10 Best Cotton Underwear for Women in 2019

Cotton is a very strong choice indeed when it comes to women's underwear. Cotton is not only comfortable, but it's also great to look at with an attractive sheen and stretchy fit.

And this is what makes it the answer to so many problems when it comes to buying women’s underwear.

Women have a lot of considerations to take into account when it comes to their underwear. There’s the fact that it can ‘ride up’ and become incredibly uncomfortable for instance, which is several times worse when the material being used is light and flimsy.

Then there’s the fact that it can cut and dig in, which happens when the material is to harsh. Thin cotton can also sometimes show dampness a little too readily, which makes it hard to feel confident in what you’re wearing.

With cotton underwear, you are generally looking at knickers that look attractive, sit very well and don’t cause any drama!

With that said, let’s take a look at how you can get yourself some of the very best and most comfortable cotton underwear for women.

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What to Look For When Buying Cotton Underwear

Before we look at the best cotton underwear for women, it’s first a good idea to consider the things you need to consider when making your choice.

What makes a pair of panties "great" to begin with?


Of course the first thing that you may want to think about is the comfort. Do these panties feel good and do they make you feel good?

If the underwear has sharp elastic for instance, then they can end up cutting into your flesh and making you feel very uncomfortable.

Likewise, if they have large labels or if they have a tendency to ride up, then that can make them very uncomfortable too.

Uncomfortable underwear is actually a very big problem as it leaves you unable to focus on what you should be doing!

  • Cute solid pastel color panties briefs
  • Vertical striped detaling womens underwear set
  • High cut leg and medium rise design
  • Delicate lace trim add more feminine charm.
  • More panties pack available in CharmLeaks


Of course most women also want their underwear to look good.

That means that you want to look good both clothed and derobed. In other words, you want underwear that will feature a great pattern or perhaps some lace, so they'll be enticing in the bedroom.

But you should also be looking for underwear that will look good when they’re wearing clothes. For the most part, that means that it needs to leave as little panty-line as possible

And this of course is especially important when you are wearing leggings.


Finally, it’s important that the panties fit well and that they be designed with a fit that works for you.

That means they shouldn’t be too tight or too lose (too lose will cause them to ride around when you’re moving). It also means that you need to ask yourself whether you prefer a thong, a compression pant, or boyshorts. This will partly depend on your intended use.

Of course there are more considerations when you're shopping for cotton panties, and we’ll encounter these as we look at each of the options to follow.

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The Best Cotton Underwear For Women

Now that you know what to look for, let's get into our picks for the top 10 cotton underwear for women.

Hesta Women's Organic Cotton Basic Panties

Hesta Womens Organic Cotton Basic Panties

Pro: Comfortable, great quality and well fitted
Con: Only comes in a few basic colors

The Basic Panty: These panties aren’t unusual in any way but simply get the job done. They’re 95% cotton, which of course means that they are going to be soft to the touch and flexible with a good fit. The remaining 5% is spandex, which while not 100% cotton is not necessarily a bad thing as it adds a little to the flex.

There are three colors, which all look good but which will seem a little lacking for some women.

Calvin Klein Carousel Thong, Bikini, Boyshort Combo

Calvin Klein Underwear Womens Carousel Thong Bikini Boyshort Pack

Pro: Perfect combo for comfort and versatility
Con: Uninspiring grey color

Three Options: This product is a three pack of panties, which include a thong, a bikini and a boyshort. The boyshorts are great for comfort and have a casual feel to them which many women find to be liberating and easy to wear.

The other two ensure that you will have an option for every occasion – thongs when you need to look good under your clothing and the bikini for the times in between. These are 90% cotton, which as we have said is not necessarily a mark against the underwear.

Despite being Calvin Klein, which is a brand well known for its great design and quality, the looks of this underwear is somewhat uninspired. The color is dull grey and there’s nothing much to grab the eye. Unfortunately those boyshorts really do look just like that: boys shorts!

KAYIZU Super Soft Cotton Hipster Panty

KAYIZU Womens Underwear Super Soft Cotton Hipster Panty

Pro: Great quality
Con: A tad thick

One For All: This is a great cotton panty in a whole host of ways. It is 95% cotton and 5% spandex, with a number of features you might be used to seeing in sports clothing. That includes moisture wicking and breathable, flexible fabric.

The underwear fits snugly and stays in place all day. One potential setback for some women might be the thickness. They are a tad thicker than most cotton underwear which could be a good or bad thing depending on your preference. Some women prefer thicker cotton underwear because it gives them a little most support, but if you tend to naturally get hot down there, they might not be the greatest choice.

ATTRACO Women’s Cotton Brief Panties

ATTRACO Womens Cotton Brief Panties Soft Underwear

Pro: Soft to the touch
Con: Definite fit

Attracto? These panties are among the most attractive we’ve looked at here so far. That’s because they feature a wide range of different colors and designs to ensure that there’s something here for every taste. This includes the basic plain undies, but also more frilly and laced options – and it’s good quality lace too.

The cotton underwear are comfortable, they stay put all day and they’re durable. On the whole, this 95% cotton option is a great choice. They come in different fits and designs too – though they do tend to force the figure to fit, meaning they won’t all work for all shapes.

Cotton Whisper Cotton G-String Thongs

Cotton Whisper Womens Cotton G-String

Pro: Great color choices
Con: Runs small

Careful Whisper: If you’re looking for a cotton thong, then this is one of the best choices out there. It’s comfy, well fitted and attractively designed. The material is light and soft, making these among the comfier thong options. Some people find that they run a little on the small side though.

Fruit of the Loom Women’s Plus Size Fit for Me Cotton Briefs

Fruit of the Loom Womens Plus Size Fit For Me Cotton Brief Panties

Pro: Good value
Con: Not for all shapes

A fruitful investment: These are the first panties on this list that are 100% cotton! They’re also designed for the plus size woman though, which is going to be good news if you tend to have trouble finding underwear that fits your curvy figure comfortably! As long as the size fits you, you’ll find that they are comfortable and particularly in the elastic waist which isn’t as tight or harsh as some other underwear on the market.

The colors are nice enough but there have been a few cases of buyers not receiving the correct shade. Keep in mind!

B2BODY Regular & Plus Size Cotton Boyshort Brief Panties

B2BODY Womens Cotton Boyshorts Brief

Pro: Great for women of all sizes
Con: Only two colors

Oh Boy: Boyshorts are a great idea for women that provide a different fit that is comfortable and a little less revealing than the average panty.

The problem? They often look awful.

These boyshorts look great though. They fit comfortably and they have properties that make them fit for gym workouts.

The downside is that they also only come in two colors—black and grey.


Innersy Womens High Waist Tummy Control Cotton Underpants Briefs

Pro: Range of sizes and cute patterns
Con: A mix of textures

A Mixed Bag: In this pack you get a range of different panties, including a range of styles and a range of fits. Some people will like the looks of these and the options of stripes, block colors, dainty patterns and more.

But of course patterns and styles are always a matter of taste and what works for some people won’t for others. Likewise, the fit is not to everyone’s liking and neither is the material. In fact, each of these uses a different blend of cotton, fabric and spandex (even within a pack) and not everyone will like every option!

CharmLeaks Cotton Hipster Panties

CharmLeaks Womens Underwear Cotton Hipster Panties

Pro: Very comfy
Con: Some odd style choices

Mint to Be? These panties are comfortable and well fitting and the material is very soft. They are well loved by many women who wear them but they do come with drawbacks. One is that there is no mention of the content of cotton. Another is that the ‘mint green’ option is definitely an acquired taste, being rather muted!

Amazon Essentials Women's Cotton Stretch Bikini Panty

Amazon Essentials Womens Cotton Stretch Bikini Panty

Pro: Great quality for the price
Con: Visible panty lines

Essential panties: Amazon's Essential clothing line has gained a reputation for being a budget friendly alternative to higher priced brands. And these cotton stretch bikini bottoms definitely rival the quality you'll see from brands like Hanes, Calvin Klein or Victoria's Secret at a fraction of the cost. You get a decent range of styles to choose from, they stay up well and it's hard to beat the price.

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