8 Best Men’s Underwear for Ball Support in 2019

The jewels, your boys, manly bits, nuts, or whatever else you call your testicles, every man knows one thing – they need to be protected at all costs. Most men have dealt with some kind of ball trouble in their lives, ranging from a quick tap to life-altering torsion. Whether playing a sport or just sitting on the couch, your underwear’s ball support can be the difference between comfort & danger.

When you wear loose boxers or go commando, you probably can feel the difference down below. Sure, there may be a good bit of freedom & air flow, but if you try to run or do anything physical your bits can turn into a pair of clackers that’s not only uncomfortable, but dangerous.

The best way to avoid providing an easy target or twisting from happening is by ensuring you’ve got proper ball support. Underwear that holds the boys firmly stops bouncing, swinging, and anything else that may get you in trouble. You’ll also find the extra room that many options offer in the pouch keeps you feeling free without putting you at risk of damage.

Your manly bits are precious, and there’s no closer relationship than that between your bits & underwear. Keep reading to learn how you can give them what they deserve.

What to Look for When Choosing the Best Men’s Underwear for Ball Support

Before you trust the family jewels to just any underwear, be sure to check that they’re one of the best men’s underwear for ball support. To truly offer ball support, they should offer the following:


Keeping everything close to your body & centralized is one of the easiest ways to keep your testes out of danger. The more freedom they have, the bigger of a target they paint & the more likely they are to get sat on or squeezed by accident.

With compressive underwear, you’ll not only be able to keep everything in its place, but the extra tightness will keep your underwear from rolling up on you or sliding. Whether you’re active or hanging out on the couch, it’s always good to keep your package close to home.

Fabrics like nylon, cotton, or bamboo viscose combined with spandex offer a soft but firm elastic grip on your junk, hips, and everywhere else. The more spandex in the material, the greater the compression as well so consider how tight you want your crotch.

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  • SOFT BULGE BALL POUCH:Natural upright U convex stereo breathable design space, shaping without restraint, make scrotal dry, cool,very protective of genital health.
  • COMFORTABLE WAISTBAND: Wide elastic waistband keep your waist away from the worry of being too tight
  • NICE SEAMS AND TAGLESS: Smooth flat out seams reduce chafing on your skin make you more comfortable
  • NO RIDE UP UNDERWEAR FOR MEN:Regular short leg mens underwears to keep the hem on the leg but didn't tight,make you away from the rolling up trouble

Pouch Contour

Even if you’re not the most well-endowed man, you’ll be happy that your underwear has a pouch contour. With this exaggerated pouch, you’ll be able to put everything into its own separate area that often has reinforced seams on the side to prevent spilling out. This way you can avoid the uncomfortable clacking, sticky thighs, and other discomfort that comes with movement & sweat during activity.

Look for underwear that has extra fabric around the crotch, seams at the groin, and an indentation for where your bits are supposed to sit.

  • Signature quick access front fly
  • Patented Joey Pouch for support and comfort
  • Smooth, chafe-free, flatlock seam construction
  • Pure beechwood fibre modal fabric blend
  • Unparalleled fit and feel


Ball support isn’t just keeping the boys where they belong – it’s also about keeping them comfortable. Nothing is worse than swamp crotch that feels & smells gross, and when things get sweaty you’re far more likely to contract jock itch, get things stuck where they don’t belong, and overall be super uncomfortable. You need underwear that wicks moisture from your groin & helps to prevent it from forming in the first place.

Synthetic materials like nylon are great for breathability, while mesh designs allow maximum airflow (short of going commando). Nylon & polyester are also great for wicking moisture to the outside of the underwear so it evaporates and keeps you dry, so keep an eye out for those materials.

  • It is ultra-soft, comfy, smooth, breathable and moisture-wicking Super Soft Fabric on the skin and silky to the touch 3D pouch with open fly men underwear; with body defining fit; Double stitched for durability; Lightweight; Also can be big boys underwear.
  • Independent front pouch provides more room, will decrease the friction between your skin and the material. Open fly adding air permeability will keep you fresh&dry all day and night. Independent front pouch provides more room, will decrease the friction between your skin and the material. Open fly adding air permeability will keep you fresh&dry all day and night.
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  • This cooling mens underwear stands the test of time with tried & true durability, the comfort and fitness while reducing friction when walking and running keeping it dry and unrestrained helping to reduce the occurrence of medical ailments like varicose, eczema, fungal growth and other skin conditions.

Top 8 Best Men’s Underwear for Ball Support 2019

Not sure what underwear is the most ball-friendly? Here are 8 of our favorite options to consider.

1. NEIKU Long Leg Trunks

NEIKU Long Leg Trunks

Pro: Large 3D Pouch.
Con: Waistband Isn’t Very Compressive.

Large-Pouched, Long Leg Trunks: Whether you’re well-endowed or just normal, this underwear will make you feel like a stud. The large pouch – with seams on the edges to keep things centralized – should easily hold your bits regardless of size with the 3D U-curve pouch. The pouch resembles a sports cup in look, but the polyester and spandex material ensures it’s much softer than any cup you’ve ever worn. The flat seams mean that even if there is sliding, you won’t chafe your package & the ability to machine wash makes them a convenient choice for everyday wear.

For some reason, this underwear doesn’t have much of an elastic waistband to speak of. Customers complain about them falling down if you don’t go small enough, while the back of the underwear doesn’t rise above the front to cover plumber crack.

2. MuscleMate Men’s Thong Jockstrap

MuscleMate Men’s Thong Jockstrap

Pro: Great Breathability.
Con: Low Coverage.

Thong-Backed Minimalist Jock: Who says thong backs are just for women? This thong jockstrap may seem a bit odd at first, but when it comes to ball support jockstraps are a solid choice (though the thong back is a preference). This underwear covers only the important bits in the front, but that means they cover from groin to butt in a pouch that is 90% of the underwear itself. Made of a mixture of a soft cotton fiber & spandex, the pouch is breathable and the designer cut by the waist adds even more airflow to your bits. Plus, they’re great for a sexy surprise for your significant other!

Obviously as a thong jockstrap, this underwear doesn’t cover all too much. While it’s low-profile, if you plan to lose your pants at any point you may want to be ready for some interesting looks! Additionally, they are made for those who are more fit so those with a few extra pounds may find them slightly less comfortable.

3. ZONBAILON Short Leg Boxer Briefs

ZONBAILON Short Leg Boxer Briefs

Pro: Hold Tight.
Con: Run Small.

Extra Elastic Hugging Briefs: With a large orb-shaped pouch at the front, just about anyone of human size down below should be able to fit in this underwear. These short-legged briefs are made of a high 16% spandex with 84% nylon for comfort & elasticity that lets them hold you closely without chafing. The wide, logoed waistband is tagless for comfort & highly elastic so these won’t fall down, and the flat seams on the outside of the pouch ensure you bits stay in place during movement.

This pair of briefs runs a little small, and due to the high spandex content if you go small you’ll be very uncomfortable.

4. Separatec Long-Legged Boxer Briefs

Separatec Long-Legged Boxer Briefs

Pro: Double Pouches.
Con: Expensive.

Extra Breathable Double-Pouched Mesh Trunks: One pouch is great for ball support, but 2 allows for full package support in ways a single pouch couldn’t. This deluxe mesh brief includes a reinforced spandex & polyamide pouch for your stones and a separate pocket for your pillar to rest inside, allowing for maximum breathability to your jewels. The underwear is mesh, which lets air through easily and the polyamide wicks moisture outwards, making these highly breathable & very dry which allows them to excel as activewear.

Unfortunately, this underwear is much more expensive than the average pair so if you’re on a budget, they may not be for you.

5. David Archy Pouched Briefs

David Archy Pouched Briefs

Pro: Available with Fly.
Con: Slightly Thin Material.

Super Soft Bamboo Rayon: Made to be lightweight, breathable, and of course incredibly soft, these bamboo rayon briefs are great for any occasion. Bamboo rayon is an incredibly moisture-wicking and breathable material, making it one of the best underwear materials to consider. They feature a slightly contoured pouch on the frontside to hold your junk and provide support with the option to access a fly if you choose to. The interior seams are flat to avoid chafing, but the stay-put elastic waistband helps avoid any movement.

This underwear aims to be lightweight, but many customers think they went a little too far. The material could be a little bit thicker to provide a more supportive feel.

6. BSHETR Men’s Jockstrap Underwear

BSHETR Men’s Jockstrap Underwear

Pro: Jockstrap Pouch Gives Full Ball Support.
Con: Back Straps Can Chafe.

Sporty Jockstrap Support: Want to get just about as close to commando as possible without leaving the boys unattended? This jockstrap underwear provides maximum breathability by only covering your parts and leaving the rest of the groin to breathe. The contoured pouch wraps around to the back where 2 leg straps hold it in place to avoid slipping. The outer seams of the pouch are reinforced so that they keep you in place, but the soft cotton & spandex means they won’t dig in.

As there is no backside, the thigh straps are used to keep the pouch from shifting. However, the sizing can be inconsistent between them and the pouch, causing smaller sizes to dig into the skin too much.

7. Yliquor Micro Mesh Bikini Briefs

Yliquor Micro Mesh Bikini Briefs

Pro: Open Fly.
Con: Hand Wash Only.

Mesh Underwear with a Fly: When it comes to men’s underwear, a fly is always a welcomed sight. When combined with the polyamide mesh & reinforced antimicrobial pouch, you have a comfortable everyday underwear that excels around the house. The 3D pouch contains an extra layer of material to provide additional support, and the seams & leg openings are reinforced to keep them from tearing when stretched. The logoed waistband has a high elasticity while being tagless, providing an extra comfortable fit that keeps everything in place.

As these are heavily mesh, it is recommended that you do not wash this underwear in a machine to avoid damage.

8. 2UNDR Men’s Trunk Boxers


Pro: “Joey Pouch” Included.
Con: Price.

A Deluxe, Double-Pouched Option with Fly: The comfort & feel of boxers with the support of briefs, you seemingly can’t go wrong with this option. Comprised of an incredibly soft pure beechwood modal fabric, this deluxe underwear option rivals just about any pair on the market in quality. Featuring a 2-pouch design (with a “Joey Pouch” for your Joey), you’ll be supported on every bit of your package with the breathable modal material. The pouch itself has a fly on the side for easy access, and the leg/pouch seams are no-chafe & flat-seamed for extra comfort even if the boxers move.

The only major con is that they’re much more expensive than your standard multi-pack of boxers, but the features may be worth it for some.

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