11 Best Underwear for Leggings (No Visible Panty Lines)

Leggings solve a lot of problems. They're comfortable and really accentuate your figure. At the same time, they’re warmer than tights and can be worn with or without a short skirt or long top, making them very versatile. What also makes them better than tights is that you can wear them more than twice before they start laddering!

But that’s not to say they’re perfect. Leggings certainly do come with their own list of issues and challenges. One of the most pressing?

Finding the right underwear!

Because leggings are so tight and often semi-transparent, they have an unfortunate habit of showing your panty-line – which isn’t a great look!

Ideally, it should look like nothing is even there when you wear underwear under leggings.

legging underwear no panty lines

What’s more, is that pairing the wrong underwear with your leggings can cause a bit of a muffin top, which takes away from that slim silhouette most ladies are after.

Then there’s the issue of comfort…

But do not despair! While finding the right underwear for leggings can sometimes prove to be a bit of a challenge, there are also certainly plenty of options out there. This is a struggle faced by many women, but luckily over the years clothing companies have figured out ways to solve the problem!

We've rounded up the best underwear for leggings so you can say goodbye to ugly panty lines once and for all.

But first, here are some things to look out for when choosing underwear to go with your leggings…


Finding the right fit is the first step to banishing those panty lines and making sure you are comfortable and don’t feel like a sack of potatoes!

Underwear that is too tight will dig into the skin which actually exacerbates panty lines. When you add tight pants or leggings into the mix, this is what can often result in a muffin top.

Conversely though, if the underwear is too loose, it will risk bunching up and creating wrinkles in your clothes.

  • 78% nylon/22% spandex
  • Wash cold


One of the easiest ways to minimize the panty line is to choose shorter underwear—and the logical conclusion here is to pick thongs which will have very little fabric to be visible!

You can even go one step further and choose a g-string, though not all women are comfortable in those.

Again, fit is important here.

Contrary to popular belief, thongs can be comfortable but they need to fit right! When choosing these, try squatting in front of a mirror and make sure that the thong doesn’t show over the top of the waist-line—unless you want it to!

Another option is to go with boy shorts. These offer full coverage and support but don’t cut across the butt, thereby removing that visible panty-line.

If you can get the shorts to end just below the butt cheeks, then the natural curves will hide the seam!


Choosing seamless panties is of course a good strategy.

Rather than having a large ridge marking the end of the fabric, these instead simply blend into the shape of your leg. And if they fit right, they will be almost invisible.

  • FABRIC FEATURES:Our hipster panty has a soft cotton gusset lining and elastic waistband that will move with you all day.
  • STYLE DESIGN:Seam free more feeling soft and comfortable,the low rise style show sexy(Full back coverage and breathable fabric).Will show the panty lines.
  • CARE INSTRUCTION:Hand wash with same colors use cold water(don't bleach and ironing,also don't dry clean and use the dryer).
  • HIPSTER-cheeky style panty,everyday wear perfect.
  • MODEL SIZE:Height 5'10'', Waist 24.01 inch,Hips 33.85 inch;Wearing the medium size


Finally, consider the color of the underwear. If you want your undies to work with multiple pairs of leggings, then you should match the color to your skin tone.

This makes them far less noticeable even when the leggings are slightly see-through. Matching with the color of the leggings on the other hand means they will become more opaque at that point, giving the game away!

  • Lightweight super comfort spandex lycra stretchable sweat free high waisted everyday sport panty thongs hipster knickers set
  • Tag-less labeling and no side seam design eliminates chafing or pinching while minimizing no show panty lines, front coverage
  • Quick dry, Wash on the Go with these and breathable sport athletic underwear ensures fast drying perfect for traveling and active lifestyle
  • Stay in place 4 way stretch ultra comfortable nylon elastane fabric allows for freedom of movement and conforms to the body for great support
  • Odor resistance and Moisture wicking performance technology, keeps you fresh and feeling dry throughout your day

11 Best Underwear for Leggings

With all that said and done, here area some of the best underwear we recommend to banish those panty lines and help you feel confident and sexy in leggings.

Balanced Tech Women's Quick Dry Breathable Seamless Thong

Balanced Tech Womens Quick Dry Breathable Seamless Thong Panties Underwear - best underwear for leggings

Pro: Matches a wide range of skin tones
Con: Not super "sexy"

A rainbow of options: These thongs have a lot going for them. They’re good value (you get six in a pack), they’re seamless meaning you won’t notice the edges and they’re thongs meaning there’s less fabric to be noticeable through your leggings. The range of colors includes several skin-tone options too.

That said, they’re also a little on the basic side and won’t wow anyone in the bedroom. And seeing as they cut across the buttocks, you could potentially find something even more invisible…

Hanky Panky Women's Signature Lace Low-Rise Thong Panty

Hanky Panky Womens Signature Lace Low-Rise Thong Panty

Pro: Semi-transparent
Con: Seam and lacing might show through

Always be ready: Will wearing these panties guarantee hanky panky?

Well, they’re certainly a little more exciting to look at once the leggings come off, which is definitely a plus! They’re also semi-transparent and low-rise, meaning that they should be easier to hide.

On the downside, there is a definite seam here and the lace may well show through a tight/translucent pair of leggings. That said, they’re attractive enough that you may not mind these ones showing!

Cosabella Women's Soire Thong

Cosabella Womens Soire Thong

Pro: Easy to hide
Con: Only come in one skin-shade

Stealth mode: These soire thongs are thin, light and easy to hide with barely any fabric! They are sheer too, meaning that they could work with even the most transparent leggings.

That said, they’re also quite basic like the Balanced Tech option, and they only come in one skin-shade. There’s a seam too, so they might be noticeable to the eagle eyed unless you can line them up perfectly with the waist of your leggings. But hey, people shouldn’t be looking that closely!

Adidas Women's Climacool Thong Underwear

adidas Womens Climacool Thong Underwear

Pro: Keeps you cool
Con: Colors are a bit bold for every-day use

Combat sweat and moisture: One of the challenges when choosing underwear for leggings in terms of comfort is temperature control. With leggings being quite tight, they can run the risk of being oppressive when combined with a thick pair of underwear.

That’s where the breathable micro-mesh climacool comes in and these should prove to be very comfortable.

However, we mainly recommend these for use with black sports leggings for the gym or for wearing under a skirt. That’s because the patterns and colors are a little bold in some cases and there is no skin tone option.

Under Armour Women's Power In Pink Pure Stretch Thong

Under Armour Womens Power In Pink Pure Stretch Thong

Pro: Great for the gym/working out
Con: Partially visible under transparent leggings

Power through your workout: This thong still has quite a lot of material and is seamed, so it’s not likely to be particularly invisible under the most transparent leggings either.

That said though, this is perfect for working out in and offers a very tight, yet comfortable fit. Under Armour is a great brand that specializes in comfy gym wear so you can buy with confidence.

Commando Womens' Thong

Commando Womens Thong

Pro: Extremely comfortable
Con: Thick side seam

Going commando?: While the name might lead you to believe this thong would appear as though you were going commando, that’s unfortunately not the case. There is a seam at the side of the hip that will be visible under leggings and the word ‘thong’ is used very lightly here.

Nevertheless, they are comfortable and well fitting and the large range of colors and patterns is welcome. They also aren’t seamed at the top or bottom—so it’s just a question of whether a side seam will bother you!

Jockey Women's Underwear No Panty Line Promise Tactel Hip Brief

Jockey Womens Underwear No Panty Line Promise Tactel Hip Brief

Pro: No panty lines
Con: Bland design

No more panty line fails: This underwear promises that you won’t have a panty-line and delivers on that promise. The colors include a range of nude and tan colors (ideal) as well as black. There’s very minimal seams and the seam is carefully placed just under the buttocks. They fit snuggly and have minimal seams, which makes them great to wear under yoga pants.

But with all that said, they also run the risk of looking a little Bridget Jones. So once again, this depends on whether you’d rather look good in the leggings or out of them!

New Balance Womens Premium Mesh Thong Underwear

New Balance Womens Premium Mesh Thong Underwear

Pro: Moisture wicking
Con: Only one flesh tone

Squat with confidence: These mesh thongs are basic, come in a range of colors and use fast drying fabric that is ideal for exercise.

Features like a cotton gusset and tagless labels help to improve the smooth appearance and reduce panty lines. The only downside is that there is only one skin tone and that can only be bought in a pack of three with black and grey. No problem for opaque leggings though!

Calvin Klein Women's Invisibles Hipster Panty

Calvin Klein Womens Invisibles Hipster Panty

Pro: Truly invisible under leggings
Con: Be careful with sizing

Minimal and seamless: Calvin Klein is known for making high quality, sexy underwear and this is no different. They’re called invisibles thanks to the carefully placed bottom line and minimal seam. They fit snuggly and they come in a large range of different colors.

The only issue is that you need to be very careful when choosing the right sizing. A little too large and they can risk rolling up or moving. Too tight and they can become completely invisible, but not very comfortable!

Ruxia Women’s Seamless Low-Rise Hipster Pantys

Ruxia Womens Seamless Low-Rise Hipster Panties

Pro: Great value
Con: No skin tone matches

Good bang for your buck: These undies are very soft, stretch to fit and come in packs of five for a reasonable price. Unfortunately, those five packs come in three different color options providing no skin-match for translucent leggings.

They’re comfortable though, and work well as a basic choice for opaque legwear.

Puma Laser Cut Sports Hipster Pantys

Puma Laser Cut Sports Hipster Panties

Pro: Minimal panty lines
Con: Can move around during exercise

Calm, cool and collected: Finally, these Puma panties are another good fit that provide minimal panty-lines as long as you are wearing them with opaque leggings (the colors are black or quite bold). The only downside is that they have a slight tendency to ride down during the most intense workout. It could be worth ordering a size down.

Hopefully one of these options will work for you and help you to show off long, slender and seamless legs while enjoying maximum comfort!

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