9 Best Underwear During Pregnancy in 2019

As exciting as sporting a baby bump can be, it tends to be a pretty messy affair - thanks to all those pregnancy hormones your body will secrete.

Changes in the hormones secreted during this time usually triggers an imbalance in your lady bits, which is why you produce more bodily fluids. Without proper care, you could develop a yeast infection from this excess fluids which will get transferred to your baby as thrush during childbirth. Thrush is treatable, but probably not the first thing you want to "give" your child.

This is where the best underwear during pregnancy comes in handy.

If pregnancy were simply a matter of catering to an ever growing belly, getting your favorite underwear a few sizes bigger would have been ideal. Unfortunately, most everyday undies aren't designed to cater to a lot of pregnancy changes - the specific way your belly will grow, increased vaginal discharge, the occasional accidental pee-in-your-pants (happens to the best of us) and the expansion of your itty bitty butt and hips.

The best underwear during pregnancy have been designed to provide ample coverage in the right places without cutting so deep into your bump and thighs that it restricts blood flow. It'll do these while keeping things nice and fresh down there, so you don't develop an infection.

Depending on a few features, most pregnancy underwear can be worn during the first few weeks post birth - where your body more than makes up for your not having a period. So the first thing you'll see now is the pregnancy underwear features to look out for, then some of the underwear with rave reviews.

How To Select The Best Underwear During Pregnancy

Thou shalt know that maternity undies can be both functional and sexy - you don't have to go the granny panty route and look like you've ... uhhh "given up". So watch out especially for undies that incorporate the features below in a sexy package.


You'll be squeezing two folks into one underwear, so you shouldn't feel self conscious about your underwear size. If your weight is average, calculate a couple of weeks (35 weeks) ahead - considering the number of kids you're carrying - before deciding on what size to order. Average women gain about 30 pounds (Beyonce gained and lost about 65 pounds and was off the charts bigger than her usual self) during pregnancy - most of it during the third trimester, so don't assume you won't gain more weight if you aren't currently showing.

Plus sized women are probably the only exception to the buying pregnancy pants rule. They aren't expected to change that much while carrying, so except for high incontinence - which the best plus size undies are designed to deal with - plus size women don't have to worry about size.


Maternity panties usually come in one of two styles - under or over the bump. Anything else will cause friction in unwanted places. Whatever style you end up with should be a matter of personal preference, but here are the pros and cons of each.

Having your "innie" belly button become an "outie" is part and parcel of being pregnant. If you aren't too thrilled about your new outie looking "popped" beneath every outfit, you should get over the bump undies. If you've been pregnant before, you probably understand needing extra support for your belly (and why Meghan Markle is almost AWAYS photographed holding her bump). Those extra long, over the bump undies that reach your ribs make their owners feel super snug and secure, so you might want to get some undies in this cut.

Meanwhile, under the bump undies will easily pass for regular undies, but they incorporate all the functionality of a maternity underwear. They don't offer the same support as over the bump panties, but they also won't irritate your belly or leave visible panty lines in front.


The rule of thumb for choosing the best underwear during pregnancy is to get something that's breathable, stretchy and won't irritate your hyper sensitive belly. No one fabric fits this bill, so you'll have to look for a mix. Microfiber and cotton are the most absorbent, breathable and least irritating. So a mix of either with some spandex or elastane should be fine.

Special Features

As a bonus, some maternity undies come with heavy duty support pads for big bumps. These pads redistribute your belly weight evenly across your back, to reduce lower back pain. Some undies are extra absorbent and even have an extended gusset to hold those extra long postpartum pads. If you're pregnant during the cold winter, you can look for thermal undies made of wool to keep your bump warm, or opt for those light, seamless ones that suit warmer climates.

In all these, remember that there is such a thing as pregnancy induced daze, so you might become lazy performing simple tasks, like washing regularly, the farther into your term you become. It's therefore wise to stock up as many undies as you can so you can extend your washing cycle. Now let's see which mom-to-be undies are popular.

Top 9 Best Underwear During Pregnancy

1. Intimate Portal Under the Bump Pregnancy Underwear

Intimate Portal Under the Bump Pregnancy Underwear

Pro: Ingenious crossover, super comfortable design.
Con: Won't relieve pressure from your lower back.

Crossover With Sexy Lace Detail: This intimate portal panty's just about everything you'll need in a maternity underwear. In fact, the brand came into prominence because of the stellar reviews it got from this likeable panty. It's tagless, extremely comfortable and flexible - thanks to the premium blend of 95% cotton and 5% spandex. The crotch lining is 100% cotton and made a lighter shade, to allow you detect unusual spotting.

This super low rise bikini was designed using an eco-dyeing method, to keep things safe for both mom and the environment. Why this underwear receives such glowing reviews is because you can still wear it after giving birth - so you don't have to toss this away, along with every other maternity outfit you buy. You can machine wash your intimate portal panty, but try and air dry it so it'll lasts longer.

2. GiftPocket Under Bump Healthy Maternity Underwear

GiftPocket Under Bump Healthy Maternity Underwear

Pro: Ergonomic gusset design for postpartum pads.
Con: Sizes run a bit small.

Contours With Your Growing Belly: The low cross over solves the rolling down problem most underwear waistbands seem to have. It's made of 95% cotton and 5% spandex - which is the industry standard for healthy pregnancy underwear. Giftpocket also meets the Oeko-Tex standard 100, an international body which tests and certifies the safety of textiles used in fabrics, so you can be sure there are no harmful chemicals or metals close to your hoo-ha.

Depending on how far along you are when you're buying this, you should order something a size bigger than you normally would, so you can get your money's worth. Each multipack comes with unique colors, to keep things interesting. These are similar to the Intimate portal under bump panties, just cheekier.

3. Motherhood Maternity Fold Over Brief Panties

Motherhood Maternity Fold Over Brief Panties

Pro: Both over an under the bump panty.
Con: Sizes tend to run large.

Everyday Pregnancy/ Postpartum Panty: Like wearing nothing! If you haven't been able to decide between over and under bump panties for your pregnancy, Motherhood Maternity's come through for you with this innovative two in one underwear. When folded over, this brief sits like a low rise underwear, and easily transforms into a high rise that supports your growing belly.

Thanks to its ability to switch styles, this fold over panty's gusset is longer than most undies, therefore giving you the option of using this with post birth pregnancy pads - whether for c-sections (in a low rise style), or vaginal birth, for extra compression. The one downside of this panty is that it can be a bit of a parachute, so make sure you go one size small, so your butt won't look saggy.

4. Hofish Seamless Maternity Bamboo Over the Bump Panties

Hofish Seamless Maternity Bamboo Over the Bump Panties

Pro: Innovative 360 wrap with moderate 3D back support.
Con: Kinda expensive.

Eco-friendly: Double checking the price tag won't make it any cheaper. But as with most sustainable products, you have to be willing to put your money where your earth-loving heart is. In terms of practical use, this bamboo over the bump panty, with its 360 wrap and back support seems to be worth the price.

Made with 84.5% bamboo, 8.5% nylon and 7% spandex, this insanely seamless hip hugger is engineered for comfort, durability and crotch health. Only the "bump" part of the underwear offers compression. The panty portion is more or less an everyday underwear, so you don't have to worry about your tush being overly squished - especially after giving birth. Again, Hofish designed this underwear to grow and shrink with your weight gain, so the price tag is sort of justified - since you can use it for a long time.

5. Surewin Seamless Over the Bump Pregnancy Panties

Surewin Seamless Over the Bump Pregnancy Panties

Pro: Great deal.
Con: Difficult to put on.

Thermal Underwear: These are like the Hofish over the bump panties, only cheaper. They're made of a similar fabric combination - 85% bamboo, 7% nylon and 8% spandex - so they're just as comfortable and stretchy as the Hofish ones. The major difference is that while Hofish has a 3D back support, SureWin invested in extra fabric to keep your bump warm.

It can be worn throughout your pregnancy term, and even afterwards. The only issue users have with it is the difficulty in wearing it. Since this underwear's designed, presumably, for heavily pregnant women, a zipper or hook and eye closure could have been included to make wearing easier. Aside from wearing difficulty experienced by a select few, Surewin's over the bump panties have received rave reviews.

6. Slimart Lingerie Brief Maternity Panties

Slimart Lingerie Brief Maternity Panties

Pro: White colored gusset to detect spotting.
Con: Lace detail around the legs roll up.

Snug V-shaped Under Bump Panty: These are built to offer more rear and frontal coverage than most crossovers and V-shaped under bump panties. While the 360 fit pull-on waistband closure ensures you don't experience any bunching at the waist, the lace trimmings at the legs aren't so helpful - if they don't chafe your thighs, they'll roll up, ensuring you're self conscious of your underwear throughout the day.

Fabric's the standard 95% cotton and 5% spandex that most quality maternity panties are made of, so care is pretty straight forward. Regardless of what the washing instructions say, always hang dry, or tumble dry on low heat to extend the life of your underwear.

7. Kindred Bravely High Waist Maternity Panties

Kindred Bravely High Waist Maternity Panties

Pro: Sexy lace detail.
Con: Lace may fray and unravel.

Pregnancy and Recovery Underwear: Kindred Bravely's managed to do the impossible with these maternity panties. They made lace comfortable. Sure the lace is just at the edge, most of the underwear's cotton and spandex, but the lace detail are so soft, you won't even feel them. They're perfect when you're transitioning from a granny-like derriere to glam.

It rarely happens, but if the pair you order unravels, you can always send it back and get a replacement - because despite a few faulty packs, Kindred Bravely has stellar customer service who'll attend to you.

8. NBB Lingerie Women's Adjustable Over the Bump Brief

NBB Lingerie Women's Adjustable Over the Bump Brief

Pro: Adjustable sizing.
Con: Has a tag.

Light, Everyday Comfy Underwear: If you're looking for something with a lot of support, this isn't it. Instead, this is made to be extremely soft and light for everyday comfort. The high waist will extend all the way to your belly button, and not over. The lighter belly section expands and shrinks as your belly changes, so you can keep wearing this even after giving birth. It comes with a slightly irritating tag which you can cut off if it bothers you, otherwise, this NBB remains one of the best underwear during pregnancy.

9. Innersy Over the Bump Modal Maternity Briefs

Innersy Over the Bump Modal Maternity Briefs

Pro: Snug fit.
Con: Not seamless.

Ultra Soft: Compared to underwear brands like Fruit of the loom, Innersy's a baby in the underwear industry. However, it's their ability to tailor products to consumer queries that has carved out a nice piece of the market for them.

Take this over the bump maternity brief. While not the most flattering style, it has succeeded in creating a micro modal alternative to cotton, which suits women with extra sensitive baby bumps. They come with a white cotton gusset, for early spot detection, and are tagless, to reduce skin irritation. The 9.8% spandex added makes this brief very stretchy, so you can use it all through your maternity period.

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