6 Best Underwear for Yeast Infections in 2019

Yeast infections. On average, seventy-five percent of women get them at some point in our lives -- enough of a majority to warrant scouring the web for medication, home remedies, and even different feminine hygiene products. But what we wear is often as important as what we do when it comes to keeping our lady bits happy and healthy.

Unfortunately, our lives do not go on hold when we have to deal with a medical issue. Even more unfortunately, while some health concerns can be addressed by taking off a few days from work, school, or other commitments, stigmas around genital health mean that yeast infections are just sensitive enough topics to not want to discuss with the wider world.

So, what options are left?

Well, while yeast infections are treated by antifungal ointments and generally go away within a short week or so, they’re also things that can be prevented; at the very least, you can reduce the risk of contracting a yeast infection by avoiding prolonged exposure to wet clothing in your downstairs, taking immune system boosters like Vitamin C, and wearing looser-fitting pants.

Perhaps most pressingly, you can treat your downstairs to cotton underwear, which is commonly regarded as the least likely to lead to a yeast infection. While a majority of women shop for cut and size when it comes to the underwear aisle, material type is also absolutely vital to think about.

Lace, while sexy and a good confidence-booster, is also less of a preventative measure when it comes to bacterial or fungal infections than cotton. Spandex and nylon, doubly so. Polyester is quite possibly the worst material, trapping heat and moisture in an area where any woman should want nothing less than for heat and moisture to be trapped.

From there, it’s simply a matter of comfort and moderation. No one believes in throwing away all the lingerie and thongs and replacing them with plain cotton undies. But if a thong is too tight it can lead to irritation of both your front and back yards, while spending seven nights a week in lingerie will almost surely lead to some sort of problems, due to the synthetic nature of the fabric.

If you have a history of yeast infections, or worry that your current underwear can lead to them, this article is for you. Before we get into the actual list, though, let’s discuss some of the important considerations you should be pondering when shopping for some new undies.

What To Look Out For When Choosing The Best Underwear For Yeast Infections

Without a doubt, it’s essential to remember that all of the advice and recommendations in this list will not apply to all. The beauty (and frustration) of the female body is that every single one is unique and has its own preferences and problems. Make sure you listen to your body, and consult your physician with any questions about your body.

Not Too Tight

Now, we know – when you look good, and you feel good, you want to wear the tightest clothing imaginable. If you’re always in flowery skirts and sweatpants, then what is the point of squatting at the gym five nights a week? But hear us out.

Going from tighter pants to looser ones does not have to be a radical transformation, nor something with which to preoccupy yourself at all times. Yoga pants and leggings, or high-waisted shorts that make you feel like an absolute queen, can definitely stay on the menu.

It’s just a matter of spacing them out, and not spending fourteen hours a day with no ventilation where necessary. Moderation is key, as with most things in life, when it comes to giving your lady parts the space to breathe.

It’s in this same mentality that you can make a gradual, slight effort to change from tight thongs every night to some well-ventilated underwear.

  • Underwear Style 1489
  • Low rise and full coverage
  • 100% cotton
  • Machine wash and dry
  • Imported


As discussed earlier, material should be another big consideration when it comes to buying underwear to prevent (or help treat) yeast infections. Cotton is king in this regard, no doubt about it, as its softer, natural fabric is basically made to serve as underwear.

From there, the rest of the possible materials definitely fall below. Spandex, though soft beyond belief, is notorious for holding in heat and moisture, while nylon and polyester are even worse. However, this does not mean you lose the opportunity for anything in the lacy or lingerie categories permanently.

After all, many underwear makers have taken to making the crotch pads out of cotton, while keeping the sexy lace or ribbon for the rest of the underwear. Your nether regions stay healthy and well-ventilated, you feel great because you can keep on wearing your favorite lingerie, and everyone’s happy.

  • Good Design:The underwear women is durable and stretchy but not easy to be deformed,The underwear color adopts natural dyeing, not easy to fade.Stay cool in the summer and warm in winter. What's more, our high quality women underwear is no-pilling after multi-time scrubbing by brush
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  • Size Chart:Please read the size chart before buy :Small(waist:26"-27", hip:36"-37.5"); Medium(waist:28"-29", hip:38"-39.5"); Large(waist:30.5"-32", hip:40"-41.5"); X-Large(waist:33.5"-35", hip:42-43.5"); XX-Large(waist:36"-37.5", hip:44"-45.5")
  • Premium Material:These comfy underwear women are made of 95% natural cotton and 5% spandex. Cotton has fine permeability which keeps you cool&dry and spandex ensures the underwear stretchy&durable.Idea gift for your wife/mother/Grandma. The briefs are specially suitable for the people who is "New Mother", "Suffering Low Back Pain" and "Sedentary in Office". They can provide some compression to help you recover more easily after the birth of your BABY; reduce your pain after a whole day's workin


Another contributor to potential yeast infections is when your downstairs is exposed to moisture for too long. This can derive from a particularly intense or sweat-inducing workout, as well as a wet bathing suit kept on for too long. Whatever the specifics, ensuring your underwear is quick-drying will save you the hassle of needing to get changed on stormy weather or big exercise days.

  • Antimicrobial treatment reduces odor in fabric to keep you feeling fresh
  • Breathable mesh allows for airflow, helping you feel cool and comfortable
  • Durable fabric and comfortable waistband keeps its shape and resists stretching
  • Easy-care fabric means you'll only need to bring two for any trip
  • 94% Nylon/6% Lycra Spandex

The 6 Best Pairs of Underwear to Wear for Yeast Infections

1. Wealurre Viscose Cotton Bikini Women's Breathable Panties Seamless Comfort Underwear

Wealurre Viscose Cotton Bikini Women's Breathable Panties Seamless Comfort Underwear

Pro: Mix of comfort and softness.
Con: Only the solid basic colors are 95% cotton.

Rainbow of Options: Combining the soft comfort of cotton with the color palette of a rainbow, you get plenty of options with Weallure’s panties to stay cute and chic while still ventilating what needs to be ventilated. It’s highly recommended you order one size up of this underwear, to get the best stretching capabilities, but the memory function of these panties mean that past the first wear the underwear will be better adapted to your specific body type.

While it’s mentioned by the seller, it’s also quite hidden, so it’s very important to note that only the solid basic colors consist of 95% cotton and 5% spandex. The other, more bold colors will measure in at 47% cotton, 47% viscose, and 6% spandex – so, less ideal for the goal of cotton maximization.

2. Ruxia Women's Hipster Panties Seamless Low-Rise Cheekini Panty Soft Stretch Bikini Underwear


Pro: Stretchy, shape.
Con: Wedgy-giving.

Cheekini: With these Ruxia panties, dispel the fiction that comfortable can’t be cute. With a stretchy material and low-rise look that screams cheeky bikini, these panties are everything you want from your underwear. Their seamless, comfortable composition is just an added bonus. The only minor drawback to these panties is that on certain body types, the bikini-esque aspect of this underwear can lead to occasional wedgies.

3. ELACUCOS 6 Pack Women's Thongs Cotton Breathable Panties Bikini Underwear

ELACUCOS 6 Pack Women's Thongs Cotton Breathable Panties Bikini Underwear

Pro: 100% cotton patch.
Con: Seams of a mid-range quality.

Diversity of Color: ELACUCOS has a firm understanding that simply having flashier, more colorful underwear does not mean it cannot remain comfortable and healthy. Rather, they pair the sex appeal of a thong with the cotton-based material of granny panties, assuring you that you can go out and dance all night long, before coming home and falling asleep with no worries.

Aside from questionable seams, which can come apart after a series of washes if the wearer is not careful, these thongs just get it. A crotch patch made of entirely 100% cotton, and a discounted six-pack price that gives you more bang for your buck – well that’s all just icing on top.

4. Womens Cotton Lace Panties Sexy Briefs Plus Size Hipsters Underwear

Womens Cotton Lace Panties Sexy Briefs Plus Size Hipsters Underwear

Pro: Lacy love.
Con: Frills can fold & scrunch up.

Spice It Up: For the woman who’s feeling extra sexy tonight, we present the lace option. Ditching polyester or nylon for cotton, which cuts the amount of moisture and heat retention by a good eighty percent, this underwear is perfect for anyone hoping to keep their love of lingerie, even if they have to trade in for a healthier option.

The frills can be a bit fickle to adjust, and will likely roll up at times depending on the tightness of the pants over them, but these panties are wonderful additions to your underwear drawer.

Not only can you keep your sensitive areas as nice and ventilated as necessary, but you can also ensure that your confidence and self-esteem stays just as high as it should be, yeast infection or not. And did we mention that bow?

5. Pholeey Mid Rise Solid Panties for Women Cotton Liner Transparent Sexy Breathable Lace Brief

Pholeey 5 Pack Mid Rise Solid Panties for Women Cotton Liner Transparent Sexy Breathable Lace Brief

Pro: Unique design.
Con: Size chart can be unreliable at times.

One of a Kind: Another bulk undies offer that saves you both money and effort, the Pholeey 5 Pack is a wonderful cocktail of comfort, style, and health. Boasting an original design that far supersedes the competition, Pholeey impresses with a great 95:5 ratio on cotton to other materials (in this case, polyurethane), as well as a truly delectable assortment of color options to choose from.

The lace is at once comfortable and moderated; the cotton, soft as can be while still feeling like something in which to be proud. While we highly recommend you look closely at the size chart, to avoid any discrepancies between what you need and what you receive, we also urge and encourage you to take your time when selecting which cute color you’ll choose when making your runway debut.

6. Barbra Lingerie Seamless No-Show Women's Underwear

Barbra Lingerie Seamless No-Show Women's Underwear

Pro: No-show seams.
Con: Nylon base (see below).

Exception, to the Rule: Now, there there’s really no argument to be made against these adorable panties on the appearance, especially not when you consider how the no-show seams they demonstrate are going to keep you feeling and looking fresh all day and night.

Plus, the wide range of sizes, from small to plus size 6, has us liking the adaptability showcased for all kinds of women’s bodies. That all being said, we know you may be scratching your heads when you read the material description. Nylon? But didn’t we say nylon was not a good material for underwear? Yes, we did.

This underwear is a rare exception to our rule, as the synthetic nylon used is of a high enough quality that it puts you at significantly less risk than many alternatives for yeast infections. Finding this underwear coming out of sunny southern California and using it as our final entry on this list was very purposeful.

It’s a gift to all you ladies who groan at the idea of having to stick to cotton all week when sometimes you just want to change it up. At that point, given you don’t go overboard, these nylon panties serve as a great counterbalance, keeping you looking and feeling great.

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