9 Best Padded Motorcycle Underwear for Men in 2019

If you’ve ever taken a long ride in the hot summer, you probably shed your biking jacket or pants for more breathability. Whether the sun is blaring or you’re bundled up for a colder ride, your clothing plays a large role in how comfortable you are as you ride. If you’re sweaty, swampy, or downright uncomfortable, you’re not going to have a good time.

Your comfort begins with your choice of underwear. Underwear shares the most intimate relationship with your body, rubbing up against the family jewels. It also hosts your groin – the sweatiest part of your whole body – which means it needs proper air flow to avoid swamp crotch.

Your underwear should support you against saddle soreness from sitting too long, reduce sweat & stink, and be comfortable enough to let you enjoy the ride. Without this, you’re better off driving a car.

The following article will help you choose the best padded motorcycle underwear for you so that you can ensure your rides are peaceful and comfortable.

What to Look For When Choosing the Best Padded Motorcycle Underwear for Men

Don’t spoil your ride with crappy underwear – look for these features in some of the best padded motorcycle underwear so that you can enjoy your bike comfortably.


There’s nothing more peaceful than a long, relaxing motorcycle ride. However, if your underwear isn’t comfortable you’re going to be too distracted to relax – and uncomfortable to boot. If you get stuck in traffic or don’t have somewhere to stop, it gets even worse because you’re stuck being sweaty, itchy, or uncomfortable for up to a few hours.

The comfort of your motorcycle underwear is crucial to whether or not you enjoy the ride. Be sure to look for materials that won’t ride up, squeeze you too tight, or hold moisture so that you can be comfortable your entire ride.

  • 95% Viscose 5% Spandex
  • Machine Wash
  • Features Saxx's patented ergonomic comfort pouch
  • Parallel mesh side panels made from soft breathable nylon/spandex mesh


Whether it’s really hot or you’re bundled up for colder weather, you want to avoid swamp crotch at all costs. It gets even worse when your seat gets hot or the engine warms your bike seat up further. The slipping and sliding that can come with some riding means that if you have sweaty underwear, your bits are going to be chafing as the engine roars or you move a bit.

To avoid this, look for breathable underwear options with synthetic materials like nylon that wick moisture and allow for great breathability. Also consider getting mesh wherever possible to maximize the breathability.

  • Soft, breathable, moisture-wicking fabric keeps you dry and comfortable during your ridding; Mesh design on both sides of legs for perfect air permeability
  • Fashionable design with digital ink-jet printing is harmless to our skin. Match the color splice up to your favorite jersey for a coordinated look; Four-way performance stretch enhances your flexibility and mobility
  • The gel padding in ideal place is adequately sized and sufficiently thick that reduces vibration on long rides. Back pocket stores small items for great convenience. Flat seam for chafe-free comfort
  • Elastic material with professional silicone antiskid strip keeps shorts from riding up; Reflective details for low-light visibility. UPF 50+ fabric rating protects you against harmful ultraviolet rays
  • Our cycling shorts designer is also a cycling enthusiast, and he knows better about the needs of cyclists. We are firmly committed to the highest levels of product quality and customer's perfect shopping experiences. Feel free to contact us for any problem and we are there doing our best to make every customer satisfied


Most motorcycle seats are padded, but once you start riding for multiple hours at a time, even a comfortable seat can start to seem hard. You need to add another layer in between you and your bike – with padding!

There are many padded underwear options available, ranging from butt-boosters that add shape to your behind with padding to special underwear with padding in the crotch to protect form bike seats. Each gives you a little bit of extra cushion, just in different parts of your body.

Depending on if you have at thinner seat or if you lean back more than forwards, look for an option that protects where you need the padding the most.

  • 【BRAND 5D PADDED BICYCLE SHORTS】-Tired of cheap,bulky cycling shorts that easily wear after little use?Specially designed with shaped as your bike seat and stitched 5D thickened padded, which can protect friction between hip and your bike seat, fit more tightly,relieving hip pain during the long riding.
  • 【COMFORTABLE FOR LONG DISTANCES】-These padded bike shorts allow you to cycle the distance without experiencing chafing and saddle sores, for absolute cloud-like comfort.
  • 【BREATHABLE & LIGHTWEIGHT】-Designed with 87% polyester and 13% spandex, these bike shorts are flexible, tear-resistant with breathability for an enjoyable ride ahead.
  • 【SWEAT RESISTANT】-Our premium breathable polyester material easily and quickly absorbs and releases sweat from the skin, for comfortable wear during the longest cycle rides, and can be easily worn under everyday clothes!
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Top 9 Best Men’s Motorcycle Underwear 2019

1. Sportneer Biking Short Tights

Sportneer Biking Short Tights

Pro: Anti-Bacterial Padding.
Con: Washing Lowers Elasticity.

Cool, Clean, Padded Coverage: A solid combination of padding, comfort, and breathability, this nylon & spandex cycling trunk is a solid all-purpose option for all kinds of bikes. Featuring a 4D anti-bacterial treated saddle pad, the underwear gives you a little bit of extra cushion from nut to butt. The thin design aims to keep it extra breathable while the high 18% spandex content means they hold tightly. The waistband is elastic to keep them in place while the legs have grip built in, so they avoid riding up and down.

Due to the high spandex content, machine washing this underwear can lead to stretching over time that may loosen the fit.

2. Przewalski Padded Trunks

Przewalski Padded Trunks

Pro: Silicone Leg Grips.
Con: Minimal Tailbone Padding.

Padded Mesh Trunks That Stay in Place: There’s not much better breathability than mesh provides, and this mesh underwear allows you to maximize airflow while still receiving some cushioning. This option offers a wide-waisted waistband and leg grips to ensure your bits don’t move, avoiding chafing while the flatlock seams hold strong without rubbing you raw. Made of a synthetic nylon mesh with spandex for tightness, they offer breathability & comfort that’ll keep you cool & comfortable on the ride.

This padded underwear is aimed at bikers so the padding leans towards covering your underside more than the tailbone, which can lead to soreness higher up.

3. Baleaf Cycling Shorts

Baleaf Cycling Shorts

Pro: Gel Padding Reduces Vibrations.
Con: Handwash Only.

Lightweight Mesh Breathability: Lightweight, breathable, and moisture-wicking, this bike short option can also be effective underneath your usual riding gear. The mesh design at the sides keeps airflow at a maximum within your pants while the nylon & spandex material pulls any moisture away from your skin so it can evaporate, saving you from swamp crotch. It offers solid pouch support and the gel padding reduces the vibrations & shifting caused by your engine as you ride. This option also doubles as biking gear, and can be worn outdoors for active riders.

An inconvenience of this option is the inability to wash by machine, as the seams have a habit of splitting or catching. Use a laundry bag if you must, but hand washing is ideal.

4. Leo Padded Briefs

Leo Padded Briefs

Pro: Provides Ample Cushion to Butt.
Con: Very Expensive.

Butt Lifting Protection Briefs: If you’re looking for protection that leans more towards the tailbone and butt than the underbits, consider these padded briefs. Made of a nylon material blended with spandex for elasticity, they hold you tightly to provide ample package support while the padding inserts enhance your butt with protection. You’ll be able to sit back more with these (and look good while doing so), plus the lack of legs means they are highly breathable.

Sadly, this is a very expensive option when compared to other padded motorcycle underwear, so it’s only for those who have a higher budget.

5. X-TIGER 5D Padded Boxer Briefs

X-Tiger Men’s 5D Padded Underwear

Pro: Honeycomb Mesh Design.
Con: Back Seam & Tag Can Chafe.

Exceptional Padding for Longer Rides: Providing a 5D, thick gel padding this underwear will allow you to comfortably ride your motorcycle for a few hours at a time without feeling the pressure. The 34x21cm pad protects your jewels while still extending up towards the tailbone to avoid saddle soreness, and its breathable design means it won’t stifle your groin. They are made of 87% highly breathable polyester with 13% spandex for grip, allowing them to comfortably sit underneath your riding gear to keep you cool & dry.

The design of the padding on this option leaves a seam down the back to the pad, which has a tag on it that can chafe if they slide around too much.

6. Rounderbum Padded Boxer Briefs

Rounderbum Padded Boxer Briefs

Pro: Contoured Pouch.
Con: Legs Can Ride Up.

Riding or Everyday Wear with Removable Pads: While having underwear that is great for riding is always good, you can’t ride all the time. A versatile option that works for lounging, sports, or riding is the best way to get the most of your money. This boxer brief underwear comes with pads that can be inserted or removed depending on your use. The pads help protect your tailbone and butt from getting sore on the motorcycle seat, and the 93% cotton and 7% spandex material ensures you’re comfortable throughout the ride or lounging around the house. This pair includes a contoured pouch to hold your package firmly, making them good for exercising while the high-profile waistband holds them in place.

Due to a lower elasticity and a lack of leg grippers, the legs of this underwear can ride up if they don’t fit correctly. Ensure they’re tight enough to stay in place.

7. XGC Cycling Underwear

XGC Cycling Underwear

Pro: Non-Slip Legs.
Con: Run Small.

Breathable Sponge Chamois Shaped for Men: For better breathability, foam padding is the preferred choice over gel. This underwear option has a 4D foam padding that extends under the package as well as up to your backside to provide superior men’s support. They are made of a highly elastic mesh that allows airflow while holding you tightly, and the non-slip material at the legs keeps them from riding up. Whether used as motorcycle underwear, bike shorts, or anything in between, they’re a solid choice to consider.

This pair of underwear runs a bit smaller than advertised, so you’ll want to consider a size up from your normal fit to ensure the elasticity doesn’t squeeze too tight.

8. Saxx Long Legged Underwear

Saxx Long Legged Underwear

Pro: Thicker Material for Extra Padding.
Con: No Removable Padding.

Premium Multipurpose Underwear: Made of a highly breathable bamboo viscose & spandex, these thicker boxer briefs provide exceptional breathability & comfort while adding padding due to the thicker design. They feature a contoured pouch to hold your bits in place while you ride, anti-odor treatment to keep things from getting funky, and a fly to make pitstops quicker. You’ll also enjoy the flat seams and tight waistband that keep them in place without chafing. On the bike, at the gym, or on the couch, this all-around solid option should be considered for your padded motorcycle underwear.

Despite a thicker build, this underwear holds no additional padding, making them more lightweight & comfortable but limiting the additional support they offer.

9. Jiyaru Padded Boxer Briefs

Jiyaru Padded Boxer Briefs

Pro: Removable Padding.
Con: No Elasticity.

Less Coverage, More Breathability with Hip Briefs: Featuring a low-profile jockstrap-length brief, this padded underwear covers only the important bits so that the rest can breathe. This option has a contoured pouch with seams to keep your junk inside, while the tight leg seams and logoed waistband keep the material from chafing as your motorcycle moves. Made of 100% cotton, it is incredibly comfortable, breathable, and supportive.

Due to its 100% cotton build, this hip-cut trunk doesn’t have the same form-fitting elasticity that other options do. Don’t expect them to hold you too tight.

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