8 Best Jockstrap Underwear for 2019

“Boxers or briefs” is a common question people ask to be funny, but it’s also the main choice men make for their underwear. Some people prefer the snugger fit, while others want freedom and coverage. However, many men are surprised to hear that there are more options than just those two.

Jockstrap underwear – as you may have guessed – resembles a jock that you may have used in high school wrestling or football to keep your junk safe. Thankfully you don’t need a cup to protect yourself in everyday life, but you can still enjoy the freedom that a jockstrap offers.

Not many types of underwear offer the same level of pouch support, breathability, and comfort that a jockstrap can. Utilizing minimal material due to the lack of legs allows for maximum breathability, and the seams that hold the underwear together are great for isolating your package so that it can’t move when you do.

Don’t live your life only asking yourself “boxers or briefs” – give jockstrap underwear a try.

What to Look For When Choosing Best Jockstrap Underwear

Your jewels deserve only the best, so it’s important that you find the right jockstrap underwear for you. After all, if you’ve ever experienced chafing where the sun doesn’t shine you know just how important underwear is.

Keep a look out for these features as you shop.

Ball Control

Whether you’re playing basketball walking down the street, or just sitting on the couch, your manly bits are going to be hanging loose if you don’t corral them. This can lead to uncomfortable swinging, a greater chance of nutshots, and in the worst-case testicular torsion.

The best way to save yourself from pain and discomfort is to keep your junk secure. That means keeping them in place, close to your body, and away from danger. To do this, choose an underwear that offers a bit of compression to hold the boys tight to your groin. You’ll also want something with a reinforced, contoured pouch to ensure they get proper support while still being comfortable.

  • Sexy low rise mens underwear
  • Breathable mesh fabric
  • Camo printing
  • Bulge pouch design
  • Best for Sport Activities/Casual


When you choose to go with a jockstrap, you’re trying to maximize the breathability within your pants. However, the groin and junk area are prone to serious sweating (especially when you’re active) so despite all the freedom on your thighs and butt, you can still get swamp crotch.

Choosing a jock strap with a breathable material like nylon, cotton, or mesh ensures your boys can breathe while still being protected.

  • Asian Size is smaller than US size, Please check the Size Information(Waist) carefully before order: M(27"-30"), L(31"-34"), XL(35"-37"), XXL(38"-41").
  • The mix fabric feels soft against your skin, breathable mesh fabric draws moisture from the body.
  • Low rise and g-string design men underwear make you look sexy,every cool man must has it.
  • CHENGSHEN men thong is super stretchy, comfortable, fashion, no waistband for a truly lightweight feel.
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Fit & Comfort

Let’s be honest – a jockstrap can be a bit odd at first. Most people are used to boxers or briefs that enclose your entire groin and butt, but jockstraps stick to just the most important bits. This means that they hug your jewels pretty tightly, so if you want to be comfortable for longer periods of activity you need to ensure it fits you correctly. Going too small can cut into your circulation or leave marks on your groin, while going too big will minimize the support the underwear offers.

You’ll also want to choose a comfortable material so you don’t go chafing anything sensitive. Many materials will be forgiving, but double check that they are cotton, mesh, nylon, or something else that won’t rub you the wrong way.

  • Material: Mesh
  • Great fabric, very soft and elastic. Comfortable to wear.
  • Low rise cut with the pouch makes you very hot and attractive.
  • Please check the size description from the additional picture before placing order
  • Machine Wash


Sexy or sporty? Depending on what your plans are for your underwear (and if anyone will see it), you’ll need to choose between a few different styles of jock strap.

The standard jock includes a junk pouch attached to straps that secure around your thigh and hips. However, some add a bit more with thong-style backs (compared to no backside at all) or creative pouches (laces, decorations, different materials, and more) depending on their target audience.

For sport usage, your standard jock will be ideal because you want something that performs well over looking good. However, if you’re choosing a pair for sexy time you can feel free to get creative.

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Top 8 Jockstrap Underwear of 2019

1. BSHETR Mens Low Rise Jock Strap

BSHETR Mens Low Rise Jock Strap

Pro: Double-Lined Cotton Pouch.
Con: Run Small.

Stylish Support: Available in a 4-pack with a variety of color combos, this stylish jockstrap underwear is made to keep your bits in place without room for dangling. It includes a tall elastic waistband that holds tightly to avoid slippage while the straps on the back keep it from rotating. The pouch is made of a 95/5 cotton/spandex blend to allow breathability & is double-layered and contoured to keep things centralized with thicker edges outside your groin.

This underwear runs a bit small in size, which can make it uncomfortable to wear if it is squeezing your waist or groin too tightly. Consider going a size up.

2. Arjen Kroos Athletic Jockstrap

Arjen Kroos Athletic Jockstrap

Pro: Extra Compression.
Con: Can Lose Elasticity After Washing.

Bikini-Style Jockstrap: If you’re looking for a bit more coverage than the average jockstrap, consider upgrading to a bikini/speedo-style jock. This underwear features camo print & designs on the 84% nylon & 14% spandex material that holds you tight from hip to junk. The material style is mesh, providing breathability that is almost as good as bare skin while still feeling soft. The pouch is built with your bulge in mind, providing extra room for those who are well-endowed without feeling restricted.

Due to the higher spandex content, this underwear offers more compression but can also stretch out more easily. Handwashing is your best bet for maintaining longevity.

3. Goddessvan Laceup Jockstrap

Goddessvan Laceup Jockstrap

Pro: Convenient Lace-Up Pouch.
Con: Low Elasticity.

Adjustable Fit Cotton Jockstrap: When you want the convenience of quick access to your junk and a fit that you can control, this “temptation strap” underwear is for you. Featuring a unique lace-up pouch that resembles shoelaces, you are able to tighten or loosen the jockstrap depending on your needs. The pouch and waistband are made of a polyester & cotton mix that is forgiving on your skin, opaque, and relatively breathable so that you don’t get swampy. They’re also incredibly affordable, making them a solid choice for anything from sports to lounging to the bedroom.

Because they are secured by string rather than from natural elasticity, you’ll miss out on some of the compression a spandex material would offer. This can lead to a looser fit everywhere except the lacing, which may not offer enough support for some.

4. MuscleMate Thong Jockstrap

MuscleMate Thong Jockstrap

Pro: Soft Modal Material.
Con: Run Small.

Thong-back Jockstrap Set: Thongs aren’t just for women – with this jockstrap you can not only corral the boys but also enjoy the freedom of a thong-style back. The underwear is made of primarily modal material (with spandex for compression) which makes it moisture-wicking and breathable enough to be helpful as activewear. The logoed waistband holds the jockstrap in place while you move without cutting into the skin too much (as long as you get the right size), and the 6-pack has a color for every occasion.

This is another pair that suffers from running small (likely due to the smaller profile of the jockstrap vs other underwear types), so aim a size up.

5. ONEFIT Men’s Bikini Jockstrap

ONEFIT Men’s Bikini Jockstrap

Pro: Bulge Pouch Design.
Con: Legs Ride Up.

Modal Bikini Briefs: This modal and spandex pair of underwear from ONEFIT features a pronounced jockstrap feel while providing a little coverage on the backend. The breathable material is soft but holds firm to avoid shifting inside the pouch. The leg seams are reinforced to keep your bits centralized while also helping them to stay in place. They can also be machine washed safely, which makes laundry day much easier.

This jockstrap has minimal spandex at the leg openings, and the lack of compression means that they have a habit of riding up while you wear them. This is especially true for those who are active and would have them shifting frequently.

6. KD Willmax Athletic Jockstrap

KD Willmax Athletic Jockstrap

Pro: Pure Cotton Jockstrap.
Con: Feels Heavy.

Old School Style Jockstrap: When you want something that doesn’t look too fancy but does its job, this jockstrap may work for you. With an extra-thick waistband and heavier construction, this pair emphasizes support as priority one. Thankfully, the 100% cotton pouch is as comfortable as the elastic bands are supportive which keeps everything comfortable, cool, and most importantly, in place. These have an open back design with straps that run underneath your butt to secure the pouch, which makes them good for activewear.

A negative of this pair is that users report it feeling heavier rather than lightweight thanks to the heavy-duty bands in use. This can cause it to be uncomfortable over longer periods of time, so it isn’t ideal everyday wear.

7. ChengShen Mesh Thong Jockstrap

ChengShen Mesh Thong Jockstrap

Pro: Maximum Breathability.
Con: Slightly See-Through.

Look Hot, Feel Cool: Whether you’ve got a night with your partner planned or just want to feel fancy, this mesh underwear ensures you stay cool. Available in a variety of different colors and with a ring on the pouch, this jockstrap has style. It comes with a thong-style back so you’ll avoid the butt straps, and the 80% nylon/20% spandex mesh is comfortable yet breathable. The high spandex content ensures that they will hold you closely, but also means they can’t be machine washed.

Unfortunately, this mesh fabric means you may be exposed if you end up without pants. This can either be good or bad, so take that how you will!

8. Summer Code MeshJockstrap

Summer Code MeshJockstrap

Pro: Full Butt Coverage.
Con: Smaller Pouch.

Wedgie-less Jockstrap Briefs: If you prefer the conventional feel of underwear on your backside but still want the breathability and support from a jockstrap underwear, consider this hybrid. Featuring a pronounced pouch for your junk in the front that connects at the waist to the back, it ensures maximum breathability in your groin area. The underwear is made of a modal mesh with elastic waistbands and seams to provide compression and keep things in place. The 4-pack offers a solid value, and the color choices let you match your clothes (just in case!).

The lack of additional front material means that the pouch is all alone at the front, leading to it being a relatively small amount of space to fit into. It may not be an ideal fit for those who are packing more package.

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