8 Best Underwear for Jiu Jitsu in 2019

Jiu-jitsu requires a lot of hard work, dedication, and most of all, sweat. From practicing techniques to sparring with another person, you’re going to be heavily active from start to finish. You need gear that can not only keep up with you, but can also protect you from damage down below.

Underneath your Gi, you’re probably only going to be wearing a single under layer of pants or shorts so that you can maximize breathability and move unrestricted. However, not all underwear is made equal.

Standard everyday boxer briefs aren’t built with the expectation of grappling with another person, so they can’t support you properly. You’re going to be sweating profusely, stretching & moving your legs constantly, and dangling your bits dangerously close to another person (or the floor).

You need a pair of jiu-jitsu underwear that won’t hold you back (except for your junk). Lucky for you, we’ve provided a guide on how to find that perfect underwear – and even some recommendations of the best underwear for jiu-jitsu.

What To Look For When Choosing The Best Underwear for Jiu Jitsu

When practicing jiu-jitsu, not just any underwear will suffice. If there’s any situation where you want to be comfortable and protect your junk, it’s when someone is trying desperately to grab you and hold you down. Avoid a testicular disaster by looking for these features in your jiu-jitsu underwear.

Ball Control

Whether you’re an amateur or a master, your groin is always at risk with jiu-jitsu. Close-quarter combat (especially on the ground) means that your bits are going to dangle down to a dangerous place where they can get hit, grabbed, or landed on if they’re not protected. Add in the sheer number of grapples that involve your legs & groin and you’ve got an occupational hazard.

The main reason to use underwear made for jiu-jitsu and other sports is the junk control they provide. Compression shorts and other types of tighter underwear are great at hugging the boys in close to your body, which keeps them safer. They also often have pronounced pouches to keep everything centralized so there’s no unneeded swinging or interference with your movements.

  • NO MORE PLUMBER LOOK - Our 2 inch super soft waistband with a silicone strip all around, sticks to your body to keep you decent and worry free when someone pulls on your pants or you bend forward to invert or stop the pass.
  • NO MORE BUNCHING IN YOUR GROIN - With our leg grippers consisting of a soft elastic and a silicone strip, the leg openings stay where you put them. You will never feel uncomfortable again with bunched up underwear in your groin.
  • NO MORE SMELLY UNDERWEAR - Our black bamboo internal liner that goes from front to back, inherently kills bacteria that start odors. It also feels like silk and is an added layer of fabric between you and your training partners.
  • NO MORE RIPPED UNDERWEAR - You bought your stylish new fashion underwear and wear them training. All of sudden you hear a sound that makes you cringe. Sure enough, that grip on your pants turned into that rip in your underpants. Our 4 needle 6 thread flat lock stitching, 250 GSM fabric and covered seams keeps everything together no matter what.
  • USE THEM FOR ANY DEMANDING SPORT - Since they were made to suffer through a really tough sport, our underwear will be a perfect addition to any other grappling sport like wrestling, judo or even MMA and cross training but remember, they are not designed for you to sit on a chair or your couch.


Jiu-jitsu is a full-body sport, which means you need to have full flexibility at all times. If you can’t move your legs to escape a hold or put your own in place, you’re not going to have a good time.

Some underwear holds everything in place well, but has legs that ride up or a material that doesn’t stretch as you move. This limits the range you can bend & how quickly you can do it comfortably, which could be the difference between passing the guard or getting stuffed.

  • All-day comfort with a performance edge.
  • Quick-drying, premium, soft stretch cotton with an athletic comfort fit.
  • Plush-soft tagless waistband and super smooth stitching deliver superior comfort


While a Gi is relatively good for providing airflow, you’re going to be sweating a LOT when you’re grappling with another person. If your underwear holds onto all your groin sweat, you’re creating a moist environment that not only encourages bacteria growth but also can lead to chafing as you move in them.

Aim for materials that offer breathability like mesh, nylon, or polyester so that the heat can escape your crotch. Bonus points if they wick moisture away to the outside of your underwear to help them dry more quickly. This way you won’t tap your opponents from the north-south position with a smelly crotch.

  • FITEXTREME Cool Sporty Performance Boxer Briefs are designed to keep cool and fresh condition at your best and allow you Great Freedom of movement during Sports and Outdoor activity
  • Cool Mesh Performance Fabric, Soft Mesh is applied in 3 ways, around mens main part, front, and back area, to added Excellent Breathability
  • Stylish Stitch design and FITEXTREME Logo Band. Great Fit and Can be worn all day long, Excellent Soft touch, No ride-up leg construction
  • Dual Enhanced Performance Mesh Fabric near mens main place for Fresh and Excellent wearing sensation
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Top Underwear for Jiu Jitsu 2019

Hopefully you now have a better idea of how to find the best underwear for jiu-jitsu and how you can enjoy the peace of mind that comes with protecting your package. Below are 8 of our favorites to choose from.

1. North South Jiu-Jitsu Men’s Compression Shorts

North South Jiu-Jitsu Men’s Compression Shorts

Pro: Double Layered Protection.
Con: Expensive Price Point.

Prevent Plumber Look: Sick of feeling a breeze down your butt from loose waistbands? The 2-inch waistband with a silicone strip on North South’s compression shorts will help ensure that the waistband always stays tight to your skin. The shorts have 2 layers – a bamboo & spandex internal layer for moisture & odor absorption plus an exterior that is a breathable polyester with spandex for compression.

The legs of these shorts are also grippy, staying in place as you bend to avoid chafing. Finally, reinforced stitching seams mean you won’t rip your pants while rolling on the mat.

Designed for UFC & MMA, this option comes in at a slightly higher price point than others but if you use them a lot, it may be worth the money.

2. Adidas Men’s Sport Performance Climalite Boxer Briefs

adidas Mens Sport Performance Climalite Boxer Brief Underwear

Pro: Very Good Price Point.
Con: Need Hand Washing.

Great Introduction to Jiu Jitsu: If you’re looking for value, it’s hard to go wrong with this 2-pack of adidas sports underwear. Coming in at an affordable price point for a 2-pack, this can be a great pair of compression shorts for a beginner to start out with when transitioning from standard underwear.

They come in multiple different kinds of colors and styles just in case your Gi comes off, but the tight waistband means they won’t go anywhere. The polyester & spandex material also wicks moisture while hugging your boys tight to your groin for safety.

Where this pair will cost you is when it comes to cleaning them. They have a habit of stretching when washed in a machine and threads can come loose in the dryer, so handwashing and airdrying them is the way to go.

3. New Balance Men’s 6” Boxer Brief

New Balance Men’s 6” Boxer Brief

Pro: Front Fly Opens.
Con: No Junk Pouch.

No Ride Zone: This pair of boxers has a specially designed inseam to prevent and ensure there is no bunching or riding up of your boxers that can distract you or make it uncomfortable to move. While there are some complaints about the durability of the material, there is no question about the comfort.

Made from 90% polyester and 10% spandex you’ll be receiving the upmost of comfort and a solid hold on your waist. They do not shrink and are completely washer and dryer safe so any of your concerns will be with the durability itself.

Unfortunately, a consequence of having a convenient fly on the front is that there is no separate junk pouch. This means that despite the compression they provide, your bits may sway a bit.

4. Neleus Men’s Performance Compression Shorts

Neleus Men’s Performance Compression Shorts

Pro: No-Chafe Seams & Waistband.
Con: Run a Little Small.

Keeps You Dry: An overall solid option (especially at its price range), this underwear from Neleus would be a perfect addition to your jiu-jitsu wardrobe. The Dri-FIT fabric that the compression shorts are made of helps to keep you and the shorts dry even during the most extreme of training sessions.

When it does get wet it will dry very quickly thanks to the moisture-wicking ability of the polyester. Stitched with no-show and no-chafe seams, you’ll avoid chafing even as you move around – which is great considering the longer leg length.

The main complaint about this pair of underwear is that they run a little small, so order a size up. They also don’t have a flap on the front, so no easy bathroom use.

5. Sanabul Men’s Compression Tights

Sanabul Men’s Compression Tights

Pro: Incredibly Versatile Training Pants.
Con: May Be Too Warm.

Train Anywhere – Inside or Out: Looking for a longer pair of jiu-jitsu underwear? These workout tights are great for all kinds of training – including jiu-jitsu. They have SPF protection on the material which allows them to be used outside, and they’re opaque so that they can be worn without a Gi if needed.

A 3-material blend of polyester, nylon, and spandex keeps them soft & breathable while holding onto you so that they don’t slide as you go. They also have reinforced stitching so that even those with thunder thighs can fit – just get the right size.

Full-leg underwear is convenient for colder training, but for indoor jiu-jitsu these may get a little bit warm (depending on how much you sweat). They’re breathable, but bare skin is better.

6. Adidas Men’s Athletic Stretch Briefs

Adidas Men’s Athletic Stretch Briefs

Pro: Smooth, Non-chafing material.
Con: Cotton Can Hold Moisture.

Maximum Range of Motion: Sometimes you don’t want legs on your underwear because they can restrict your ability to move. Fortunately, this pair of briefs only covers the important bits, leaving your legs unrestricted so that your ground game can thrive.

90% cotton and 10% spandex means they’re going to be uber soft and good at holding your junk tight without unnecessary rubbing thanks to seamless seams.

Unfortunately, 90% of the material being cotton means that they could hold moisture more than a synthetic material like polyester does. Cotton isn’t overly moisture-wicking, so consider that when deciding on your jiu-jitsu underwear.

7. FITEXTREME Men’s Performance Stretch Boxer Briefs

FITEXTREME Men’s Performance Stretch Boxer Briefs

Pro: Reinforced Mesh Groin Area.
Con: Run Very Small.

Cool Mesh Performance Fabric: Your junk & bits are the most troublesome part of choosing your jiu-jitsu gear. They not only need to be held closely, but the extra sweat that comes from their proximity means you need exceptional breathability in the groin to avoid swamp crotch.

This pair’s cooling mesh technology is applied in 3 different ways with this design of boxer briefs. The polyester is applied to the front and back generally, and then reinforced mesh is applied to the genital region for extra coolness and freshness. These boxer briefs also come in a variety of styles and multi-packs that offer exceptional value.

A major complaint of this product is that they run VERY small, so consider going up at least one size to ensure you don’t hug your bits too tight or cut off leg circulation.

8. NK Pro Men’s Performance Boxer Briefs

NK Pro Men’s Performance Boxer Briefs

Pro: Unique Style & Great Value.
Con: No Fly.

Tagless, Ultra-Soft Microfiber Fabric: Featuring unique designs & coming in a pack of 3 for the price of a single pair elsewhere, it’s hard to go wrong with this pair from NK Pro. They feature a 90/10 polyester/spandex composition which makes them a little more stretchy & tighter than those with less spandex.

Their waistband is tagless and flat-seamed, so you won’t have unnecessary chafing while you move and the microfiber material both wicks moisture and allows your package to breathe so you don’t tap your opponents with your sweaty crotch smell.

Unfortunately, really the only thing really holding this back from being a top contender is the lack of a front flap to make bathroom breaks easier.

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