briefs Luxury Performance Antimicrobial No Fly Mens Underwear

Marc Bishop Men's Boxer Briefs Luxury Performance Antimicrobial No Fly Mens Underwear

Pro: Extremely soft and comfortable.
Con: Sizes run a little small.

Secret Agent Underwear: With its all-black styling and discrete label, these boxer briefs look like the underwear James Bond probably wears. Marc Bishop is trying to bring a little luxury to the underwear game, and as soon as you touch the fabric of this underwear, you'll see the difference. The 92% Modal/8% spandex blend feels like heaven against your skin, and these tightfitting boxer briefs provide excellent support. This underwear feels as good as it looks.

The shorts are designed to be snug, but you may find them little too snug. You may even need to go up from your regular size. But this underwear is worth it. It can stand up to even strenuous exercise, and the antimicrobial properties of the fabric help to reduce any potential odor while the shorts wick moisture away. They also stand up to repeated washing, so this is underwear that should last you a long time. All in all, it's difficult to find anything bad to say about it.

2. CLEVEDAUR Men's Underwear 6" Antimicrobial Micro Modal Trunks

Clevedaur Mens Antimicrobial Micro Modal Underwear

Pro: Soft and comfortable fabric.
Con: Waistband tends to roll.

Second Skin Comfort: Made of a Modal/spandex blend, there's no question that these are some comfortable undies. The manufacturer touts the fact that these shorts are made from European Beechwood, which doesn't sound comfortable. But they are. In fact, the lightweight material is positively luxurious.

Adding to the comfort is the fact that this underwear is tagless, so you don't need to worry about chafing or irritation of your skin. And the fabric dries fast, which makes this underwear suitable for use during exercise or on the hottest of summer days.

This underwear comes either with or without a fly, depending on your preference. It also features a seamless design for added comfort. If you're looking for underwear that can stand up to rigorous exercise, this might be just the thing.

It's not perfect, however. The elasticated waistband is a little on the narrow side, so if you bend at the waist a lot, you may find the waistband starts to roll. You don't want to be that guy who's continually adjusting his underwear, so it's something to consider if you're thinking of buying these trunks.

3. Ejis Men's Underwear Sweat Proof Boxer Brief

Ejis Men’s Underwear Sweat Proof Boxer Briefs

Pro: No more embarrassing sweat marks.
Con: Tend to slip down in the back.

Banish Sweat Stains: These boxes come with a sweat proof layer to protect your pants. No one likes to talk about butt sweat, but let's be honest: it's a fact of life. Anyone who's worn light colored pants on a warm day knows the embarrassment of having their sweat show through their pants. These undies claim to eliminate that, so for that alone, they're worth recommending.

Of course, this underwear wouldn't even make this list if it didn't offer antimicrobial properties. The fabric of the underwear is infused with silver, so you can be known as the man with the silver crotch. Silver ions destroy the outer membrane of bacteria, stopping them from multiplying and creating the funky smell of dirty underwear.
The waterproof layer does a great job of protecting your pants from sweat. However, the sweat has to go somewhere. In this case, it stays inside. It's not the most comfortable sensation walking around with damp underwear. But at least it saves you some embarrassment.

Also, these boxers are cut low in the back, with the result that they may slip down if you bend over. So while they'll spare you the shame of having sweat patches visible on your pants, they could give you a serious case of plumber's crack.

4. Natural Feelings Mens Boxer Briefs Anti-Microbial Classic Cotton Men's Underwear

Natural Feelings Mens Boxer Briefs Anti-Microbial Classic Cotton Men's Underwear

Pro: Well-constructed for durability.
Con: May fit a little loose.

Daily Driver: The brightly colored logo in the waistband of this underwear will make you easy to find if you happen to get caught in a blizzard in just your briefs. The waistband is wide for a comfortable fit, and extended legs are designed not to ride up during wear. The best underwear makes you forget you're wearing it at all, and this Natural Feelings offering comes close to that goal.

Unlike many other modern skivvies, these briefs aren't made from some unpronounceable space-age fabric. They're mostly good old-fashioned cotton, with 5% spandex mixed in there to help them fit a little closer. Although these boxes do have seams, they're still a very comfortable option.

If you're looking for simple, no-nonsense underwear, these fit the bill. But be aware that some people find they fit a little loose. If you're looking for something to wear while you engage in strenuous physical activity, you might want something that offers a little more support. However, for everyday use, these Natural Feelings boxer briefs should be more than comfortable enough.

5. 99extra Underwear, Men's Bamboo Fiber Antimicrobial Boxer Briefs

99extra Underwear, Men's Bamboo Fiber Antimicrobial Boxer Briefs

Pro: Natural antimicrobial properties.
Con: Thin material may not last long.

Light and Breezy: If you've never tucked your boys into panda's dinner, now is your chance. The bamboo fiber in these boxer briefs feels a lot like any other material. In fact, this underwear is wonderfully soft to the touch, making it very comfortable to wear. But bamboo has natural antimicrobial properties. Unlike some other antimicrobial underwear that uses chemicals that are worryingly near to your family jewels, 99 extra take a more natural approach.

The bamboo fiber is also supposed to help keep you cool. Thanks to the many microscopic pores in the fabric, this underwear does an excellent job of wicking away sweat and battling the heat. Comfort is one of the major considerations when choosing underwear, and these boxers score high points in that respect.

Where they fall down is in durability. The fabric is very thin, which is great for keeping you cool but not so great for longevity. Also, these boxers are more high maintenance than other products. They need to be washed on a delicate cycle and air dried if possible, so the whole neighborhood will be seeing your drawers.

6. ExOfficio Men's Give-N-Go Boxer Travel Underwear

ExOfficio Mens Give-N-Go Boxer

Pro: Can be washed in a hotel sink, making them great for travel.
Con: Waistband elastic is inconsistent.

Have Underwear, Will Travel: These 94% nylon boxers are designed to be as low-maintenance as possible. Unlike finicky bamboo, they will stand up to a regular wash cycle. The manufacturer suggests you only need two pairs for any trip you go on; one to wear, and another to wash for the following day. Think of the money you'll save in baggage charges.

The ExOfficio underwear is treated with an anti-microbial treatment to reduce odor and keep things fresh down there. The quick-drying fabric not only makes them easy to wash in a hotel room sink but also helps to keep you dry while you're wearing the shorts. And this underwear will last and last. If anything, they may last a little bit too long. You don't want to be wearing underwear that's a decade old, even if it lasts that long.

The main problem with this underwear is the elasticated waistband. The strength of the elastic seems to vary from one pair to another, with some being overly tight and unyielding, and others being too loose. Perhaps it depends which batch you get, but when you're spending a decent amount of money on your skivvies, you want to make sure they fit correctly.

7. Woolly Clothing Men's Merino Wool Boxer Brief

Woolly Clothing Men's Merino Wool Boxer Brief

Pro: Excellent moisture waking and antimicrobial protection.
Con: Poor durability.

Great, but Flawed: Is there anything merino wool can't do? Not if you listen to those whose job it is to sell the stuff around the world. If the thought of wool underwear conjures up images of baggy, itchy, uncomfortable clothing, think again. Harvested from rugged Australian sheep, merino wool is itch free, wicks moisture and, best of all, has natural antimicrobial properties to keep your undercarriage flora and fauna in check. It's also fire resistant, in case that's a factor in your underwear buying decision.

With flatlock seams and no internal tags, this is comfortable underwear. And the antimicrobial and moisture wicking properties are great at preventing a serious case of swamp balls. If you live in a hot climate or exercise frequently, these could be a great addition to your underwear drawer.

However, these boxers have serious durability issues. After a few cycles through the washer, the fabric can start to develop holes. It's a shame, because otherwise, it's a great product. But if you're not going to get more than a couple of months wear out of it, it's difficult to justify the purchase price.

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