10 Best Underwear For Plus Size Women With Curves

Awesome pieces of lingerie truly are the building blocks of a remarkable wardrobe. They're what make you feel confident enough to go out there and "strut your stuff".

But as most curvy ladies know, finding beautiful clothes that fit perfectly is tough, and finding fitted underwear? Even tougher.

Until recently, it was normal for curvy ladies to feel "left out" because the mainstream underwear firms catered ALMOST exclusively to straight sizes.

Almost, because if you happened to come across the best underwear for plus size women, they'd either be overpriced, unavailable or down right ill-fitting (bleh!).

So if underwear has made you frustrated with your efforts to (yet again) lose weight by convincing you you're the wrong size, we've got you covered (literally).

In the first part of this article, you'll be looking at a few factors to take into consideration when choosing the best underwear for plus size women.

Then moving forward, you'll see some of the underwear a lot of plus size women swear by. And not to worry, whatever your tastes are, there are pieces bound to make you love yourself (even more).

How To Choose The Best Underwear For Plus Size Women

Plus size underwear come in all shapes and materials - just like the straight sizes do. So picking a wedgie is just as (if not more) uncomfortable for a curvy lady as it is for a straight size lady. Here are a few things to keep in mind before bringing out your credit card.

Fabric & Material

Yeah, your va jay jay has a preference. And it likes breathable, smooth and slightly stretchy fabrics.

  • Comfort Cotton: cotton's a breathable and natural material, so it has it's own antimicrobial properties that fight odor-causing bacteria. If you need underwear for everyday use, you'll do well do get pieces made from cotton. However, cotton underwear shouldn't be used for certain intense sporting activities like running, where you'll work up a lot of sweat - cotton isn't absorbent. It will stay wet, heavy and rub you the wrong way until you get home, where you'll find baby bumps and rashes blooming.
  • Synthetics like nylon and polyester: are super great at wicking moisture away from the body (so great for sporting activities), but trap heat/odor. Most firms that use these fabrics for underwear have cotton linings, or artificial antimicrobial properties so your lady bits stay fresh and happy.
  • Lace, frills and ruffles: are generally fine, if you want to feel sexy, but tend to trigger redness and chaffing the longer you wear them. They're also the least durable underwear materials (with synthetics like polyester being the most durable), so keep this in mind when shopping.

The best underwear for plus size women will play into the strengths of each fabric and place them in strategic places. Always be on the look out for those with cotton linings, and run like you're on fire from those that don't have them.

Underwear Style

The style of underwear you pick will depend on your desired (coughs) usage. From practical high waists to naughty thongs, here are three common styles of underwear you'll find in the market.

  • High-rise: these are high waist panties that hide those oh-so-attractive belly rolls you can't figure out what to do with. They've evolved from the granny panties you used to be subject to. These days, they come in a variety of lovely designs that make you have zero regrets about your pudgy belly. High rise can also come in the form of shapewears, which accentuate your natural figure.
  • Mid-rise: especially those made with cotton, are everyday wears. They come in the form of briefs and boy shorts with either low or high (leg hole) cuts. They usually don't offer as much belly support as high rises, but they have full front and rear coverage, which is great.
  • Low-rise: sit just beneath your stomach roll, and depending on the type (hipsters, bikinis, tangas, thongs), you'll either go nuts or feel sexy. Note that thongs aren't considered great because of how easy it is for germs to move from back to front.

Within these basic underwear cuts, there are those designed for different functions; seamlessness, extra support and whatever C-strings are designed for. The last decade has seen some truly remarkable (and bizarre) underwear trends. The point is, as long as you have a rough idea about what your needs are, you'll find something.

Having noted these, here are some plus-sized underwear with incredibly high approval ratings.

Top 10 Best Underwear For Plus Size Women

Now that you know what to look for, here are our picks for the 10 best underwear for plus size women in 2018:

1. Fruit Of The Loom Women's Plus Size Brief

Fruit Of The Loom Womens Plus Size Brief

Pro: Retains its shape after being washed
Con: Might be too clingy when it gets hot

Flexible fit: If you've never had a flat belly and always wondered what you'd look like with one, imagine no more. This flexible fit brief is designed to stay in place all day without digging into your skin. The vintage high waist keeps the seams from rolling down while you're out and about.

What's more, it's 95% cotton and 5% spandex - so its breathable and you'll have a good amount of stretch. Basically, if you're tired of subjecting yourself to granny panties, you should look into getting this because they cover everywhere (plus your belly).

2. Warner's Women's Blissful Benefits, No Muffin Top Lace Hipster Panties


Pro: Super sexy
Con: Fairly visible panty lines

Eliminates muffin top: Comfortable and sexy aren't mutually exclusive terms and this underwear is proof that you can feel sexy without compromising comfort. The pack comes with 3 panties, all made of 90% polyester and 10% spandex - great for moisture wicking. They're a hipster design, so they sit just below your belly.

The added spandex material makes the underwear very form fitting without being constricting, so your chances of a muffin top are reduced (to completely eliminate, don't wear tight pants or skirts).

The lace cutouts and detail just make these the epitome of sexy and comfortable. What are you waiting for?

3. Maidenform Women's Microfibre Lace Boy Short Panty


Pro: Perfect no-show panty lines
Con: Raw seams at the crotch area

Zero-panty line: Cute isn't exactly the first word most people will use to describe plus size panties, but that doesn't mean there aren't gorgeous ones.

This boy short is made of 90% polyester, 10% Elastane and a 100% cotton crotch lining. So it's an underwear that'll last ages, with a breathable crotch area and just enough stretch (in case your weight changes).

The only downside seems to be the two raw seams at the crotch area. If you wear it all day, you MIGHT experience some slight irritation or redness. Note that this isn't an issue for most folks, but had to be stated, so you're as well informed as possible.

4. Vanity Fair Women's Perfectly Yours Lace Nouveau Brief


Pro: Waistline sits high above the belly button
Con: Not very breathable

Retro Hollywood high waistline: This 100% nylon high waist brief gives you a little extra help with pulling everything in. The super snug fitting does a great job of flattening your tommy and emphasizing your assets. They're great for everyday use (has a cotton crotch lining) since they're seam-free.

The nouveau brief also has lace details at the sides, so it's not just practical but fun to look at as well. Keep in mind that vanity fair tends to make their plus size underwear really big, so you'll want to be extra careful before placing your order.

5. Intimate Portal Incontinence Period Panties


Pro: Total leak proof
Con: Drab and boring colors

Stain proof underwear: This is the underwear you want when you're not sure whether your period's done or not. You can wear it overnight if you're spotting or to replace panty liners when you've run out.

It has a 10ml limit though, so it's not meant to replace an actual pad, but if you're a heavy flow kinda girl, you'll want to pair your tampon with this, just in case.

You can choose panties that come with a pocket (to stow extra tampons). Note that while most of the packs have really drab colors - people typically don't like seeing blood stains and dull colors hide them well - there are bright colors to choose from as well.

6. ExOfficio Women's Give-N-Go Full Cut Brief


Pro: Odor resistant tech keeps your lady bits refreshed
Con: May pill after washing

Quick drying fabric: This is made with nylon, so it dries up pretty fast. The diamond knit fabric allows you to move comfortably in all directions, without irritating your skin every so often.

You might be tempted to think it's no different from other full briefs out there, but the added use of lycra spandex means it'll fit more snugly on you and the waistband won't lose its shape as time goes by.

The only issue you'll have is the pilling. If you use any underwear, several Wash-N-Go days in a row, it'll probably pill like this as well. So take gentle care with it.

7. Vanity Fair Women's Illumination Brief Panty


Pro: No tag on the underwear
Con: Offers no support

Full rear and frontal coverage: This carries a slightly higher price tag (for just one) than most, but it's so worth it. First, it's made with a very fantastic fabric with just the right amount of stretch for a sleek fit.

Next, the cut prevents you from pulling one of those dreaded wedgies. But what should totally sell you on this underwear is that the elastic at the waist and legs are enclosed, so no chafing.

Note that the shimmering fabric used in making this underwear is very durable, so you can throw it in the washing machine and you shouldn't have any pilling issues.

8. Calvin Klein Women's Modern Cotton Thong Panty


Pro: It's Calvin Klein (okay, it's breathable and super soft, but still)
Con: Basic color selection

Stylish modern thong design: Calvin Klein has been making underwear for about 50 years now, so it's okay to assume they know what they're doing with this thong. Some plus sizes don't like thongs, but if you ever go nuts and want to try one, CK is a pretty safe place to start.

This thong comes with the signature CK logo on the waistband, and is made up of 53% cotton, 35% modal and 12% elastane. None of the underwear on this list have such a complex measurement of fabric, but this is best seller, so the firm probably knows what it's doing.

If you're looking to branch out your underwear tastes, this will be a great place to start.

9. Jockey Women's Classic French Cut Underwear


Pro: Won't ride up or down
Con: Not very flattering

Basic Cotton Panties: These come in packs of three (and above) and they're 100% cotton everyday comfort panties. They're your classic full and rear coverage panties, so if you're looking for something a bit more affordable (but still durable) than everything else on this list, get these babies.

You won't have to suffer through embarrassing adjustments throughout the day, plus they're cotton, so will last you forever regardless of how you choose to wash them.

10. Vanity Fair Women's Illumination String Bikini Panty

Vanity Fair Womens Illumination String Bikini Panty

Pro: Doesn't ride up
Con: Visible panty lines

Full Coverage: If you don't want to choose between an underwear that looks like dental floss and something that peek-a-boos from your jeans you should try this. Because not all plus size women have bigger midsections, this is designed to fit right on the hips.

It offers full rear and frontal coverage, but without making you look like you're in diapers. It has great support, and you'll be surprised some (completely heterosexual) men, find it more fitting than their men's briefs.

Vanity Fair really just did a great job with this illumination line, because (in case you haven't noticed already) they made the list trice (with two of them best sellers). They're a steal so grab yours before they go out of stock.

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