Best Anti Chafing Underwear For Women in 2019

You'll probably have an easier time finding your soulmate than finding a girl who hasn't experienced chafing, at least once, during the summer. Particularly girls without thigh gaps (AKA normal people).

Because during the summer, those thunder thighs will be fusing together like mermaids as soon as you sit down, and hurting like third degree burns the moment you try to separate them. It seems funny, but chafing's no laughing matter, especially when you're on the receiving end. It's compounded by the fact that there's nothing straightforward about shopping for the best anti chafing underwear for women.

Honestly, most girls just end up in the men's underwear section and call it a day. And that would have been fine, if men's underwear didn't come with pouches that cause their own set of problems to the fairer sex.

Ultimately, the right thing to do will be to take a deep breathe and delve into all the cuts, colors and designs of feminine panties and find the perfect anti chafing underwear. But this is the millennial age, so you can just reap the knowledge benefits of other people's time and money, spent in their search for the best anti chafing underwear.

Hence moving forward, you'll be reading first about factors you definitely want to keep in mind when buying your anti chaffe underwear and then next, you'll be seeing some of the highest rated undies by people with first hand chafing experience.

What to Look for When Buying Anti Chafing Underwear

One of the best ways to prevent chafing during the summer is to rely on underwear, and not long leggings - so your sweat won't feel like lava that's about to catch fire. Most of the factors (in picking anti chafing underwear) are intertwined, but you'll first be seeing how fabric affects your comfort before other stuffs like hygiene and style.


The type of material used in making your underwear is perhaps the most important factor to consider. Know this, as much as chafing sucks for you, guys have it worst. Girls mostly have to worry about chafing on their thighs and not their lady bits. So just stopping skin on skin contact should prevent certain parts of your anatomy from trying to make a run for it.

Even though it's probably been drummed into you to always get cotton panties, you'll want to ditch that advice when selecting anti chafing underwear. Because despite being breathable, cotton takes a really long time to dry (once you sweat), and wet thighs will only make chafing worst for you.

Synthetic and natural fabrics like polyester and wool are great moisture control fabrics, so be on the look out for them. Note that synthetic fabrics tend to be more durable and cheaper than their wool counterparts, so you'll have to choose wisely.

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No one needs to tell you that your lady bits abhor stuffy spaces - mostly because they create the perfect breeding ground for bacteria (not the good kind).

So as much as you'll want to get anti chafing underwear made from synthetic fabrics, because of their moisture wicking properties, you'll need to check how hygienic they are for your hooha because synthetic materials like nylon tend to trap bacteria - which can lead to odor and all kinds of infections.

These days underwear manufacturers apply artificial antimicrobial ingredients to their products, so you don't need to worry about this. However if you prefer eco-friendly antimicrobial ingredients, then go for underwear made from bamboo or Merino wool.

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Women's underwear are incredibly versatile in terms of design and functionality. Hence it shouldn't be surprising that there are a lot of unique anti chafing designs. Here are just three of them:

  • Bandelettes are absolutely gorgeous bands you wear only around your thighs to prevent skin on skin contact. Some come in such pretty lace designs that you won't mind the occasional summer breeze lifting up your dress. The downside, they always feel like they're sliding down, so you may feel paranoid most of the time you're out and about.
  • Boy shorts were likely designed to keep women out of men's underwear sections. The idea is to keep your lady parts cool, so sweat won't trickle down to your thighs and exacerbate your chafing situation. Note, you can have mild chafing without any moisture, which can be cured with some powder or lubricant, but it's a whole different level of pain when you add sweat to the equation.
  • Mid-thigh briefs are like men's boxer briefs, but without the pouch. They're the best anti chafing underwear for women, particularly athletes.

Now that you've seen all these, instead of spending your hard-earned greens on test trials, let's see what other reviewers have to say about the best selling anti chaffing underwear.

Top 10 Best Anti Chafing Underwear For Women in 2018

Here's a look at the 10 best anti chafing underwear for women:

1. Elastic Anti-chafing Thigh Bandelettes


Pro: Goes with everything (or nothing if you decide to go commando)
Con: Lace fabric from both legs can get tangled up

Versatile and sexy: Lace may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of anti chafing fabric, but these bands are surprisingly helpful (and sexy) when the going gets tough. You'll need to place the band wraps around your chub rub region so that it prevents direct thigh on thigh contact.

These are literally just bands (not lingerie with garters) so you can prevent thigh chafing even if you decide to go au naturel (beware of pulling a Marilyn Monroe though). The best part, an outsider will probably just think you're wearing naughty lingerie garters and not dealing with a chafing problem.

2. Liang Rou Women's Ultra Thin Stretch Short Leggings

Liang Rou Womens Ultra Thin Stretch Short Leggings

Pro: Sheer and super soft
Con: Leg bands roll up

Loose enough not to cut off blood flow: This is basically an extra short legging but with lighter fabric and reinforced bands at the waist and legs. It has some lace details at the legs so it isn't just one boring fabric. Since it's a little loose and thin, it is great during the summer, however note that that also means it may roll up whenever you take a seat.

It's 95% Modal, so you know it's going to feel super soft and silky against your skin without creating any static, even if you wear a form fitting dress.

3. Elegance Elastic Anti Chafing Lace Panty Shorts


Pro: Very stylish
Con: Premium price

Full on lace shorts: If you're willing to spend a little more for better fit then grab this and run. It has silicone at the bottom of the shorts so that your thighs are extra protected from chafing. It has no front or inner side seams, so you can just glide through the world in pain-free underwear.

Although this isn't thick enough to be a shape wear, it does help in smoothening body lines, while allowing fresh air flow freely. It's made from mostly nylon, so you can throw it in a washing machine and it'll be fine. It's essentially for those extra swampy days, when you can't stand the chafing pain but also can't be bothered with an extra layer of clothing (it's that barely noticeable).

4. Vassarette Women's Comfortably Smooth Slip Short Panties


Pro: Slight tummy control
Con: A bit too long, so not suitable for short dresses

Slim fit: This has a panty hose sort of feel and look to it. It smoothens the appearance of all dimples and jiggles, and effectively keeps all your business private whenever a sudden wind blows. It's just above the knee and snug, so it won't roll up when you're walking.

Note that this slip short is designed with a continuous seam, right at the crotch, so if you need to wear a panty liner, it won't stick. That means if you're on your period, or just spotting, you'll need to wear something beneath this. Or a different underwear, honestly, cause subjecting your lady bits to double panties during the summer is just wrong.

5. Boody Body EcoWear Women's Full Brief

Boody Body EcoWear Womens Full Brief

Pro: Double fold design
Con: Waistband doesn't lay flat

Non-slip Waistband: Boody has been making everyday essentials from one of the softest, hypoallergenic yarns for less than a decade, yet the quality they provide has turned them into a household name. This particular underwear has a double fold waistband design - which is great since it stops the underwear from rolling downwards. However, a double fold design can be a double edged sword if the elastic in the waistband doesn't seat flat, as is the case with this. Perhaps it's because of the extra fabric, cause it can feel a bit uncomfortable.

The idea behind wearing bamboo briefs as an anti chafing underwear, is to make sure sweat doesn't move to your thigh from your crotch, especially when you're wearing jeans. Most undies can't take the heat, but this will. So don't hesitate to snag a pair.

6. Undersummers Women's Ultrasoft Lace Slip Shorts


Pro: Seam-free in the inner thigh area
Con: Makes swishing sounds when you're walking

No visible panty line: The problem with most lace anti chafing underwear is that, while they may solve your initial thigh chafing problem, the lace fabric tends to have problems of its own, so you might experience itchy lace syndrome during or after use.

To prevent this itchy syndrome, this undersummer underwear has a layer of sheen fabric between your body and the lace. So you'll have a functional but sexy anti chafing underwear that you won't be ashamed of even if you have a Marilyn Monroe moment.

7. Boody, Body EcoWear Women's Boyleg Briefs

Boody Body EcoWear Womens Boyleg Briefs

Pro: Eco-friendly
Con: Not a lot of wiggle room

Full coverage: If you've been fan-girling men's briefs, this is for you. This boyleg brief is organic and super light, which is great when the weather feels like a thousand degrees. You'll get full frontal and rear coverage, just like you'd get in granny panties, except this is significantly less hideous.

What brings this eco-friendly underwear down a notch is that the leg holes can be a little tight. And because the underwear itself isn't very stretchy, it might feel a bit constricting to someone who moves about a lot. You can solve this issue by just ordering one size up.

8. Caramel Cantina Nylon Spandex Hipster Boy Shorts

Caramel Cantina Nylon Spandex Hipster Boy Shorts

Pro: Very cheap
Con: Sizes run big

Your wallet will thank you: Chafing doesn't discriminate. So even girls with thigh gaps sometimes experience it (though their chub rub region will be much higher or lower than most girl's).

These nylon boy shorts are great for keeping moisture off the skin, and they're long enough to cover an upper chafing region without requiring a mid thigh anti chafing underwear - the goal is to avoid extra covering when its hot. You get 6 of them at a steal price, so you should definitely check them out. Note that you can keep wearing them even after summer's over, as they don't have a limited use like most of the underwear on this list.

9. Jockey Skimmies Mid-Thigh Slip Shorts

Jockey Skimmies Mid-Thigh Slip Shorts

Pro: Non-stick, non static finish
Con: A bit pricey

Great fitting and length: Jockey has been making underwear for more than a century now, and though they're famous for their jockey briefs, they've long diversified into making women's underwear. This pair of skinnies is a little thick, so more suitable for girls who are thinner. If you're a little chubby, you'll want the almost sheer skimmies wicking slip short reviewed next.

10. Jockey Women's Underwear, Skimmies Wicking Slipshort

Jockey Womens Underwear Skimmies Wicking Slipshort

Pro: Very light seamless fabric
Con: Pills easily

Ultimate sheer summer Skimmies: This is extremely sheer, so it's not something you can wear alone and go outdoors. But this extreme "sheerness" means it's nirvana during the summer. It's also full rise and seamless in case you need to wear a form fitting dress without jiggling like a blob of fat. Fair warning, the fabric will pill easily if you throw it into the washing machine, so you need to care for it manually. may receive a small percentage of the purchase price for items bought through our links from and other sites.